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Jaina had had a while now to actually start picking up on this whole empress thing, so she was glad to have a break for something more normal. Also, she was maybe a little self-conscious (this was rare) because no one from Fandom had actually seen her since everything had happened, and she remembered how different Tenel Ka had seemed after being put in a similar position. As far as Jaina was aware the only thing different about her was that she actually looked pregnant these days, but still. She wondered.

And anyway, she still went out to meet Tahiri when she heard she was here, since she figured no one should have to show up and get greeted by a team of Imperials.

[For Tahiri yay!]
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Jaina had an office now, which was probably a good thing when she was still cranky about yesterday and wasn't much fun to be around. Besides, being stuck out here in a mostly strange place where she cranky didn't know enough about how everything worked meant that she had a lot to research, especially if she was going to be in charge of it. It was interesting, too, even beyond seeing how they told history as opposed how she had always learned it.

She shouldn't have had the news on in the background, though, because as soon as she heard her name mentioned she got irritated all over again. She didn't like being cooped up till the bodyguard thing was settled, she still hated the bodyguard thing anyway, she wasn't happy that There's had to be a conversation about whether or not it was safer to announce the pregnancy sooner rather than later because she didn't want to have to make a public announcement.

So when everything these days felt out of control for her, Jaina decided to do the one thing she did have control over, by picking up her phone and sending a text.

1. I'm gonna be a mom
2. I'm an empress now
3. How are you?

Eh, they'd only really been waiting to tell their families first anyway.

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Apparently, when your best friend (who you'd had a crush on as a kid, and who'd had a thing for you for an embarrassingly long time, and who you'd maybe made out with once when you were sharing a brain which did not count and was not your fault) was getting married and you felt weird about it, you got into a fight with your new husband about it.

So yeah, Jaina was having a great trip so far.

It wasn't the Zekk stuff that was actually bothering her, though. Yeah, she'd literally, physically known how he had felt about her and knowing that that wasn't true anymore was weird, but she'd gotten over that a while ago. It was more that coupled with being on Hapes early to visit with Allana, she was seeing people arrive and that meant they'd managed to get herself, Zekk, Tenel Ka and Lowie alone in a room together... and there was no Jacen. It was bothering her, and she didn't know how to articulate why, or if she even wanted to. Even though she'd have to to settle the fight. Feelings were dumb, basically.

With some time to herself, she tried to do some meditating in her and Jag's room. It was not going well, and a distraction would be welcome.

[Open for calls and texts and such! I have no work to do and it's freaking me out.]
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Jaina hadn't actually had to live with someone longterm since the days of the Killiks (and that had been a lot of someones), so the last couple months had been a major adjustment for her. This wasn't because Jag had a lot of bad habits or anything. In fact, while wondering why he couldn't not clean up after himself or leave towels on the floor like a normal person, she'd begun to realize that she was the one in this relationship with all the bad habits, and to add insult to injury, he didn't even get mad about it, which sort of annoyed her.

Welcome to married life in the Fel household.

But overall, it was going really well, and when Jag had been asked to come back to the Empire to help out with some situation or another since he sort of had experience with crises there, Jaina found herself super bored without him there. She hadn't been sent out on any missions yet since she'd been promoted to Master, her parents were off who knows where again since Allana was back to being a princess on Hapes for now... So she grabbed her phone for a mass text.

Entertain me.

There, now she could bored-tidy up the apartment while seeing if anyone texted her back.

[If you think you got it, you did. Open for return texts or calls or whatever omg I have working internet.]
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Since Abeloth had been defeated, Jaina had been just slightly busy. Luke still wasn't recovered from whatever happened to him beyond shadows, so she'd been spending a lot of time at the medical center. Then there was helping to take out the rest of the Sith that had been on Coruscant. And getting used to her new duties as a Master. And dealing with the fallout of the Sith knowing who Allana was, which meant that she'd be going home to her actual mother soon. And packing up her quarters at the Temple to move into her own place with her former Head of State fiance. And finally, finally getting to plan her kriffing wedding.

And so when she actually had some time to herself, she sent along a message to people: It's finally happening. The wedding's Saturday, June 20, out here. Fancy invitations with details to follow, this is just the probably tacky save the date. :)

Then she went back to packing things up, and wondering how weird it'd be if she showed up to the new place with a box full of boxes of dirt.

[I have no idea how to do GFFA invites, so this is it. Anyone who wants to show is invited, this message went out to anyone who wants to have gotten it. Open for replies!]
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Next on the list of Things Jaina Never Thought She'd Actually Do: shopping for a wedding dress. It was probably early, considering there was no idea of a date yet, but she'd rather get this over with in case it came down to everything happening kind of fast. Plus, when the Jedi were currently being kind of terrible with their suggestions that she rethink her priorities and that maybe she couldn't be a Jedi and marry the Imperial Head of State, then kriff them, she was getting her karking wedding dress. It sucked that her mother wasn't even talking to her to be here, too, but at least Jaina did have actual support with her.

"It's going to be so weird to wear one of these when it's not just the island being insane," Jaina said as they stepped inside. There was a freakish amount of white in here, seriously. "Or when I'm not marrying a guy for his contributions to the Skywalker diamond mine."

[Seriously people are the worst to Jaina in this series. NFI, and for her shopping partners!\
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Normally Jaina would be a lot more upset about this whole "restricted to the Temple for two weeks"/menial labor grounding situation. Especially since Darkmeld getting busted up meant that she had a lot more free time on her hands.

Buuuut she'd just gotten engaged and that was making it really hard to be too upset about anything just yet. Props to Jag on that timing.

The really weird thing was that she really kind of excited about the whole thing. She'd always figured she'd be the kind of person who let Leia handle everything and Jaina would just show up when she was told to. Instead, free time that wasn't spent training was spent actually doing some research because she frankly didn't know how to wedding.

And while she wanted to tell at least certain people in person, there were a couple exiled family members who couldn't exactly visit, and Jaina wasn't getting to Fandom or anywhere else anytime soon, and she maybe couldn't wait? Which was why in a moment of the aforementioned free time she took a picture of the freaking giant engagement ring on her left hand and sent it out in a text with a Guess what?

Now back to browsing sites on her phone.

[If you think you got a text, you did! Will probably be slow, but open!]
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Though Jaina wouldn't admit it aloud (probably), she kind of liked being called into Council meetings. Before she'd have been brought in to be given an assignment, usually, or to get yelled at, but it seemed like since she'd come back here they'd taken to actually utilizing the Sword of the Jedi more. She had no idea whether it had anything to do with the fact that her parents got invited to these a lot, too, but she wasn't sure that mattered. She just liked having more of a hand in doing things.

She didn't like having the table in her quarters covered with datapads and flimsis as she tried to do research, though, and she was regretting now that she hadn't just taken over a section of the library. At least then she'd have some sort of distraction for when her eyes just refused to look at anything anymore.

[Open for calls, texts, emails, carrier pigeons, telegraphs, etc. etc. etc.]
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Jaina wasn't going to the funeral, which she had mixed feelings about. She wanted to be there, for Luke and Ben and her parents, but the same little part of her that had tried to skip out on her own brother's funeral just wanted to get away. That wasn't why she was missing it, though. After killing Lumiya and learning afterwards that there was no way that she could have killed Mara, Luke gave the task force new orders to find Alema, because she had to have done it.

Alema had to be found, yes. She was a threat, a Dark Jedi, and crazy as all get out. But the trail didn't make sense, and while Jaina couldn't voice or even admit to herself what she feared... she knew deep down that Alema was no real match for Mara.

Between that and the thought that she had to buckle down and be (even more) serious about what they were headed into, she'd had a little Talk with Jag and Zekk when she told them what happened. She would like to say that she handled it like a mature adult, but in reality she'd snapped something like "I'm not sleeping with anyone and that's final." Then they'd sat down and decided as a slightly uncomfortable team what their game plan was, which meant leaving immediately.

She had a few hours on Coruscant now. She'd made time to find Ben already, before calling the one in Fandom. It wasn't long enough, but she'd really felt the need to reassure him that it'd be all right, and that he'd be all right, because she knew he would, and he knew she knew. And then she had just enough time to regroup and pack up for another trip that would take an undetermined amount of time and head on out.

She was starting to feel like a pro at that.

[Open, as this is the last chance to talk to her for a bit. Not that she knows this yet.]
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It had taken more convincing than Jaina would have liked, but when she got some time, she was able to take Ben on a little trip, like she'd told that other Ben she would. It was mainly for her to check in with him and make sure things were going all right and there weren't any red flags, but there'd been a very large red flag right from the start: she had no idea why she had to convince Jacen to let Ben go instead of his parents.

The trip itself had been... fine? Jaina got the distinct impression that Ben would rather not go at all, but he'd been okay. And if she was being honest with herself, she and Ben didn't seem to connect the same way that they used to. She hadn't worked out training him, but she'd always looked out for him and he'd always been really glad to see her, and now he just... wasn't. He just thought he had more important things to do, because he was twelve and that's how twelve-year-olds (especially ones paired to train with self-important jerks) started to think. Then Jaina had gotten him to help her out in tinkering with the ship they'd been traveling on and things had been just fine, because he was twelve and some things don't change.

She'd gone back to her quarters to check her messages, unpacking while she listened. And when she got to the one from her grandfather, she immediately began piling the things she'd just taken out of her bag back in.

[Mostly establishy but if you feel like pinging in, I am not gonna stop you.]
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Ordinarily, Jaina didn't bother celebrating her birthday. Hadn't in years. But when it turned out that everything on Mon Calamari had gotten settled and done with the day before it, Zekk had talked her into staying to have one day off. Always feeling guilty for taking time to visit Fandom, she'd argued at first, but when it came down to it, she was okay remembering this one. Because while it was impressive enough that she'd made it to thirty... if her math was right, this was her last year before things went to hell. Might as well enjoy it for a day.

It turned out to be a good thing, because it'd been a long time since Jaina had been anywhere in her galaxy just to visit. By the end of the day, when she'd returned to her room in the apartment she and Zekk had been given to use here, she was even in one of those rare good moods. Mostly because she wasn't letting herself think about that whole 'last possible good year' thing and was just going to busy herself with packing to leave tomorrow.

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It seemed sort of pointless, coming back to Coruscant when she knew she'd be here all of a day before going off to the next thing, but Jaina told herself that she'd still be sleeping in her own bed and that made it okay. Between Fandom and work and Christmas, she'd hardly seen her own bed lately. The last time she'd been here it'd barely been long enough to finally do things like put pictures and holos up, because for all her issues, that whole Nothing thing had had a bigger effect on her than she wanted to admit.

When she got to her quarters, she dropped her bag, closed the door, and took a seat at the table to check her messages. And when she saw the date on her phone, she sent a quick Happy New Year! mass text, figuring that as long as it was on the right day, it didn't really matter if it wasn't midnight.

[If you think you got the text, you did. Open for calls, texts or emails, with warning for occasional bouts of SP interspersed with "omg keep me entertained."]
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Between the messages she'd gotten and what she'd seen on the board, Jaina would call herself anything but happy, but she didn't feel as if her brain was just stopped today. With yesterday's Portalocity email, she had to refocus, and there were some things she needed to do.

The first thing she did was call her Luke, to make sure he knew exactly what was going on. She didn't tell him about any of the disappeared that he might know. That wasn't going to do anyone any good. The second thing she did was record a message for Jacen.

which would be here )

She ended the transmission and sent it, telling herself that as soon as this was over and everything was fixed she'd be able to threaten someone but good in order to get back home. It made her feel mildly better.

[Mostly establishy, as I'm leaving in like half an hour. But if you're up for SP, go ahead and knock.]
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Her time in Fandom had pretty much done exactly what Jaina had needed it to do: she'd had time to heal up, and while she still felt off, getting back some degree of normalcy had helped a lot. Maybe this was what happened when you coped like a normal person? When she arrived at the Temple, she went straight to the Masters, ready to explain what she'd been doing in Panem and why, and take whatever lumps she had to. She knew she could do so calmly, without coming off like she'd been traumatized or completely angry.

Of course, that was shot to hell the second Corran mentioned that she'd been gone for almost a month, when she should have only been gone two weeks. It made things a little more difficult, trying to talk about how running off was the right thing to do when you were trying so hard not to think about what it had meant the last time time had sped up for her.

Jaina didn't get an answer today, but she knew there'd be some sort of punishment, even if it was getting stuck in the kitchen for the next month. At the moment, that was a secondary concern. When she was free to leave she'd immediately gone to her quarters and got her phone, sending a quick text to multiple contacts reading: Time kriffing sped up again. How are you? and then waited for the messages to bounce back at her. If they did, she'd know she'd been cut off from Fandom again for who knew how long.

Everything went through just fine.

With a sigh of relief, Jaina decided she'd stick to her room for a while, unpacking, doing some quick math to figure this out, and waiting to see if anyone responded. She'd be cursing to herself in the meanwhile.

[Open for calls, texts or emails! If you want to have gotten the message and know about the time speed, you totally got it.]
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Yesterday had been Jaina's 28th birthday, and she was largely unreachable for it. For the first time since she'd left for her year in Fandom, the entire Solo family- what was left of it, anyway- was on the same planet at the same time. Naturally this meant her parents thought it would be a good idea for them to all spend time together, because Jacen and Jaina had both absolutely failed at letting them know that they weren't exactly on speaking terms at the moment.

Despite their current issues, there were some things that the twins were still of one mind about, such as the fact that this was the exact wrong time to tell their parents that they weren't exactly on speaking terms. So they got through it, careful not to set themselves up for any actual conversation with each other, more because it might tip Han and Leia off than because they couldn't play nice for one night, and making sure to clamp down on any irritation that might be felt. Okay fine, that was Jaina's issue, not Jacen's. All in all, it ended up being a pretty good time without any drama or arguments.

But today was quiet with not much on Jaina's schedule, and too much free time was making her too thoughtful. And kind of depressed. She and Jacen had automatically conspired to get away with something without their parents knowing just like they had when they were kids, but the state of the relationship was bad and she had no idea how to fix it anymore. The part of her that could win a championship in holding grudges almost didn't want to. Then when you added in all the thoughts she suddenly had about her last conversation with Ben, wondering if it was already too late for Jacen, wondering if she should keep trying, wondering if she should stay away in order to shield them both from further emotional hurt from a future that might be inevitable...

She might just abandon her quarters for the day and spend all her time in the training room. That wasn't an excessive way to spend a day, right?

[SP is in effect but not posting her for her birthday after four years was gonna bother me more than I wanna admit. Open for calls, texts, emails, FedEx, carrier pigeon, pony express, telegraph, smoke signals, and entire conversations in semaphore.]
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Just as she'd thought, a day after Jaina and Zekk had both gotten to Coruscant, they'd been sent out on their first mission back together. Considering she'd blown up at him for running a day late through no fault of his own when she'd been here waiting to do something, that kind of quick turnaround was not the worst idea. Resuming life as usual had chilled Jaina out a bit, too, at least in that regard. It was good to put her brain to work and get back into the action and know for sure that she was in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

Not that she didn't end up missing people when things got quiet. Like now.

Currently she was aboard a passenger transport headed to Mordagon, on the tail of one of the members of a particularly hard-to-find crime ring that was springing up more and more often. Rather than come in being all obvious in X-wings, they'd stowed them on the civilian ship and decided to play this as low-key as possible. She and Zekk had separate rooms, since while they hadn't been Joiners in nearly a year, their bond to each other was still just strong enough to make sharing a room uncomfortable. It was something they might have to get used to, but not yet. Besides, Jaina hadn't apologized for that blowup on Coruscant yet.

That was also the reason she wasn't going to bother him now they they had some downtime till they arrived at their destination: she was just being stubborn. So when she'd gone through all the information she had, and plotted out a plan as well as she could, she got out her phone and checked the time in Fandom. After a moment of wondering if it was maybe too early to be doing this yet, she dialed a number anyway and waited to see if she got voicemail or not.

[Apparently when I'm crabby and headachey, this is the right character to post. If you think you got a call, you did.]
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When Jaina first arrived four/eleven years ago, she hadn't thought she'd be here this long. At times she'd practically been running for the nearest portal that would take her anywhere but here. So the fact that she was even a little bit upset about leaving Fandom now was kind of a shock to her. She never once thought she'd be leaving here feeling even the slightest bit centered, or thinking that maybe dating shouldn't be off-limits forever (she knew she still wouldn't have time for it but that was not the point), or feeling like she could handle the next few years even knowing what might happen.

She wasn't actually leaving until first thing Friday morning, but she didn't want to be upset when she left. She just wanted to get up and go before she had a chance to think about it. So she sent out an email to let people know today was the last day she'd be around and give them her contact info in case she didn't get to see them, and set about to doing all the last-minute tasks she had to get out of the way. Things like making sure her X-wing and Sneaker were both in working order, cleaning, packing up another box to send off for home because she had too much stuff to take along to fit in said X-wing, wondering how the kriff that had even happened, things like that. In related news, moving was annoying.

A lot of things had changed during Jaina's collective time in Fandom, but one thing definitely didn't: keeping distracted so she didn't have to think was always going to be her default coping mechanism.

[Jaina's last post in Fandom. If you think you got/want to have gotten an email, you did. Totally open with SP during work. *CLINGS*]
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It had been, overall, an emotionally exhausting end to the week. Unexpectedly, though, after talking to some people and getting some overall normalcy going while she visited with her little brother... It made things more okay. If she'd talked at all casually about Anakin's death, she had to be making progress, she figured.

There were still a lot of people she wanted to see, though, and she had to keep reminding herself that she couldn't just stroll onto campus and see them uninvited anymore. At the same time, she was trying to give space and not be crowding anyone just because she was doing okay, which meant she was doing her best to shut down the urge to go out and hunt her friends and family down. At the moment, she was accomplishing this by sitting quietly in her chair, fiddling idly with her comlink, and debating whether she should give her parents warning for what she was bringing home to them this weekend.

[Expecting one, but she won't turn down visitors.]
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The decision to move out of the dorms hadn't been a hard one at all. In fact, there were a surprising lot of reasons to get her own place rather than stay here. Jaina knew she'd probably have a lot of explaining to do when people were probably expecting her to leave altogether instead, but she still wasn't going to be here forever, and it wasn't like she was neglecting duties back home in order to do this, so she was confident enough in her decision. That was the important thing.

At the moment, Jaina was going through her room, packing up the very last of the things left there. There wasn't a ton, since a lot of what she'd felt like keeping had been sent off weeks ago, but she was also answering and returning messages in between doing things. Besides, for as much as packing wasn't a big deal, taking the pictures down from the wall felt a little weird, having gotten used to them being there. She was happy to be taking her time.

[Actually have some time to play today! Door and post open, with some SP later.]
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Jaina hated not being a student. Hated it. She had no classes, nothing to really do until work on Saturday, and she was going stir crazy. There had already been several calls home demanding to put on some assignment somewhere, but that hadn't gone anywhere yet. Which was frustrating, to say the least.

Finally annoyed enough to go down to the gym for a second training session today, she dressed in loose workout clothes and pulled her hair back and started to the door-

And couldn't get any further.

The door was open, she could see into the hall, it was just that trying to pass through the doorway had about as much effect as walking through the wall itself. After a few tries to get through, Jaina finally sighed and stepped back, wondering what to do now. Seriously, could you call the janitor for this kind of problem?

[Know what, I'm pissed. Therefore Jaina is grounded until I decide she's not. People can come in and leave at will, people can send calls and texts, but Jaina is stuck in her room. There. And post is open, yes.]
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Jaina hadn't actually had a bad weekend. Prom had been more fun than she'd thought it would be, and she loved every opportunity to see her kids. There were some kind of heavy issues to go with that, though; she'd come to accept that she'd passed up her chance at the life that she got a chance to look into every year, and in fact this might have been the last time she'd ever see them. And then when you added in the fact that John had been called in to work halfway through and she was really beginning to resent his job in a way that made her want to apologize for all the time he'd put up with hers, and the fact that Anakin had had a kid here...

When it was all said and done, there were too many serious thoughts going around in her head for her to handle. None of them were bad, really. Just sad, and she didn't do well with sad.

It hadn't been anything specific that really set her off. It was just that one second she was reading her datapad, and the next she had thoughts in her head again, and just like that she decided that she'd wanted to go home for a visit anyway, and now she just wanted to go right now. There was a quick call to let her parents know she was coming and to find out where they were exactly, and then a voicemail, and then she set to packing.

[Door half-open, post definitely is, with SP warning during the workday.]
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There was a system to how Jaina got back from trips home. First thing she did after getting in the door was to drop her bag and find the little clock on her desk that told her what day it was. For two weeks at home, she'd only missed two days here, which wouldn't be a bad thing if she wasn't counting down to graduation. Normally then she'd start unpacking, but today she was bucking tradition and checking her phone again. Still no message from John. She expected to be hearing from him any day now, but talking to Ronon had told her that maybe it'd take a little bit longer than the ETA she'd been given to begin with.

Leaving her bag where it was for now, Jaina instead went to lay down for a minute. She was healing up after her concussion and felt fine, but unpacking, meh.

[Omg my computer works and I can plaaaaay! Come visit! Door and post open.]
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Sometimes all you really needed was a day to react to something completely irrationally. (Though to be completely fair, say Chuck Bass had a date with your sixteen-year-old mother. Are you going to take that well? Exactly.) After going out last night and threatening/actually kind of talking to Chuck, Jaina wasn't good with this, but she might actually be able to handle it like an adult.

...After the raging hangover ended. It had to say something that she'd woken up with far more of these in the last few months than she had in two and a half years of being here, but at least she didn't have class today and didn't need to start training or working until she was good and ready. Wait, was that her comlink going off? Of course it was.

Groaning and pulling herself out of bed despite the fact that her entire body starting with her head seemed to be protesting any sort of movement, she found her comlink and prepared herself to have to feign sober and healthy to manage talking about work. She thought this might be what it felt like to actually act twenty-one, and decided maybe she'd just start acting like she was twenty-two.

[Establishy, though if you want to add to her headache post-call, I can deal with SP if you can.]
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In short, the time issue just got the better of them. Once Jaina got that voicemail from John last week, she knew things weren't going to work out. Not as long as he was still on fast forward. And really, she was new at this, but it had to be one of the weirdest breakups ever. Maybe it would have been easier if they'd yelled and ruined things forever, but they still loved each other, and it was obvious, and it was already making letting go that much harder. Odd, considering how much time she typically spent pushing people away. Odder was the fact that she didn't want everyone finding out, at least not now. It wasn't exactly something she wanted everyone hearing about on radio.

cut, because i'm kind at 5 am. but only at 5 am. )

[Door closed, post is open if you're good with the usual SP. Watch totally not randomly stolen without permission.]
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There was something kind of comforting about making plans for a trip home (especially after that gremlin bite which was not to be mentioned), even if it now meant pulling out calendars and trying to work out timing. Even when she knew that she could very well end up staying longer at home than she meant to, since every time she seemed to get into some sort of trouble that kept her there and getting captured or nearly killed. Bring it on. It was a very wrong kind of normal, but it was a normal she needed sometimes.

Once she'd gotten things settled, she made a couple calls to let people know, and started playing with her phone to see if there was any way to schedule herself in there too. There had to be an app for this big a scale...

[Door and post are open!]
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It was really very, very weird that Jaina was doing as well as she was these days. For having a long-distance relationship she'd been so worried about at the beginning, it was actually going really well. And the time there allowed her time to relax without work being able to catch up to her. She'd even sort of had a vacation. Yes. In some reality Earth probably just spun off its axis into the sun and it was all Jaina's fault.

Which meant when she actually had a flood of messages and work to catch up on, it elt a little more normal. Or a lot more normal, and she'd been busy today, which was why she missed the call.

And immediately Jaina was getting to her feet to check on the fish John had left to her when he'd gone... and there it was, floating at the top of the water. She'd been pretty good about making sure it was fed and all so far, but between all the up and back and time lag she must have just forgotten. Cursing, she picked up a pen, pointing the non-writing end at the ex-fish, just in case it was enough to spur it into moving again, but no luck. There were better reasons to have to call.

At least it had taken her a month?

[I HAD TO. Post can totes be open. Door too.]
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It was part time lag, part restlessness that had Jaina up already and raring to go. She still didn't know what had happened last week, though she'd figured out that something had, and apparently she'd developed an instinct to check up on Ben and Tahiri or something, to make sure they were okay. She knew where Tahiri was, Ben not so much, and she was actually fairly annoyed with herself for starting to worry there.

She set out early for the gym, figuring she'd get in some time before classes, but once she opened the door she found herself slightly distracted by the flowers set outside. Suddenly last night's conversation made more sense. She picked them up to set them on her desk, placing a quick call. Two years in and she was actually feeling more invested. That just wasn't right.


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