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When Jaina arrived at Pride of Selonia over Esfandia, the Falcon and the relay base had been trapped by a Yuuzhan Vong attack. In contact with Leia and relaying what orders could be given from there, Jaina had found herself in charge. Of everything. There were others involved, but she brokered the deal with Grand Admiral Pellaeon of the Imperial Fleet to lend aid and to keep further problems from springing up if they'd not been included. He was willing to follow her recommendations. Others were following because she'd been the ranking Jedi. Pellaeon had even complimented her.

At the time, it had just seemed like the thing to do. But when it was over, and Esfandia had been saved, and Jaina was back on her way to Fandom on the shuttle, okay, she had to allow herself to be a little pleased at that.

It was late when she returned to Fandom, and Jaina found herself trudging up five flights of stairs with her bag and still without a good deal of her equilibrium, feeling tired but oddly okay after a trip home. She automatically headed down the hall... and realized once she'd gotten there that she couldn't just go right into 527 like she normally would when she came back alone.

She immediately started looking for squirrels. No one had seen that, right? She didn't have to knock on Tahiri's door to say hi just to save face? Actually, she thought, she was going to have to do just that, but not for that reason, and not tonight.

Instead, she turned back to go back down to the- They were still in the cabins, weren't they? Cursing internally, Jaina decided she was spending the night in 313, and was blaming all this on the speeder bike crash. Yes, the crash. It had been a really rough trip, all right? Tomorrow she'd have her act more together.

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Jaina got back upstairs later than she'd planned to, with the goodbyes she had to say and Fight Club, though not necessarily in that order. At least yesterday had been good, and she had tonight to look forward to. Hopefully.

There was a reason when she got to the room, she asked, "You're not a bunny again, are you?"

[For the sometime bunny.]
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Jaina'd left a bunny in the room after hearing the call for help, and by the time everything was over, she really wanted to do nothing more than curl up and sleep for once. But hey, she couldn't argue timing; say you're not good enough to face a Sith and then one shows up a week later? In that case, Jaina also wanted the war over and a million credits.

She didn't think either of those were going to happen.

When she got up to the room, she closed the door behind her and began working off her boots. They got to go away now.

[For the room's owner!]
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Since a certain conversation last week, Jaina hadn't been sleeping well. Actually, if she was being honest with herself, certain dreams and nightmares had started again before that, but she was still ignoring those. Either way, it meant she didn't want to sleep, and she really didn't want to lie awake thinking. Which was why she was grateful for the bunny snoring on the pillow next to her. She'd been through a few of these transformations now, and that was definitely her favorite part. It was actually hard not to giggle, no matter what was going on with her.

Moving slowly so she wouldn't disturb him, she got out of bed and walked over to where she had her holotransmitter. This was probably her last chance, so she shamelessly recorded the scene for a moment. Look, it was adorable, even if he didn't think so. Besides, he'd shown Jacen his sister as a kitten, so as far as she was concerned, she was totally in the clear.

As she got back into bed, she still wasn't going to be sleeping much and she knew it, but at least she got a little bit of happy distraction. "You'd hate me for saying it," she said quietly, "but I'm glad you picked this week for this."

John just snored some more.
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Jaina was keeping to John's room mostly because she knew he really did not like being a bunny, and she thought maybe being in a familiar environment would help. At least until he got bored enough to let her know that he was bored there, in which case she'd come come up with another plan.

At the moment she was sitting on the floor, keeping an eye on him as he investigated the room from this level while going through her many, many messages. Of course, she wasn't paying close enough attention to notice that he was seemingly not enjoying being ignored in favor of work, and she only really realized this when she found him headbutting her leg.

"I have to get things done, you know," she told him, looking down at him.

He did not care, and headbutted her again.

Jaina sighed, turning the messages off when the current one ended. "Okay, I will take a break. See, I can compromise."

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On one hand, Jaina didn't like being distracted from the things she needed to do, and there were a lot of things. Even if she tried, she couldn't concentrate on any of it.

On the other hand... she'd mind later. Right at this moment she kind of thought whatever was going on was the best thing ever.

Curled up against John's side, she noted, "Your neighbors must hate us."

[For the shamelessly modded one in the bed, la.]
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After a while, Jaina decided she couldn't take it anymore. While she was pretty sure she'd know if John died in the course of the day, she also wanted to see for herself that nothing had gone horribly wrong during class.

So this was her coming upstairs to poke her head in. "Everyone still alive in here?"

[For he whose room it is!]
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Jaina had mellowed out a lot since yesterday, and she was very glad for it. She'd simply decided that overall, it was a bad few weeks, between zombies, having to say goodbye to the kids that she'd loved, and knowing she only had a couple weeks left with her boyfriend here. This was just one more thing. One more thing that made her head hurt a lot.

The problem with deciding you were just going to deal with something was that Fandom was a complete bitch.

Which was why when Jaina was simply getting up to go get herself a glass of water, she suddenly found herself at floor level once again, meowing her displeasure as she tried to find her way out from under her clothes.

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There was something a little sad about this being their last prom with both of them as students, but Jaina told herself it wasn't like it was going to be their last dance ever or anything, and just like that, she felt better about it. And going back to John's room after wasn't exactly shocking, though she was definitely curious about the why.

"So what did you want to give me?" she wondered.

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Jaina had tried to sleep, but it wasn't really happening this week. That would happen when you started off a zombie invasion by finding out that your boyfriend was dead, and that meant she dealt with it the only way she knew how: by absolutely not dealing with it. She'd actively avoided radio after the first night, she cut short any efforts to actually talk about it, she went out and killing as many zombies as she could, because she could not crack during a crisis. She'd save the breakdown for after.

After going to negotiate with the gremlins, though, she actually had some hope that things might not actually end as badly as she thought, but she still wasn't getting her hopes up. She didn't really have it in her to do that.

Not that it stopped her from going upstairs when she'd given up sleep, opening the door she knew was always unlocked, and crawling into the bed. She would still only fall asleep when she was exhausted enough to do so and it didn't make her feel any better, but it was where she wanted to be right now.

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After spending a pretty impressive time at the dance, all things considering, John and Jaina made it back to his room for the rest of the night. They'd probably ended up slow dancing to Britney Spears anyway, at which point it was definitely time to leave and do other things.

And then tomorrow they'd... do something, maybe. (Though having left her comlink in her room, that mde doing something besides working all day much easier.) They didn't seem to be great at planning ahead for things like holidays anyway. Even though overall, Jaina had to admit she liked this one.

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Jayna was immediately awake as soon as she opened her eyes and stretched, and sat up. She was luckily wearing her purple spandex jumpsuit, because this was a kids' show it might be even stranger to wake up next to a stranger this way. She had no memory of this person and surely wasn't used to having to share a bed, except for maybe those nights when Gleek got lonely.

As it was, she was left with a very confused, "Oh my."

[For the rooms owner. Yes, Jaina is now a Wonder Twin. Oh come on, like the joke was never made in the SW community.]
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Jaina woke to a few thoughts in her head even in those first few seconds when you rightfully shouldn't be able to think of anything:

1. She had to get up and make her usual checkup calls back home and see what she'd been sent overnight.
2. She had class to go to.
3. She had enough time that she could spend a little while longer snuggled up to her boyfriend, all warm and comfortable.

Focusing on the third option for now, she slung her arm over him, pulling herself closer just because she could.

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It was the middle of the night when Jaina's comlink started going off, and groggily she dragged herself out of bed. She was used to having to get up at weird hours to answer calls or go to work, but she didn't tend to have to worry about things like finding clothing in the dark before she answered a call from work.

So there might have been a muttered string of "Don't hang up don't hang up don't hang up," as she searched for and finally found something that was probably a shirt.

[For he whose room it iiiiiis, and probably post-radio.]
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Jaina was trying very hard not to let what Ganner had said get to her. She was failing miserably. But she was at least doing a fairly okay job of hiding it, maybe.

She tried to focus on John, and when he started getting better, she focused on work, too. She was relieved to get back to Fandom for once, though, just to get away from the situation. Stepping into the room, she decided, "This is more like it."

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As a kitten Jaina had had some adventures especially today, but she was so incredibly happy to be human again. And no longer naked in public.

On her way back to her room to get her comlink, she'd found a drunken, egg nog-coated bunny asleep in the stairwell, obviously having just given up. And this was another set of clothes he was going to have to wash when he changed back. With a side trip for the comlink, she brought him back up to his room, frowning when she opened the door.

"Do you ever lock this?" she asked, not particularly expecting an answer.

[For he who didn't change back first, oops.]
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Jaina had started out just going upstairs because she'd been on calls all day and needed to be away from her comlink for a while. And it was either that or go apologize to Jolee for the Celine thing. However, after getting assaulted by enough strands of garland, you know what, now getting up to the fifth floor was all about the kriffing principle of the thing.

Which was why when Jaina got to the door and knocked by kicking against the doorframe, she was otherwise occupied by trying to tie a touchy feely strand of garland into a bow.

[For the room's owner!]
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After her meeting with Jacen was cut short, Jaina took off at a run for the dorms. She didn't know what had happened to John, and she didn't know why he felt perfectly fine to her, but she was sort of stuck on 'not him too'. Because of that, she was at the doorway to his room as quickly as possible, just slightly out of breath, demanding, "Are you okay?"

[For he who almost died, oops. Okay, that might not be clear this weekend. For he who almost died and lives in this room.]
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As a kitten, Jaina had taken to sleeping on John's head, in part to annoy him, in part because it was more comfortable than it had any right to be. Until last night, anyway, when she'd decided instead to try and take up the entire bed with her wee kitten self, which was a good thing since this morning she'd wake up entirely human again.

See, good thing she didn't sleep on his head. It would have been really weird.

[I AM BACK *CLINGS TO GAME*. For the bf.]
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After spending some time in the flight shed like usual and calling home for roughly the sixth time this week already, Jaina headed up to the fifth floor to visit John. Again, nothing out of the ordinary.

What was out of the ordinary, however, was how as soon as she knocked on the doorframe and started to say "Hello," she was suddenly looking at the room from a few feet lower than normal. And with more fur. And with her clothes on the floor without her in them. And the "hello" came out more like a "meow?"

Okay, this wasn't right.

[For the room's owner/kittysitter.]
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It wasn't that movie night was a strange occurrence (except for how it was afternoon), but Jaina couldn't help feeling slightly nervous by the time she and John got back to the dorms, seeing as how these dates always ended up. And as lame as she knew it was, some things took some easing into, and yet she'd agreed to it anyway because sometimes she had to make everything difficult.

Once they'd gotten there, Jaina was content to let him set up while she took a seat on the sofa, all helpful like that.

[For he whose room it is.]
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Jaina wouldn't have wanted to spend her last night in the dorms before moving to the privacy-free cabins in her own room anyway, but given that she was headed back home today, she had more prevalent reasons for spending the night in John's room. She couldn't let herself sleep in, though, and so she was up early, getting ready and double checking to make sure she had everything she needed save for her weapons, which she'd be stopping to get first.

She didn't really feel much of anything. On one hand, she didn't want to leave, but on the other they had to do this. Just like any other mission, just a little tweaked.

[For the bf!]
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It was entirely habit by now: land in Fandom, head straight back up to John's room, bag and all. Today was no different, and despite the fact that Jaina could go days without seeing or hearing from him when she was in Fandom without any issues, it was different when she'd been offplanet.

When she got to his door, she knocked lightly before stepping inside. "Hi there."

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When the shuttle dropped Jaina off at the causeway, she had no idea what time it was, except she wasn't seeing a lot of people. She was guessing it was late. Realistically, it was probably late enough that she should just head back to her own room and worry about things in the morning, but she wasn't the slightest bit tired.

She wasn't sure what possessed her to try it- except that she didn't want to head back to her own room and worry about things later- but when she got to the dorms, she found herself trying to sense John, to see if he was even awake. Which he wasn't, but it sort of stunned Jaina that she could tell. It was a good kind of stunned, though, and asleep or not, she bypassed the third floor to head up to the fifth.

Jaina hoped it wasn't creepy that she tried the doorknob before knocking, but she didn't want to wake him up to have to answer the door. Besides, the door was unlocked. That was practically an invitation. She stepped inside, closing the door behind her, leaving her bag and shoes at the door.

[For the room's owner. Room and boyfriend modded with permission.]
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Jaina had not had a great couple days. Between getting kidnapped, electrocuted at random but persistent intervals for two days, turning on a fellow classmate and then having to drag her uncle to the clinic, she figured she was about done for the week. She stopped off at her room long enough to clean up, threw her still-damp hair back and headed upstairs to knock on John's door. Just because.

[For the room's occupant!]
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Brooke was pretty comfortable snuggled up to... whoever she was snuggled up to. When she started to wake up, she did a normal check of Am I hangover? followed by Am I still drunk? and finishing up with Whose room is this? She peeked an eye open, saw it wasn't hers, and figured it was a good idea to cut and run before things had a chance to get uncomfortable. Stretching a little, she sat up, immediately surveying the room for a few necessary items, like clothes.

[For the room's owner. Yes, Jaina's now Brooke. THIS WILL NOT BE CONFUSING AT ALL.]
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With one more day before classes started, Jaina wasn't really in a rush to get up. She was perfectly comfortable in John's bed, and if asked, she'd blame it entirely on the bedding. It really was better than what she had.

She was comfortable enough to almost be disappointed when she started coming awake, not entirely sure whether she really muttered, "No running today." She meant her mumble, though.

[For the bedding's owner, and SP ahoy!]
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To be completely honest, Jaina wasn't sure why she was here. Today had been entirely messed up, and suddenly she was agreeing to meet her twenty-years-older apparent ex at his "old" room. She really did want to talk, to find out what was new and how he was, and also because anything else they usually got up to might be considered a felony here at the moment.

Taking a breath, she knocked on the door.

[For the room's owner!]
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Jaina was aware of one thing before she actually woke up, and that was that she wasn't alone. She was kind of cuddled up with someone else on a couch, and she wasn't complaining, because it was comfortable.

At least, she wasn't complaining until she realized she wasn't sure who this person was. That got her to open her eyes really fast to further realize that seeing who it was didn't help with the recognition thing. At least he was cute?

She picked her head up from his shoulder, looking around at the room. She wasn't sure where she was, either. Immediately she began a mental check, making sure she didn't feel drunk or hungover. She'd never been either, but still, it important to know for sure. And then she started checking her own head for bumps.

[For the owner of the room!]

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