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Jaina Solo Fel ([personal profile] solo_sword) wrote2017-01-04 10:14 am

Jag and Jaina's apartment- Coruscant- Wednesday evening

Jaina had come back from training a little later than she'd planned, and as she opened the door to the apartment was already saying, "I know, I know, I know," as Jag noted, "You're late."

"Lost track of time, sorry" she replied, already headed to the bedroom to change clothes. "I took a sanisteam at the temple so I just need a few minutes."

"Have I told you lately how much I appreciate how low-maintenance you are?" Jag said teasingly, following her into the room.

"It's just my parents. They're not going to care what I look like, as long as I'm not bleeding from anywhere," Jaina said, stripping off her robes. The thing about the robes was that they were very comfortable, but there were simpler things to put on and take off.

"Speaking of which," he began, "have you decided if you want to tell them tonight?"

While Jaina wasn't an especially deep thinker, preferring to go on instinct, she'd thought a lot about this, and gave herself until she finished getting dressed to answer him. "Not tonight. I want to wait a little."

Jag cocked an eyebrow. "You know they won't be onplanet for long before they're shuttling off for whatever trouble they're going to get into next. We might end up telling them over a comm."

"It's just… I like it being our thing right now," Jaina said, walking over to slip her arms around his waist. "It's still early, and I don't know about you, but I'm still getting used to this parenthood reality. And once we start telling people, it's going to get out of our hands very quickly."

"That is a good point."

"Also, you weren't around before we found out Allana existed, and she took the focus off of the possibility of me spawning. And now that she's living on Hapes, I'm afraid they'll… descend."

She could see that prospect dawn on his face. He might not have been around for the pressure Han and Leia had put on their kids to settle down before everything went to hell, but he had seen how they were towards Allana. He knew what he was in for. "There is the option to visit them somewhere in a month or so."

Jaina smiled up at him. "You really want to tell them, huh?"

"They are family," Jag said with a tiny shrug. "And your mother might just as well read it off of me anyway."

While Jag and Jaina had always wanted kids, and this had been planned, Jaina had to admit that she hadn't known to start with what kind of dad Jag would be. He did tend to come off as cold and standoffish if you didn't know him, and she was still having problems imagining him doing things like waking up in the middle of the night to change a diaper. (Though he was absolutely going to have to do it, that was not up for debate.) But, he'd spent years separated from the family he was born into, and Jaina found it adorable that she'd been feeling a constant low level buzz of excitement off of him ever since she told him.

"I have faith in you," she assured him. "And if not… we lie and say we planned it like that."

"Deal. Now stop letting me distract you so we can leave."


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