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Imperial Palace- Bastion

Jaina had had a while now to actually start picking up on this whole empress thing, so she was glad to have a break for something more normal. Also, she was maybe a little self-conscious (this was rare) because no one from Fandom had actually seen her since everything had happened, and she remembered how different Tenel Ka had seemed after being put in a similar position. As far as Jaina was aware the only thing different about her was that she actually looked pregnant these days, but still. She wondered.

And anyway, she still went out to meet Tahiri when she heard she was here, since she figured no one should have to show up and get greeted by a team of Imperials.

[For Tahiri yay!]
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Well, yes. Even knowing about the situation, it would have still thrown Tahiri for a loop to show up and get greeted by a bunch of Imperials.

As it was, when her portal showed up and she stepped out, blinking, she had to spend some time adjusting to the smells of an urbanized planet, which she'd almost forgotten.

"Hey," she said with a half smile, looking a little bit awkward and self-conscious herself.
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Hugs were good! Hugs helped!

"Wow, it's good to see you again," Tahiri told her, instinctively going to hug her back hard, though she seemed to remember and ease up just a bit. "Look at you, all . . . empressy and . . . wow."
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"I bet." Tahiri pulled back to get a good look at her. "Are you starting to get used to it?"
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"Which is saying something about the pregnancy side effects," Tahiri concluded.

Something kind of unsettling.
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"Because they decide it's worth it?" Tahiri guessed, shrugging, then laughed. "Sure, lead the way. Um . . . people aren't going to start wondering if I've figured out how to be in two places at once, are they? Though that might not be a bad thing, necessarily."
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Tahiri's eyes widened at the sight of the place in a very country-mouse kind of way, so if anyone had been paying very close attention right at that moment they might have guessed she wasn't the Tahiri who usually hung out here. She got that dialed back down quickly enough, though.

"Ooooh, Imperial intrigue, sort of," she said with a chuckle. "Safe to say I never anticipated being part of that, but I don't hate the idea, especially if it's to your benefit."
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"Good," Tahiri said with a sudden burst of decisiveness. "I'm glad you've got that. With her around, I mean. I'd worry about you a lot more if you didn't. Actually, it's probably a good thing for both of you."

She shook her head and did a slow turn in place, really trying to take in the whole palace.

"I still can't quite believe you actually live here."
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"Of course you needed a gym," Tahiri laughed. "The biggest place I've ever lived is probably the Academy back on Yavin, but that's nothing like this, of course."

Ancient Massassi temples didn't exactly have the same kind of design aesthetic, for one.
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Tahiri just looked at her, one eyebrow raised as if to say she suspected Jaina might be tempted to complain but wasn't going to make her say so.

"Also that," she agreed instead. "Boy, now I get to say I know an actual empress, too. Imagine how many people that'll impress at all those parties I don't go to."
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"Nah." Tahiri shook her head and grinned. "I thought I'd save that detail to buy myself a little bit of time in case the empress part goes over really badly with people. Being used to Fandom's brain-breaking capacities can be surprisingly useful sometimes."
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"Almost a shame," Tahiri remarked. "Because I bet it would be really satisfying sometimes."
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"Is it worth noting again that we have a really weird idea of fun?" Tahiri wondered. Because seriously.
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"True." Tahiri leaned over to nudge Jaina with her shoulder. "Which puts us up one on a lot of people, huh?"
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Tahiri put a hand over her mouth to muffle a snicker, even if there was nobody else around in this turbolift (as far as she knew).

"I heard nothing," she promised. "To be fair, we're probably hogging their share of it, so it's probably not their fault. Maybe."
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Tahiri made a strangled sort of noise that defied transcription.

"Yeah, I'll never envy Tenel Ka that." In part because the areas of her brain that still thought like a Yuuzhan Vong were actually fascinated by that sort of intrigue, so the whole concept was a headache on multiple levels.

"Still. You look good, so clearly this all agrees with you in some ways, even if it's got you wanting to climb the walls for a few other reasons."
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"And I definitely trust you and Jag in this position more than I'd trust a lot of people," Tahiri added. "Both of you are magnets for . . . interesting things happening, anyway, so no danger of being too bored. Although -- does the HoloNet still breathe down your necks all the time?"
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"Hey, you earned that reputation," Tahiri said, grinning, and was it wrong that she was kind of proud of Jaina for that?
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"Oh." Tahiri winced. "Right. I'd almost forgotten about that."

She didn't hear much news of what was going on in the Order outside Zonama Sekot, and she kept a wary eye out for any news regarding Jacen (she didn't really get any), but from her point in the timeline that was different.

She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "Sorry. So . . . do I get the grand tour?"
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"A very important floor, then," Tahiri laughed. "Probably ranks about the same as the gym, if I were to guess."
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Maybe she'd go talk to her other self later, Tahiri thought, if it didn't turn out to be too weird.

"I'm honored," she said, "not to mention a little more excited than I thought I'd be about staying somewhere with actual technology again."
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"Sure," Tahiri said. "I've gotten pretty good at making the mental adjustment, but for the first day or so it always feels kind of like jumping into a freezing cold lake. Where you know it's going to be freezing cold as soon as you hit the water, but it's still not the temperature you've been used to."

She fiddled absently with a stray lock of hair. "They're coming around on the idea, some faster than others."
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"I'll be okay, honest," Tahiri told her. "It's not like I have to jump back and forth every week or anything like that, because I'm pretty sure that would be a lot worse. Or at least a lot more annoying. So is there anything around here I'm not allowed to touch, or breathe on, or look at funny?"

She was kidding. Mostly.