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Jaina Solo Fel ([personal profile] solo_sword) wrote2017-03-05 09:55 am

The Imperial Palace- Bastion- Sunday morning

Jaina had been at this for a month now, and while she still hated everything about her situation, she was actively trying to get more involved in it. This wasn't something she could run away from, or distract herself from. She was stuck with this, so she might as well get good at it. So she sat in meetings with Jag and his team of advisors while they discussed what was going on in the Empire. For the most part Jaina listened, interjecting only when she didn't understand something or had something constructive to add.

Basically meetings were still boring and she'd condemned herself to a lifetime of them.

"And then we have Iridonia," Jaxson Tanders said, reading another point off the agenda on his datapad. "Which seems to be having a bit of an uprising."

"How much is a 'bit'?" Jag asked.

"A bit," Tanders repeated. "There are pockets of rebel groups sprouting up, causing trouble for the local government. They take issue with the Empire actually being an Empire."

Jag frowned. "They've produced a few notable people in Palpatine's regime. Though they've also worked with the New Republic."

"And sometimes people don't buy into their planet's official stance either way," Jaina shrugged. "People are going to be mad, even if they're 'ours.'" She was learning that so much these days.

"Well, it's something of note, but not anything I would advise worrying too much about," said Tanders. "We should keep an eye on it, but it may die out on its own."

Jaina wasn't sure about the dismissive tone he was using. Maybe it was because she was overly sensitive to this right now with the reaction she was getting, but the more she thought about it the madder she got. Tanders was onto his next agenda point when she said, "I'll go to Iridonia."

Jag looked over at her in surprise. "Wait, really?"

"You don't think I can do diplomatic work?" Jaina asked.

"Can, absolutely. Would volunteer to, no," he admitted.

She shrugged again. "Like I said, people are mad. Maybe finding out exactly why would help in the long run, especially if these little pockets of rebellion are going to keep popping up. Why we let things die down and hope they get tired of complaining rather than trying to smooth things over?" Also, she was going to go stir crazy here soon.

When she glanced at Jag, he maybe looked proud of her? And while she might have expected an argument like they had over the bodyguard thing, he just said, "You should take Muscow with you," and let Tanders go on with his next point.

And the mention of Muscow reminded Jaina that this was definitely not going to be a fun trip, but who ever said being an empress was easy?

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