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Jaina had spent a lot of time in the bacta tank once she'd gotten back, and had finally been moved to a room where she could actually talk to her visitors. )

[AND WE'RE DONE WITH THE CATCHUP. OMG. NFB, NFI, OOC more than okay. Dialogue and a couple lines taken from Invincible by Troy Denning and anything after this is aaaaaall original. OMG DONE. OMG.]
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Basically, Jaina's visit so far seemed to mostly amount to difficult conversations she didn't want to have. It wasn't ideal, and there were better ways to spend her time in Fandom, but she'd known that would happen when she got to this point. And there were still more she had to have.

The one she hadn't counted on was the call she got from her Leia not long after waking up. At first Jaina had thought that her parents ha'd gotten word about how she was headed to a court-martial, but instead, Leia told her about how Jacen had tortured a woman to death during an interrogation. A woman named Ailyn Vel, who just so happened to be Boba Fett's daughter. Which was the point that Ben had told her was where she needed to start asking questions.

The real problem with knowing the future was not knowing what to do about it.

So she came clean about what had happened with the court-martial, and she would have told her mother at least a little of where she knew Jacen ended up, but from the sounds of it, Han and Leia knew the score, too. So she'd spare them that information for the moment.

When Jaina finally ended the call, she took a moment to just let it sink in, and then she had to start getting ready to face people like normal.

[Establishy, and details of conversation NFB.]
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The ride from Han and Leia's new apartment to the Jedi Temple was spent mostly in silence, right up till Zekk had to open his mouth. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. And so begins Legacy of the Force (finally). My apologies for the upcoming spam to your flists from here on and I promise to at least try not to be too annoying. Tracy... I'm gonna owe you a pony or something.]
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With an oh-so-convenient angle of "almost directly above the phone," the camera settled on Jaina as she sat in the phone room on a bean bag chair, looking as distressed as the top of one's head could look as the screen read "JAINA'S MOM" with a helpful arrow pointing to the phone.

In Comic Sans.

"It's me," Jaina said tearfully.

In a fuzzy recording over a phone tap, another voice said, "Jaina, honey, what's wrong?"

"It's just... I don't think I can do this anymore," Jaina said, totally crying now. "I miss home. I'm so far away and I don't know anyone here and everyone's so different."

Long pause. "...It's another one of those weekends, isn't it?"

"I'm not going to just get over it, Mom!"

"At least you're not a kitten. Maybe you should think about about going back to that town less, sweetheart."

"I just want to come home!"

[Establishy, cuz someone had to do it. Poor Leia.]

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