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The twins were a month old, so things were starting to reach something like normalcy, and that meant work. They'd started easy, heading to Hapes because Jag and Tenel aka had a lot to settle through long meetings of tense not-quite-arguing while Jaina rolled her eyes, and it had the bonus of letting Allana meet her cousins. And then the invitation had been extended to Anakin to meet all his great-grandchildren from this particular universe.

After Anakin arrived, Jaina showed him where his room was and then brought him over to her quarters just in time to watch the boys so Jag could go to a meeting.

"Thanks for the timing," Jaina said just after Jag left. "I was supposed to be in that."

[for Gramps!]
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The last time Jag had texted for Jaina, she'd been in the hospital after the worst day of her life.

This time, the setting was similar, but the reasons were very different.

Once everything had settled down and Jag had finally kicked everybody out to let the family spend some time alone, Jaina asked him to get a picture of the twins and send out a message to those who'd want to know. She'd have done it herself, but she'd done enough today, thank you.

So along with a picture of two little, wrinkly baby boys, they'd get the message, Meet Dax and Daniel. They and Jaina are doing well.

"You couldn't have spiced that up a little?" Jaina asked when she saw what he'd sent.

"And how would you have wanted me to do that?" Jag asked.

"Tell them that if they say my babies look like Yoda I'll end them as soon as I can feel my legs again."

"Ah. You should lead with that next time."

[If you think you got it, you did! Open for calls and texts.]
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Jaina was having a horrible month- horrible summer, reall- and she needed some normalcy.

So there was a Jaina pony in her office, sitting at the desk. She was half-tempted to text Eric and apologize for probably making fun of him when he was a pony and she wasnt, but she wasn't about to give out ammunition.

[Open with SP!]
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Jaina hadn't actually had to live with someone longterm since the days of the Killiks (and that had been a lot of someones), so the last couple months had been a major adjustment for her. This wasn't because Jag had a lot of bad habits or anything. In fact, while wondering why he couldn't not clean up after himself or leave towels on the floor like a normal person, she'd begun to realize that she was the one in this relationship with all the bad habits, and to add insult to injury, he didn't even get mad about it, which sort of annoyed her.

Welcome to married life in the Fel household.

But overall, it was going really well, and when Jag had been asked to come back to the Empire to help out with some situation or another since he sort of had experience with crises there, Jaina found herself super bored without him there. She hadn't been sent out on any missions yet since she'd been promoted to Master, her parents were off who knows where again since Allana was back to being a princess on Hapes for now... So she grabbed her phone for a mass text.

Entertain me.

There, now she could bored-tidy up the apartment while seeing if anyone texted her back.

[If you think you got it, you did. Open for return texts or calls or whatever omg I have working internet.]
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Since Abeloth had been defeated, Jaina had been just slightly busy. Luke still wasn't recovered from whatever happened to him beyond shadows, so she'd been spending a lot of time at the medical center. Then there was helping to take out the rest of the Sith that had been on Coruscant. And getting used to her new duties as a Master. And dealing with the fallout of the Sith knowing who Allana was, which meant that she'd be going home to her actual mother soon. And packing up her quarters at the Temple to move into her own place with her former Head of State fiance. And finally, finally getting to plan her kriffing wedding.

And so when she actually had some time to herself, she sent along a message to people: It's finally happening. The wedding's Saturday, June 20, out here. Fancy invitations with details to follow, this is just the probably tacky save the date. :)

Then she went back to packing things up, and wondering how weird it'd be if she showed up to the new place with a box full of boxes of dirt.

[I have no idea how to do GFFA invites, so this is it. Anyone who wants to show is invited, this message went out to anyone who wants to have gotten it. Open for replies!]
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The stress of trying to meet with people and plan completely illegal activities while she was being followed around by an adult clone of her dead little brother meant that sometimes Jaina just stayed in her quarters where he had no reason to bother her. Unless the kriffing randomizer went off again. She didn't have any meetings planned and she didn't sense that anything bad was going on for once, so today was one of those days.

Of course, rather than having anything like a lazy day, Jaina was trying to gather information on the Armand Isard Correctional Facility so she had something to share when she snuck out to meet people later to put together a plan. She was so focused on that until she came up for air, she didn't even realize she had a voicemail. Which she then listened to.

"...Because of course."

[Had to. Open for calls and texts, etc.!]
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In the month since going home, Jaina had easily picked up where she'd left off, going out on missions, creating some unnecessary trouble once or twice (okay, definitely twice) and landing herself right back in the infirmary.

She'd tried valiantly to at least be allowed to go back to her own room, because "It's just a concussion" and "I get them all the time!" but that didn't actually help her case any, and Cilghal had finally figured out that if she just looked at Jaina a certain way she'd shut up for a while. And then she left before she had to deal with any more protests.

So fine, this was where Jaina was going to be stuck at least overnight. When she got bored within about two minutes, she just pulled out her phone and sent a text: Still alive. How are you?

[Open! If you think you got it, you totally did.]
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It was Jaina's last day in Fandom, and considering this was like her third last day with a few "I'm not coming back"s in her early years, it didn't seem like that big a deal to her. Her things had either been donated or thrown away or shipped back to the Temple back home, and she had a couple bags set next to her at the moment, which was at least one bag more than she was used to traveling with. This was what settling in one place for a while did for you: you accumulated stuff.

She had a little bit of time till her portal, so she'd sent quick messages to those she thought might want to say goodbye and headed to the causeway and wait.

And wait, because of course the kriffing thing was late.

[Last post till she inevitably comes to visit! Open!]
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Normally Jaina wasn't an antisocial person, but she'd taken to staying in her quarters a lot since she got out of the hospital. When she did, to grab dinner (one could not survive on a kiddie pool of fruit alone) or to sneak into a training room against orders not to, she tended to do it on off hours when she knew no one was really around. There were too many condolences from random people, too many stares or whispers from others, and you could just forget going outside the Temple for a while until the story died down some. She could deal with herself and her own conscience just fine, but the general public was another story. One step at a time here.

Besides, she could call people and people could call her and she didn't have any shortage of visitors, so no one could say she was really isolating herself. She had pictures of an alternate universe little brother as a kitten to prove it. And the fact that really having nothing to do was driving her crazy was probably a good thing. Meant that she was at least still herself, or something.

On the bright side, she was getting really good at Angry Birds Space.

and then there was a visitor )

and later, a call )

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Jaina wasn't going to the funeral, which she had mixed feelings about. She wanted to be there, for Luke and Ben and her parents, but the same little part of her that had tried to skip out on her own brother's funeral just wanted to get away. That wasn't why she was missing it, though. After killing Lumiya and learning afterwards that there was no way that she could have killed Mara, Luke gave the task force new orders to find Alema, because she had to have done it.

Alema had to be found, yes. She was a threat, a Dark Jedi, and crazy as all get out. But the trail didn't make sense, and while Jaina couldn't voice or even admit to herself what she feared... she knew deep down that Alema was no real match for Mara.

Between that and the thought that she had to buckle down and be (even more) serious about what they were headed into, she'd had a little Talk with Jag and Zekk when she told them what happened. She would like to say that she handled it like a mature adult, but in reality she'd snapped something like "I'm not sleeping with anyone and that's final." Then they'd sat down and decided as a slightly uncomfortable team what their game plan was, which meant leaving immediately.

She had a few hours on Coruscant now. She'd made time to find Ben already, before calling the one in Fandom. It wasn't long enough, but she'd really felt the need to reassure him that it'd be all right, and that he'd be all right, because she knew he would, and he knew she knew. And then she had just enough time to regroup and pack up for another trip that would take an undetermined amount of time and head on out.

She was starting to feel like a pro at that.

[Open, as this is the last chance to talk to her for a bit. Not that she knows this yet.]
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Jaina's portal was delayed. She had no idea how a portal could be delayed, but here she was. After a while of waiting at the causeway, she'd come to the beach, figuring that if she was going to be stuck waiting, she should at least get a change of scenery.

Watching the waves made her think too much, though. About her grandfather and Tiny Mom, about how certain things just kept popping up through the years, even about how much her thinking had changed since she was sixteen. That was when she'd check her datapad to read up on what was going on on Corellia, because potential conflict was a happier subject.

Or she'd check on her portal's ETA and curse at the very idea of gnomes when she saw it was delayed again. How?


Aaaaand since I'm popular today: Zayne | Anakin | Ben | Luke | Rory | Eric]
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It had taken more convincing than Jaina would have liked, but when she got some time, she was able to take Ben on a little trip, like she'd told that other Ben she would. It was mainly for her to check in with him and make sure things were going all right and there weren't any red flags, but there'd been a very large red flag right from the start: she had no idea why she had to convince Jacen to let Ben go instead of his parents.

The trip itself had been... fine? Jaina got the distinct impression that Ben would rather not go at all, but he'd been okay. And if she was being honest with herself, she and Ben didn't seem to connect the same way that they used to. She hadn't worked out training him, but she'd always looked out for him and he'd always been really glad to see her, and now he just... wasn't. He just thought he had more important things to do, because he was twelve and that's how twelve-year-olds (especially ones paired to train with self-important jerks) started to think. Then Jaina had gotten him to help her out in tinkering with the ship they'd been traveling on and things had been just fine, because he was twelve and some things don't change.

She'd gone back to her quarters to check her messages, unpacking while she listened. And when she got to the one from her grandfather, she immediately began piling the things she'd just taken out of her bag back in.

[Mostly establishy but if you feel like pinging in, I am not gonna stop you.]
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Jaina saw in a chair in front of the window, gazing out pensively at nothing. She was getting married today, even if that was mostly a secret. It wasn't even that it was her first wedding. This might be the first one that ever ended in a marriage, though.

It had to! If she didn't marry Howard and end up in his will, how was she supposed to kill him and stop him from trying to crush the entire Skywalker empire while simultaneously taking hold of his fortune?

And yet...

No, she couldn't have second thoughts! She couldn't let the fact that Howard loved her derail her plan! She's blame a crisis of conscience but you needed a conscience to have a crisis of it. Even if Charles was back and didn't want her marrying someone less cute than him. Oh, she had so many thoughts!

She was interrupted from her reverie by a knock at the door. Jaina stood, pulled on the little matching robe over her red silk chemise, and went to answer it.

[I am heading to bed, but I had to post this. Obviously someone's at the door. It should be you. Yes, you. And I will answer when I wake up! Go ping.]
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Her time in Fandom had pretty much done exactly what Jaina had needed it to do: she'd had time to heal up, and while she still felt off, getting back some degree of normalcy had helped a lot. Maybe this was what happened when you coped like a normal person? When she arrived at the Temple, she went straight to the Masters, ready to explain what she'd been doing in Panem and why, and take whatever lumps she had to. She knew she could do so calmly, without coming off like she'd been traumatized or completely angry.

Of course, that was shot to hell the second Corran mentioned that she'd been gone for almost a month, when she should have only been gone two weeks. It made things a little more difficult, trying to talk about how running off was the right thing to do when you were trying so hard not to think about what it had meant the last time time had sped up for her.

Jaina didn't get an answer today, but she knew there'd be some sort of punishment, even if it was getting stuck in the kitchen for the next month. At the moment, that was a secondary concern. When she was free to leave she'd immediately gone to her quarters and got her phone, sending a quick text to multiple contacts reading: Time kriffing sped up again. How are you? and then waited for the messages to bounce back at her. If they did, she'd know she'd been cut off from Fandom again for who knew how long.

Everything went through just fine.

With a sigh of relief, Jaina decided she'd stick to her room for a while, unpacking, doing some quick math to figure this out, and waiting to see if anyone responded. She'd be cursing to herself in the meanwhile.

[Open for calls, texts or emails! If you want to have gotten the message and know about the time speed, you totally got it.]
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It was pretty early in the day on Coruscant when Jaina landed her StealthX at the Temple. It was sort of strange. For all that leaving had been such a big deal to her, coming back here wasn't any kind of deal at all. She hopped out of her ship with her too-heavy bags, said hello to the Jedi she knew who happened to also be in the hangar as she headed out, and then she just went to her quarters, just like normal. Maybe it was because this was normal to her. She spent so much time going to and from one place or another, and Coruscant specifically, that there wasn't anything to feel about it.


When she got to her quarters, which she'd last seen... months ago, she didn't even know when for sure, the first thing she did was get out her phone. She dropped her bags and took a seat on her bed, pausing before looking at it. She'd talked about what would happen if she got stuck in her own galaxy again, but she'd downplayed what a serious worry it was for her. Getting cut off for five years and thinking she'd lost people she cared about was a large part of the reason why come back here was so hard. She turned the phone over in her hand, looked at the screen to see what date and time it was in Fandom...

...and it was exactly the time it was supposed to be. That was a good sign, but she wasn't going to internally celebrate over that yet. No, she saved that for when she dialed her grandfather and the call went through. She got voicemail, but that was fine. And just like that, she felt 100% better about being back.

[Establishy! Look at me being nice to her for once.]
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After her shift at Caritas was over, Jaina headed back to her apartment, figuring anything that needed to be stomped on would still need to be stomped on after at least a couple hours of sleep. But when she got to her floor- the third floor, by the way- she saw a random turtle shell ricocheting back and forth across the hall and hitting the walls with what had to be one of the most instantly annoying sounds ever. And of course it was in Jaina's way to her apartment.

With a sigh, she got as close to the thing as she dared, then jumped over it so that she could actually get to her door. She wasn't sure how to stop the thing without grabbing onto it or using telekinesis she wasn't sure would work, and if she was here, she was not going to end up back at the dorms again and have to come all the way back here.

She regretted this after a quick search through her apartment to make sure nothing had made its way in here. She could still hear the banging on the walls outside her door, and that was going to get annoying really fast. If only sleeping on her balcony wouldn't chance her waking up to a spiny turtle getting dropped on her.

[SORRY SQUIRRELS but you must deal with me entertaing myself here. Can be open if you have a reason to come by and if you can get around a turtle shell. God damn I hate those shells.]
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Happily, Jaina wasn't green today. She was her nice, normal color, which didn't change when she drank anything. She'd even dared to stop at the Perk before heading to her office today to work on class. And if it was a little depressing to realize just how few classes she still had left to plan, well she wasn't thinking about that right now.

And don't mind her occasionally checking to make sure her coffee was still coffee-colored before taking sips of it. She might just be doing that today.
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For as much as Jaina was glad to see things back to normal, there were some things to deal with in the aftermath that she hadn't counted on. Like making sure her cat grandfather had actual cat food, and cleaning up a kitchen because cat food hadn't been available yesterday. After some internal debate she decided to leave laundry until tomorrow, considering he seemed to like the basket.

"Just... no more trying to get to kitchen tools, okay?" she warned, looking to make sure she knew where he was. "I'm not trying to clean again before Tuesday." And then it was time to settle on the sofa with her comlink to check messages, glorious messages she could actually get again after a week.

[Anakitty modded with persmission. Can be open, yes.]
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Jaina wasn't exactly hiding. She'd simply gotten up early, gone for a run, and figured that maybe it wouldn't be so bad that radio reported the morning after drunken antics. After all, Anakin had said he wouldn't be back till next week, so that gave time, right?

Then when she got back to her alcove after her post-run shower, she found a voicemail.

And okay, now she was kind of hiding. She was calling it "staying in and going through work" but it was hiding.

[Oh so open.]
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Still in a bad mood, Jaina had learned that it was kind of hard to get actual work done without any light, which was why she sitting on the floor of her room with the door open, trying to figure out a way to amplify the little flashlight on her multitool so she could read her mission reports without getting eyestrain.

Yeah, she could have just gone out and bought a flashlight or something battery-operated, but it was kind of nice to be tinkering with something for no reason. It'd been way too long since she'd done something like that, and it was good to not have to think about things because she was so involved in the details.

At least until the light burnt out, and then here was a heavy sigh as she realized that yes, maybe she should just buy a damn flashlight.

[Can be open, yes, though my brain is molasses today.]
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Really, Jaina thought, if anyone still needed proof that she wasn't going to just slip back over to the dark side, the fact that she hadn't killed everyone in a rage yet should have been enough.

After leaving her grandfather's office, she both wanted to keep herself busy and do nothing at the same time. So she caught up on radio broadcasts (and was she ever glad she hadn't heard that part about Mara on radio, wow did she not think family death announcements belonged there), and then started making arrangements to go back to Twin Suns for a little bit. You know, where things were normal, if violent and death-filled. And then she called Mara, because she had to. Ben's reality wasn't hers, her Mara was fine, see?

And once she was done with that, she busied herself with going over a datapad when she was really just wanting to get out of here already.

[Mostly establishy, but the door's cracked open if anyone wants to poke their head in.]
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Jaina could have put this off. She knew he'd be back in a few weeks, and that this was probably a better conversation in person, but putting it off felt like the coward's way out. If he was going to hear the story, she needed to tell it now, before she could sink into life like nothing was wrong. Or pretend to, anyway. This wasn't something where she could greet him on arrival with "Oh by the way..."

Of course, she'd been intending to go back to the dorms for this conversation, which didn't exactly work out because she instead found herself in the woods, so she gave up and headed for the abandoned shack instead. She was adaptable like that.

Anyway, once she was there and knew she'd have privacy for this, she did hesitate at picking up her comlink for a moment. And then she sucked it up and called her grandfather.

cuuuuuuut )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] sith_happened, and NFI.]
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After getting off the comm with her grandfather, Jaina was back to bored again. Seriously, she didn't find much time to be bored on Eclipse, since there was always something that needed doing, or brothers to separate, or at least someone she could drag to spar against. The back and forth was very weird. And also, messing up her sense of the days.

She was seriously debating heading out to the mainland, since the arctic tundra was gone, and thank goodness. Eh, why not. She got up from her seat on her bed and went to the closet to get her boots, frowning at the little X that appeared on the floor. She ignored it, at least till she went to put her boot on. A moment later she was pulling her foot back out, muttering, "Okay, from now on, check the shoes first."

Could have been worse. She could have smooshed the chocolate.

[Door open, post can be too.]
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Before heading to class, Jaina had a voicemail from John announcing he was going out of town. It was only annoying for a little while, and then she realized she'd just have to settle for bitching at him some when he got back and went on with her day. Which kind of disappointingly wouldn't be filled with exploring or flying or setting horses free. ...She should really mention that last thing to Karal.

She spent part of her afternoon in the junkyard, finally finding a broken toaster that looked suitable to bring back and fix. She didn't feel like the garage today. Instead she sat on the floor of her room with parts scatterred around her as she took the thing apart so she could put it back together, definitely not thinking about things other than missing her boyfriend for a couple days.

[Open door, open post]
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There really was nothing like spending your day blinking in order to lure stone angel statues away while knowing if you somehow did manage to fail at blinking you were going to get sent back into the past. Once she got back to her room, she checked her messages out of habit, not expecting to actually have any.

When she listened to the transmission that was waiting for her, she was a little on the torn side. It wasn't that she didn't want to go home. In fact, she'd been worried about when she was going to be able to go back, given that everyone seemed busy and scattered. But she wasn't even really getting down time from the last crisis and she didn't exactly want to leave now. At least it was just a meeting of the Jedi. Shouldn't take too long at all in Fandom time.

After calling her uncle back to confirm that she'd be there and would be meeting the transport they were sending, she left a quick message, then headed back out.

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Jaina had not had a great couple days. Between getting kidnapped, electrocuted at random but persistent intervals for two days, turning on a fellow classmate and then having to drag her uncle to the clinic, she figured she was about done for the week. She stopped off at her room long enough to clean up, threw her still-damp hair back and headed upstairs to knock on John's door. Just because.

[For the room's occupant!]
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The last couple of days had left Jaina with a lot to think about, which of course meant she didn't want to. Instead, she'd spent her time after leaving her grandfather's office in the flight simulator, going over a couple of the newer sim programs she'd gotten a hold of and focusing on that for a while.

And then when she'd been in there long enough, she'd gotten it into her head to call Colonel Darklighter when she got back to her room. It wasn't that she was trying to run away or anything like that, but it was in the back of her head that she'd been cleared for reentrance into the Rogues for a month now, and it had been longer than that back home. She had things that were causing her issues, and this was one she could do something about just by sort of poking her CO, and that would make her feel better in general.

Except that she ended up having to leave a message, and there went that. Jaina kind of figured she might want to just write this week off.

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When Jaina got back to her room, she found a few packages outside her door. She hadn't expected anything, considering she still had zero idea what the holiday was even about, but she appreciated it. And upon going inside and opening them, she realized that this was another one of those things she could never tell her aunt about Luke.

The common room and the former six or seven feet of hair that she'd spent a really large portion of her Christmas Eve chopping into a reasonable length above her shoulders had kept her busy for a while, but she wasn't doing well giving herself any time to think. There were things she was very specifically trying to avoid thinking about, thanks. Alone time wasn't conducive to avoidance.

how avoiding stuff totally equals doing potentially stupid things )

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