4 July 2016

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Jaina had had a great day back home, being able to see her parents and talk to Allana uninterrupted and actually spend time with Jag with what they'd decided was their anniversary observed. She'd had a feeling that there was some kind of catch to being able to get home like that, but she'd figured maybe it was a holiday or couple days thing.

Instead she'd fallen asleep in her own bed and the next thing she knew she was back in the classroom she'd disappeared from.

"I hate this place," she sighed, and really, really meant it right now.

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One second Jaina was in class, and the next, she wasn't.

In fact, she was in her apartment. Back home.

She took a moment to look around and ensure that nothing was weird, that this was real and not some weird trick, and while she had no idea how this was happening, she wasn't about to knock it. Now to call Jag and tell him to get the hell home.

[Establishy! Cuz this is what you do when you're afk all day but still wanna play.]

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