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MHA #6- Sunday afternoon

Ever since communications back to her universe had opened up again, Jaina had been making daily attempts to book a portal back. It had always resulted in an error message, and then she'd put her phone down and try again the next day, just in case.

Today when she did it, her request went through.

Right now Jaina was in the best mood ever, even after calling Portalocity to make sure they had her request in the system and threaten them with descriptive violence if her portal was canceled or even delayed, but she'd been pretty cheerful when making said threat. In retrospect, that was probably scarier.

And then she sent out a quick text to anyone who might care: Portalocity came through! Finally getting home tonight!, just in case anyone wanted to call or visit while she packed up.

Best day.

[Open for visits, texts, etc! Jaina's last post on island this summer.]
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How long until then? Anakin asked in reply. Do I have time to get back?
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I'll help.

Probably not a good idea, Anakin, given your history.

Give me twenty and I can bring pastries from that French place by the house.
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Twenty minutes later and Anakin was knocking at the door, holding a bag of chocolate croissants and drawings from Juliet and Christopher.

"Still here? Not murdering gnomes?"
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"I'd've been sorry to miss it," Anakin said. "Rory sends her best. She's back home with the kids."
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Anakin laughed. "They should. I'm assuming this trip and the next thirty are free for you?"
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"Chocolate croissants," Anakin said, "and pictures from the kids. Juliet said to make sure you knew that's you on the flying pony thing."

Also that the thing was supposed to be a flying pony.
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"Which is not the same as good," Anakin said dryly, "but she really enjoys doing it."
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"Or tell to Jag to draw her something back," Anakin said. "I think that's him. The glare-y stick figure. That might be me, though."
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"I'd love to see what he'd send back," Anakin admitted.
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"Oooh, a clawcraft? I'd love a schematic!"

He coughed. "I mean Juliet would."
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"Well, he's a busy man," Steve said. "I don't want to add too much to his schedule."

He really, really wanted that schematic.
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"In that case, yes, Juliet would love a picture from him."

Sure, Juliet would.
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"If that's all it takes, he's going to be looking at you funny a lot," Anakin said.
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"It's for my grandfather from a different reality and his second family...not making it better, no," Anakin admitted.
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"He really does," Anakin had to admit. "And you've missed him."
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Anakin nodded. "I know that frustration well."


"Except in my case, no one knew I was married, so it was slightly different circumstances."
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Anakin made a face. "I was on enough for being in the war. I can't imagine what they would have done if I'd been married."
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"I didn't need a lot of help to get angrier," Anakin admitted, "and Padme being under the crosshairs always pushed me too far over the line. I would have just fallen faster."