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There were better ways to come out of a bacta tank than with dreams/Force visions, but there were probably worse ways too. Probably. )

[Welcome to the part of the series where the entire fandom looked at this, then looked at Legacy, and went "...but wait." NFB, NFI, I don't hate OOC. Dialogue and a couple bits from Apocalypse by Troy Denning.]
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Jaina had found out about Tahiri's arrest on the news. Apparently she'd been arrested for the murder of Gilad Pellaeon two years earlier while she'd been Sith, and just like Luke, Daala was pushing for Jedi to be punished no matter what the circumstances. But unlike Luke, Tahiri was admittedly guilty of this, and she wasn't even a Jedi these days.

Realistically, Jaina doubted she had helped this situation much. The Jedi weren't falling in line, what with their secret teams essentially dedicated to keeping what Daala wanted out of her hands and protecting the sick Jedi- and Jaina was heavily involved in these things- so Daala was making an example of Tahiri. Today was spent trying to make up for that as she could, making sure any evidence of Tahiri's involvement in Darkmeld was gone, appealing to Kenth Hamner who both wouldn't and couldn't help, or ranting to her parents and Jag in case there was anything they could do. So far things weren't looking good, though at least she was going to get a good lawyer.

With all that done, there wasn't much to do right now except check what people were saying in the media about all of this. Which meant that when she'd finally had enough, Jaina was likely to try and find something to punch.

[Open for calls and emails and all that!]
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It shouldn't have been a surprise that things started changing right after Luke left, but it was. )

[NFB, NFI, go ahead and leave some OOC if you want. Dialogue and a couple lines taken from Outcast by Aaron Allston, and I kinda think this entire series was worth it if only for Tahiri.]
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Zekk's surgery was taking a while. While Jacen had gone to the Anakin and Luke and Mara had taken Ben back to Coruscant immediately, Jaina was staying on Hapes till Zekk was released to go back to Coruscant as well. She told herself staying in the waiting area just meant she could be alone, away from everyone. She was beyond mad at Jacen, she was mad at Ben and scared for him and wondering if kidnapping him for deprogramming wasn't an option, mad at Mara for not putting a stop to things before, mad at Tenel Ka for standing up for Jacen, trying to figure out what might not get Mara killed, worried about Zekk...

And selfishly, that old fear was creeping back. That fear that said that even if she was left standing at the end of all of this, there wouldn't have anyone or anything else left.

Not that she was going to voice that concern to anyone, and so she was turning to distraction by checking her messages to see what she'd missed since boarding Rover. Days old message from Fandom's Ben saying May the fourth be with her (which, fine, got a smile out of her), a couple messages from her Tahiri wondering why Jaina kept calling her so much...

Returning that message took all of thirty seconds without an answer, and then Jaina was left with nothing but her thoughts again, and deciding she had to come up with a hobby for times like this.

[I am off to the Avengers for a bit, but totally open for calls, texts, emails, etc.]

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