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If you thought that Jaina wouldn't take a selfie with an Ewok to send to her mom, you were mistaken. Girl had to make her own fun here.

What was not fun, though, was trying to send the picture with severe connection issues between two galaxies. Mainly she was spending her office time cursing at her phone because she could not just try to do this later. Could not.

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Maybe this wasn't Jaina's universe- she knew better than to try and remind any Ewoks of how much they liked her mom if they decided they felt like roasting her on a spit- but it was something of home that she needed. The constant worry that she was stuck here permanently was lessened some by at least being somewhere she kind of knew.

She also wasn't adverse to going right up to the village and hanging out with a bunch of sentient teddy bears. She wasn't sure how effectively they were communicating, but she was cool with sitting off to the side somewhere while they went about her day, while one would occasionally come up to sit next to her for a while. Worse ways to spend a day.

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Jaina had gotten to talk to Jag for a surprisingly long time this morning, and then the connection cut off again and she couldn't get back through. It happened a lot, but that didn't make it suck any less.

So if you needed Jaina, she would be aggressively setting up her office, even though she barely had stuff. She had her ways.

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After waking up, Jaina had gone for a long run around the island, and returned to... no other clothes. Not that she had a ton of clothes to begin with, since she hadn't planned on being here this long and she was stubbornly not buying a lot to replace them yet, but she still looked through closets and drawers and the bag she'd brought with her just in case she'd left something in there.

"I hate this town," Jaina sighed.

Honestly? She'd blame gremlins until told otherwise.

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Apparently, when your best friend (who you'd had a crush on as a kid, and who'd had a thing for you for an embarrassingly long time, and who you'd maybe made out with once when you were sharing a brain which did not count and was not your fault) was getting married and you felt weird about it, you got into a fight with your new husband about it.

So yeah, Jaina was having a great trip so far.

It wasn't the Zekk stuff that was actually bothering her, though. Yeah, she'd literally, physically known how he had felt about her and knowing that that wasn't true anymore was weird, but she'd gotten over that a while ago. It was more that coupled with being on Hapes early to visit with Allana, she was seeing people arrive and that meant they'd managed to get herself, Zekk, Tenel Ka and Lowie alone in a room together... and there was no Jacen. It was bothering her, and she didn't know how to articulate why, or if she even wanted to. Even though she'd have to to settle the fight. Feelings were dumb, basically.

With some time to herself, she tried to do some meditating in her and Jag's room. It was not going well, and a distraction would be welcome.

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Jaina hadn't actually had to live with someone longterm since the days of the Killiks (and that had been a lot of someones), so the last couple months had been a major adjustment for her. This wasn't because Jag had a lot of bad habits or anything. In fact, while wondering why he couldn't not clean up after himself or leave towels on the floor like a normal person, she'd begun to realize that she was the one in this relationship with all the bad habits, and to add insult to injury, he didn't even get mad about it, which sort of annoyed her.

Welcome to married life in the Fel household.

But overall, it was going really well, and when Jag had been asked to come back to the Empire to help out with some situation or another since he sort of had experience with crises there, Jaina found herself super bored without him there. She hadn't been sent out on any missions yet since she'd been promoted to Master, her parents were off who knows where again since Allana was back to being a princess on Hapes for now... So she grabbed her phone for a mass text.

Entertain me.

There, now she could bored-tidy up the apartment while seeing if anyone texted her back.

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Since Abeloth had been defeated, Jaina had been just slightly busy. Luke still wasn't recovered from whatever happened to him beyond shadows, so she'd been spending a lot of time at the medical center. Then there was helping to take out the rest of the Sith that had been on Coruscant. And getting used to her new duties as a Master. And dealing with the fallout of the Sith knowing who Allana was, which meant that she'd be going home to her actual mother soon. And packing up her quarters at the Temple to move into her own place with her former Head of State fiance. And finally, finally getting to plan her kriffing wedding.

And so when she actually had some time to herself, she sent along a message to people: It's finally happening. The wedding's Saturday, June 20, out here. Fancy invitations with details to follow, this is just the probably tacky save the date. :)

Then she went back to packing things up, and wondering how weird it'd be if she showed up to the new place with a box full of boxes of dirt.

[I have no idea how to do GFFA invites, so this is it. Anyone who wants to show is invited, this message went out to anyone who wants to have gotten it. Open for replies!]
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There were better ways to come out of a bacta tank than with dreams/Force visions, but there were probably worse ways too. Probably. )

[Welcome to the part of the series where the entire fandom looked at this, then looked at Legacy, and went "...but wait." NFB, NFI, I don't hate OOC. Dialogue and a couple bits from Apocalypse by Troy Denning.]

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