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Jaina had found out about Tahiri's arrest on the news. Apparently she'd been arrested for the murder of Gilad Pellaeon two years earlier while she'd been Sith, and just like Luke, Daala was pushing for Jedi to be punished no matter what the circumstances. But unlike Luke, Tahiri was admittedly guilty of this, and she wasn't even a Jedi these days.

Realistically, Jaina doubted she had helped this situation much. The Jedi weren't falling in line, what with their secret teams essentially dedicated to keeping what Daala wanted out of her hands and protecting the sick Jedi- and Jaina was heavily involved in these things- so Daala was making an example of Tahiri. Today was spent trying to make up for that as she could, making sure any evidence of Tahiri's involvement in Darkmeld was gone, appealing to Kenth Hamner who both wouldn't and couldn't help, or ranting to her parents and Jag in case there was anything they could do. So far things weren't looking good, though at least she was going to get a good lawyer.

With all that done, there wasn't much to do right now except check what people were saying in the media about all of this. Which meant that when she'd finally had enough, Jaina was likely to try and find something to punch.

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Normally Jaina would be a lot more upset about this whole "restricted to the Temple for two weeks"/menial labor grounding situation. Especially since Darkmeld getting busted up meant that she had a lot more free time on her hands.

Buuuut she'd just gotten engaged and that was making it really hard to be too upset about anything just yet. Props to Jag on that timing.

The really weird thing was that she really kind of excited about the whole thing. She'd always figured she'd be the kind of person who let Leia handle everything and Jaina would just show up when she was told to. Instead, free time that wasn't spent training was spent actually doing some research because she frankly didn't know how to wedding.

And while she wanted to tell at least certain people in person, there were a couple exiled family members who couldn't exactly visit, and Jaina wasn't getting to Fandom or anywhere else anytime soon, and she maybe couldn't wait? Which was why in a moment of the aforementioned free time she took a picture of the freaking giant engagement ring on her left hand and sent it out in a text with a Guess what?

Now back to browsing sites on her phone.

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The stress of trying to meet with people and plan completely illegal activities while she was being followed around by an adult clone of her dead little brother meant that sometimes Jaina just stayed in her quarters where he had no reason to bother her. Unless the kriffing randomizer went off again. She didn't have any meetings planned and she didn't sense that anything bad was going on for once, so today was one of those days.

Of course, rather than having anything like a lazy day, Jaina was trying to gather information on the Armand Isard Correctional Facility so she had something to share when she snuck out to meet people later to put together a plan. She was so focused on that until she came up for air, she didn't even realize she had a voicemail. Which she then listened to.

"...Because of course."

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Jaina never would have thought she'd be hearing her doorchimes in the middle of the night again, and by the time she'd pulled a robe on to go open the door, she was pretty much ready to hit whoever was on the other side of it. Of course, she knew who was on the other side...

"Randomizer again," Dab said with an apologetic smile, holding up the device.

Jaina held out her hand. "Give it to me, I'm going to break that kriffing thing."

The smile disappeared, and he quickly pocketed the randomizer like he fully expected her to try and take it from him. "I can't do that, Jedi Solo. We'd both be in trouble, and-"

"Then you should go, before I break you instead," Jaina replied.

Dab swallowed. "Have a good night," he said, and hurried down the hall as Jaina closed the door behind him.

She leaned against the door for a moment, willing herself to leave the frustration here, and then returned to her bedroom after being interrupted by the adult doppleganger of her dead brother, pausing at the door. "Yeah, I'm not going to be able to do this," she realized.

From the bed, Jag sighed. "Remind me to thank him later. Possibly with a fist to the face."

"So, so done," she agreed.

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It was almost sunset when Jaina got back to her quarters, and the very first thing she did when she got there was walk over to her bed and flop on it.

While Luke was getting arrested, the Corran's son Valin had freaked out in some kind of episode. He pulled a lightsaber on his mother Mirax and fought his father, and while they'd subdued him and brought him to the Temple for observation, he'd escaped in the middle of the night. That led to the Jedi racing around the city on speeders trying to get to him before Daala's bounty hunters had, and now he was in a facility being tested. After the initial craziness, Jaina had left to see Jag, only to find out that the last day had nicely turned public opinion against the Jedi, and they weren't shy about showing it even in the company of the Imperial Head of State and his security team. That wasn't a good sign.

She hadn't gotten enough sleep, her night had involved getting covered with a shock net, she had a bad feeling about all of this, and she'd easily have spent the rest of her day cuddling with Jag if she didn't want to be around the other Jedi in case another crisis started up.

She missed when things felt boring, she really did. .

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Jaina was glad to have gotten a room to train on her own without anyone looking in on her. This was more the "I need to work out frustrations by hitting things" kind of training rather than actually needing to get better at anything.

Things had taken on sort of a weird tone here, with plenty of rumors that Daala was planning to have Luke arrested any day now. To her, it was Luke's fault that Jacen fell to the dark side and people died and there was another war and planets got burned. And while as his teacher, Luke maybe had some culpability, who didn't, really? Vergere had trained Jacen, too, and she'd been seriously suspect. The Yuuzhan Vong had tortured him for months. Lumiya had worked with him, Mara unknowingly enabled him, Han and Leia had raised him, Jaina had known since they were teenagers how things might end for him... If you wanted, you could say just about everyone had some responsibility there, and it didn't change the fact that Jacen had been a grown man who made his own stupid, wrong decision.

Besides, nearly two years later, Jaina still felt more responsible than anybody. It was something she tried not to think about, because that way led months of depression, but it was true.

And thanks to what little she knew of what had happened in Ben's time, she knew this was leading up to something bad. Again. She wasn't exactly sure what, and given how things went last time, she genuinely didn't know if she preferred that or not. It was leading to a near-constant low-grade bad feeling about this, and so yes, today was being spent hitting things until she felt at least a little better. Theoretically.

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