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There were better ways to come out of a bacta tank than with dreams/Force visions, but there were probably worse ways too. Probably. )

[Welcome to the part of the series where the entire fandom looked at this, then looked at Legacy, and went "...but wait." NFB, NFI, I don't hate OOC. Dialogue and a couple bits from Apocalypse by Troy Denning.]
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While they were on their way to the Maw, Lando had set Jaina up with quarters on the Rockhound, which was great except she didn't really want privacy right now. She was still feeling terrible about yesterday, she was worried about what kind of trouble Luke and Ben were in, she was worried about what was going on at the Temple, and not having anything to do was driving her crazy. She kept thinking about calling Jag, but she didn't want to know yet if she'd screwed things up with him, and he probably shouldn't know about her failing to stop a slave revolt that was going to probably have galaxywide repercussions anyway.

So, when it got too quiet, she sent a text: So how are you?

[If you think you got it, you did! Open for replies and calls.]

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