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Jaina's second- and final- attempt to stop Jacen started out badly and didn't stop there. )

[Warning for lots of violence and character death. NFI, NFB, OOC so okay you can't even believe it because ASIFHASFHADEHSWFHWGVBCVWER I NEED HUGS. Dialogue and a few bits taken from Invincible by Troy Denning.]
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By the end of her time on Mandalore, Jaina was feeling more confident in her abilities, but she still needed some additional perspective. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Dialogue taken from Revelation by Karen Traviss, and cut to like half its length. See, if we still had Jolee, I wouldn't have to do this.]
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As far as life on Mandalore went, Jaina... didn't exactly hate it? It was different than she'd expected, but aside from having to deal with Fett's family drama, it wasn't so bad. )

So when she'd gotten done with training and work for the day, Jaina had retreated to her room, away from interruptions or people wanting to fight or five-year-olds who thought it was fine to casually hold a blaster on her. She wanted to run through the evidence again, occasionally writing notes on anything she thought might be helpful, and appreciating Ben's thoroughness even if she had no idea how he'd been able to put this all together.

[Originally this was from the book but I haaaate this book, so here, have something shorter. Which means this can be open for calls, texts or emails if you so wish.]
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Ever since Mara died, 100% of Jaina's focus had been on training, on getting better, on honing her skills, on thinking that all she had to do was take out the other person and it didn't matter what happened to her. Maybe it had been some protective thing, trying to avoid what she'd been like after Anakin died, who knew. And now that it was out there, she was really pretty upset about it: not because Jag was mean (he'd done the right thing) or because people knew (they'd find out she intended to face Jacen eventually) but because with it out there she had to deal with it and she simply didn't know how to face it.

She wasn't really inclined to go against Jag's orders, but with training off the table she just didn't know what to do with herself. Games couldn't hold her focus, and so she'd resorted to the same thing she did when she was a kid to cope: she'd found her astromech, located the area Jag had been using to work on his suit, and borrowed his tools to work on tinkering with her droid. It was a different way for her to focus, using different skills than just the physical, and after a while of it she'd actually begun to feel better.

Better enough to reach out to people for the first time since before Ossus and send a quick text reading Still alive, I promise.

She had no idea how much longer that might be true, but for the moment...

[Open for calls and texts and such! If you think you got the text, you did.]
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Jaina had only been awake for about ten minutes, and she'd already killed a man today. )

[Warning for violence, omg the violence. TROY DENNING THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU BUT TY FOR MAKING MY GIRL BADASS. NFB, NFI, OOC makes me happy. Dialogue and surprisingly few bits taken from Inferno by the aforementioned Denning.]
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Jaina wasn't going to the funeral, which she had mixed feelings about. She wanted to be there, for Luke and Ben and her parents, but the same little part of her that had tried to skip out on her own brother's funeral just wanted to get away. That wasn't why she was missing it, though. After killing Lumiya and learning afterwards that there was no way that she could have killed Mara, Luke gave the task force new orders to find Alema, because she had to have done it.

Alema had to be found, yes. She was a threat, a Dark Jedi, and crazy as all get out. But the trail didn't make sense, and while Jaina couldn't voice or even admit to herself what she feared... she knew deep down that Alema was no real match for Mara.

Between that and the thought that she had to buckle down and be (even more) serious about what they were headed into, she'd had a little Talk with Jag and Zekk when she told them what happened. She would like to say that she handled it like a mature adult, but in reality she'd snapped something like "I'm not sleeping with anyone and that's final." Then they'd sat down and decided as a slightly uncomfortable team what their game plan was, which meant leaving immediately.

She had a few hours on Coruscant now. She'd made time to find Ben already, before calling the one in Fandom. It wasn't long enough, but she'd really felt the need to reassure him that it'd be all right, and that he'd be all right, because she knew he would, and he knew she knew. And then she had just enough time to regroup and pack up for another trip that would take an undetermined amount of time and head on out.

She was starting to feel like a pro at that.

[Open, as this is the last chance to talk to her for a bit. Not that she knows this yet.]
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Between the fight with Mara and worrying about Mara, Jaina hadn't been in the mood to deal with bickering today. She'd come back to the task force office in the Temple determined to get work done. Even the boys had decided to mostly stay clear of her, and Jag, knowing how Jaina worked, made sure to give her all the information he had before checking out for the night, thus ensuring she'd be busy as long as she wanted to be.

She was sitting in front of a display, waiting for the data she'd input to come up with something she could use, and mentally cursing it every time she felt it needed to go faster. Looked like she'd used up her patience with this earlier.

[For tall, blond and fangsome!]
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Alema had given them the slip again, though at least there'd been a fight to show for it, so that was something for Eric to be happy about, at least. Personally Jaina was officially tired of Dark Jedi trying to kill her parents and such, but there was only so much she could do about that. The meetings afterwards to go over Alema's whereabouts on the ship and figure out exactly where things went wrong had lasted much longer than Jaina's patience, and she'd eventually excused herself claiming she needed a sanisteam and sleep.

In reality, she marched herself on over to Eric's quarters to see if he wanted to do something, anything else, because he wasn't annoying her. Really, it was that or close herself off in her own quarters to see if she could deal with that stupid Cut the Rope game that always ended in her yelling things about letting Om Nom starve. Something told her that wouldn't frustrate her less, so she was knocking on Eric's door.

[For that guy!]
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Zekk's surgery was taking a while. While Jacen had gone to the Anakin and Luke and Mara had taken Ben back to Coruscant immediately, Jaina was staying on Hapes till Zekk was released to go back to Coruscant as well. She told herself staying in the waiting area just meant she could be alone, away from everyone. She was beyond mad at Jacen, she was mad at Ben and scared for him and wondering if kidnapping him for deprogramming wasn't an option, mad at Mara for not putting a stop to things before, mad at Tenel Ka for standing up for Jacen, trying to figure out what might not get Mara killed, worried about Zekk...

And selfishly, that old fear was creeping back. That fear that said that even if she was left standing at the end of all of this, there wouldn't have anyone or anything else left.

Not that she was going to voice that concern to anyone, and so she was turning to distraction by checking her messages to see what she'd missed since boarding Rover. Days old message from Fandom's Ben saying May the fourth be with her (which, fine, got a smile out of her), a couple messages from her Tahiri wondering why Jaina kept calling her so much...

Returning that message took all of thirty seconds without an answer, and then Jaina was left with nothing but her thoughts again, and deciding she had to come up with a hobby for times like this.

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Basically, Jaina's visit so far seemed to mostly amount to difficult conversations she didn't want to have. It wasn't ideal, and there were better ways to spend her time in Fandom, but she'd known that would happen when she got to this point. And there were still more she had to have.

The one she hadn't counted on was the call she got from her Leia not long after waking up. At first Jaina had thought that her parents ha'd gotten word about how she was headed to a court-martial, but instead, Leia told her about how Jacen had tortured a woman to death during an interrogation. A woman named Ailyn Vel, who just so happened to be Boba Fett's daughter. Which was the point that Ben had told her was where she needed to start asking questions.

The real problem with knowing the future was not knowing what to do about it.

So she came clean about what had happened with the court-martial, and she would have told her mother at least a little of where she knew Jacen ended up, but from the sounds of it, Han and Leia knew the score, too. So she'd spare them that information for the moment.

When Jaina finally ended the call, she took a moment to just let it sink in, and then she had to start getting ready to face people like normal.

[Establishy, and details of conversation NFB.]

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