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Jaina Solo Fel ([personal profile] solo_sword) wrote2016-08-25 04:56 pm
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ooc: infopost!

I got bored, so here's the ones you'll actually see out.

Kitty Pryde-Barton | Marvel (616) | Townie/Teacher | PB: Phoebe Tonkin | [ profile] throughaphase

-Married to Clint! It's going well.
-23 years old.
-Currently on leave from the X-Men. Yes, again.
-Naturally intangible unless she doesn't want to be. The mutant thing's not a secret, and she has no problem saying hi by literally sticking her head through your door.
-Computer genius/ballerina/ninja with a purple space dragon.
-Runs the bar that serves minors and teaches.

Jaina Solo Fel | Star Wars (Legends) | Alumni| PB: Sophia Bush | [ profile] solo_sword

-From Star Wars, the Expanded Universe. Related to everyone.
-Graduate of Fandom High Class of '10, who went off to a couple time-sped canon catchups.
-Lives back home in a galaxy far, far away, and I have to make up canon now. Like, in a couple months.
-Is 36 years old. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO US.
-Jedi Master, with telekinesis, empathy, danger sense, enhanced reflexes, etc.
-Total, total badass, and probably can't get her ass kicked by most people.
-Married to Jagged Fel. Who's not leading half a galaxy anymore. For now..

Rey| Star Wars | Alumni| PB: Daisy Ridley | [ profile] thatwaslucky

-From the new Star Wars movies!
-16 years old and very pre-canon.
-Was abandoned at five years old on a desert planet. Doesn't have the best social skills.
-Is Force sensitive but doesn't know it and won't for years.
-I do make her uncannily good at stuff for funsies.
-Might be a Skywalker……..???
-Needs friends, dear god.

Marasiah Fel | Star Wars (Legacy) | Alumni| PB: Lyndsy Fonseca | [ profile] notconflicted

-From Star Wars: Legacy, a comic series taking place like a hundred years after the movies, and canon is getting written up now. It's actually happening!
-19 years old.
-Graduate of Fandom High's Class of '15.
-Is an Imperial Knight, which means she has the same powers as a Jedi, but if you call her a Jedi, she'll correct you.

Natalie | Player

-From Chicago, from LA, living in Chicago. Mostly from LA.
-Green juice-drinking, cold weather-hating, travel obsessed, self-rescuing princess.
-Refuses to figure out Snapchat but is ALL ABOUT Instagram Stories.
-Not around much during the day so I feel bad tagging into stuff knowing I'm on super SP. Which basically means I always miss getting to play, but will always say yes if you want to.
-This gif is a representation of my week. And entire life.

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