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There were two gremlins closed off in Jaina's bathroom. She wasn't scared of them, but she was extremely wary of what they did to Skywalkers. As evidenced by her time as Celine Dion. And the Care Bear. And a mime. And a Pussycat Doll. And a drunken socialite. And Oprah.

Look, the point was that she wasn't messing around with any gremlins. She barely knew anyone around here these days and it'd be far more embarrassing to act like an idiot with them possibly thinking she was already like that. So she'd managed to herd them in there, slammed the door, and put a chair up against it because she didn't actually know if they were capable of opening them.

But that course of action also posed a problem after a while, and at some point she was going to have to figure out what to do if they didn't just escape through a vent.

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When Jaina first arrived four/eleven years ago, she hadn't thought she'd be here this long. At times she'd practically been running for the nearest portal that would take her anywhere but here. So the fact that she was even a little bit upset about leaving Fandom now was kind of a shock to her. She never once thought she'd be leaving here feeling even the slightest bit centered, or thinking that maybe dating shouldn't be off-limits forever (she knew she still wouldn't have time for it but that was not the point), or feeling like she could handle the next few years even knowing what might happen.

She wasn't actually leaving until first thing Friday morning, but she didn't want to be upset when she left. She just wanted to get up and go before she had a chance to think about it. So she sent out an email to let people know today was the last day she'd be around and give them her contact info in case she didn't get to see them, and set about to doing all the last-minute tasks she had to get out of the way. Things like making sure her X-wing and Sneaker were both in working order, cleaning, packing up another box to send off for home because she had too much stuff to take along to fit in said X-wing, wondering how the kriff that had even happened, things like that. In related news, moving was annoying.

A lot of things had changed during Jaina's collective time in Fandom, but one thing definitely didn't: keeping distracted so she didn't have to think was always going to be her default coping mechanism.

[Jaina's last post in Fandom. If you think you got/want to have gotten an email, you did. Totally open with SP during work. *CLINGS*]
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For once Jaina woke up late on purpose. She kind of figured that if you planned to go anywhere with a vampire and then started falling asleep at 23:00, it was probably pretty rude, so temporarily adjusting her schedule wasn't a big deal. Still, her day was going to be thrown off just a little by that, which was only made worse when she went to put up coffee, saw there were jelly beans coming from the faucet and realized it was going to be one of those days.

Then she realized what that meant and before even letting herself get too mad about it, she went into the bathroom, turned on the shower.... and sure enough, more jelly beans. "You had to pick today?" Jaina snapped at the shower head, like this was its fault. At least she'd discovered this before heading out to train. Oh, right, training now night be a bad idea. Great. That was just great.

It was hard to say whether the annoyance would have been abated or not by the stray marshmallow peeps that had rained onto her balcony. Probably best not to risk it.

[Mostly establishy as for some ungodly reason I'm still up at 3 am, but can be open if you'll wait for me to take up.]
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Jaina had actually gone to bed at a relatively normal time, like a relatively normal person. It was her comlink going off at some not-so-normal time that woke her, and she hadn't been back in Fandom so long that picking it up even while half-asleep wasn't an automatic response. Of course it ended up being work-related, too, which meant turning on the lights and having to have a real conversation that meant she was fully awake by the end of it.

After a while of failing to get back to sleep, she finally got up and went to the kitchen for some water, and that was when she noticed it was raining outside. Well, maybe. It didn't exactly sound like rain, so she went to the window and looked outside... and saw that it was raining upside down. Well, that was new. She was just going to be really glad this happened at night and not while anyone was outside. Mwahaha.

[Establishy. What, I got bored!]
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After her shift at Caritas was over, Jaina headed back to her apartment, figuring anything that needed to be stomped on would still need to be stomped on after at least a couple hours of sleep. But when she got to her floor- the third floor, by the way- she saw a random turtle shell ricocheting back and forth across the hall and hitting the walls with what had to be one of the most instantly annoying sounds ever. And of course it was in Jaina's way to her apartment.

With a sigh, she got as close to the thing as she dared, then jumped over it so that she could actually get to her door. She wasn't sure how to stop the thing without grabbing onto it or using telekinesis she wasn't sure would work, and if she was here, she was not going to end up back at the dorms again and have to come all the way back here.

She regretted this after a quick search through her apartment to make sure nothing had made its way in here. She could still hear the banging on the walls outside her door, and that was going to get annoying really fast. If only sleeping on her balcony wouldn't chance her waking up to a spiny turtle getting dropped on her.

[SORRY SQUIRRELS but you must deal with me entertaing myself here. Can be open if you have a reason to come by and if you can get around a turtle shell. God damn I hate those shells.]
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The first thing Jaina noticed when she woke up was that she was alone, which wasn't exactly abnormal. It just meant that she began an immediate, automatic check of what she knew of Jag's schedule for that day that always ended with her deciding it was too early for her to be expected to remember that. What she found abnormal was when she reached out with the Force to check in on the boys and make sure they were at home and unkidnapped and not causing any interplanetary incidents and didn't find them there.

She'd opened her eyes and sat up in bed, letting the haze of sleep drift away before remembering that she was in Fandom, and that she was supposed to be alone. Jag had had a conference to go to in Alliance space, and so Han and Leia took the kids in order to give Jaina a break to go to the reunion. Incidentally, the only time Han and Leia got their grandsons for a few days at a time was when Jag wasn't involved in the decision; as much as he liked his in-laws, leaving two young princes alone with people whose own children had been kidnapped or involved in interplanetary incidents on several occasions made him uneasy, and after hearing that story about how eight-year-old Allana had committed arson while left alone for a few days, he'd put his foot down.

Feeling more at ease without that worry, she realized she had to question her surroundings. It looked familiar, but as there was hardly anything in the way of decoration, it took a second to realize why it looked familiar. Give her a break, she'd moved out twenty years ago. This led to Jaina getting up and exploring what used to be her apartment for a while, finding that everything was more or less where she remembered it.

"Oh, Fandom, you never get less weird," she sighed as she headed to put on some coffee. She really, really needed it.
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Jaina could have told you a week ago that today would have been rough, but she'd grossly misjudged the reasons. The apartment felt too empty without Chak, but she also didn't want to be around people, so she'd gone out onto the balcony to get some air. And to contemplate her comlink for way too long.

She sort of wished she could even entertain the thought of trying to get in touch with Jag to let him know what happened this weekend, there was no way that could happen. So she'd keep it to herself, which made her a little sad, but that was her own fault. Besides, while she was being sad over that, it meant that she wasn't considering calling Jacen.

She'd purposely kept from thinking about Allana while Chak was around, but once he was gone, the possibility of having a niece out there wouldn't stop coming to mind. Jaina just didn't know what to do about it. She and Jacen weren't close anymore, and she didn't know how to broach the subject, or even if she could. It felt wrong to try and quiz Ben on it, too. Really, she hated that she was thinking about any of it. She wouldn't accomplish anything that way, and she was always best in the situations where she jumped in without a thought.

Which was when she finally did thumb on her comlink, it was to call Luke and make sure there was something for her to do when she came home this week.

[Establishy, and will be a linkdrop when I get around to it.]
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The nice thing about beautiful warm weather was that it allowed you to do things like sleep with the windows open.

The bad thing about sudden freezing temperatures and snow was that it could wake you up from a dead sleep because you'd slept with your windows open.

Which was how Jaina woke up today. Well, that and the sound of wind that she initially thought she dreamed. After a sleepy moment of trying to convince herself that if she just maybe tucked her blankets around her like a cocoon she'd be warm again, she got up to close the window... and looked out to see a blizzard outside. Grumbling to herself and thoroughly annoyed that now she had to deal with an apartment that was much colder than it should be, she figured finding warmer clothes to sleep in might be a good idea. Except for how when she turned on the light, nothing happened. She tried flipping another switch to make sure it wasn't something like a burnt-out bulb, and no, the power was just out.

"Oh, kriff you too, Fandom," she muttered in annoyance, making her way to her closet in the dark. Luckily she was still really good at that. And now she was cold and awake too early and annoyed and wondering how far the power outage went in case it affected her training today. (You have your priorities, she has hers.)

[Mostly establishy, though can be open if anyone has a reason to be there.]
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Jaina was going to head out today, until a quick look out the window had told her that there was stuff raining from the sky. And whatever it was, it looked really pretty gross. Feeling like she should probably get a closer look just in case it was something worse than "pretty gross", she opened the balcony door to step outside and... find a plate of food.

Figuring she knew how this was going now, she went back inside just long enough to get a smaller plate, and stuck her arm out to catch some of raining stuff onto it. If it was something that tasted disgusting, guess what, she didn't want it covering the food. It didn't smell bad, at least, so she took both plates back inside, saying to herself, "At least I don't have to order in today..."

[Can be open if you want.]
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For as much as Jaina was glad to see things back to normal, there were some things to deal with in the aftermath that she hadn't counted on. Like making sure her cat grandfather had actual cat food, and cleaning up a kitchen because cat food hadn't been available yesterday. After some internal debate she decided to leave laundry until tomorrow, considering he seemed to like the basket.

"Just... no more trying to get to kitchen tools, okay?" she warned, looking to make sure she knew where he was. "I'm not trying to clean again before Tuesday." And then it was time to settle on the sofa with her comlink to check messages, glorious messages she could actually get again after a week.

[Anakitty modded with persmission. Can be open, yes.]
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Jaina still wasn't feeling up to a lot when she finally got back to Fandom. She'd told everyone back home that she was feeling fine, which really meant that she could get around without constantly wincing, but things like just getting out of her StealthX hurt. Luckily she didn't have far to go from the junkyard to her apartment. Her boots were toed off at the door and her bag was tossed unceremoniously onto the counter, somewhere high that wouldn't require her to bend when she decided she was up for unpacking, and then retreated to the sofa. She'd spent far too much time in bed lately, and she was dismayed to find that the only position she could really be comfortable in now was one where she was nearly laying down. Whatever, at least here there was TV and something that would distract her away from the thoughts she didn't want in her head.

It wasn't easy, finding out that a family member you'd come to know and like in three years could be a child-killing wife-strangler, and she'd been stunned enough that she'd made a point of seeking Luke out despite any weirdness between them just to give him a hug. He'd warned her against coming back right after finding out something like this, but she'd been stubborn and insisted knowing this didn't change anything, and then on the flight back here she realized it did. She just kept thinking about it, wondering what exactly had happened to lead up to those events, feeling badly for Luke and Leia, wishing she'd been around more and been less of a defiant bitch so that she could be there for them when they found out... Worse, she knew she'd have to sit and wait on all these thoughts until she had a chance to talk to her grandfather, and she really wasn't looking forward to that.

Remembering that she'd told John she'd let him know when she got back, she decided to keep it simple with a text, and pulled the remote to her hand to find something to put on for background noise. She figured that wouldn't last long before she decided to get to her bed and just try a healing trance so she could shut off her brain.

[Open if you would like it to be.]
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Jaina wasn't meaning to be all antisocial lately, it had just sort of worked out that way. And really, considering how she'd needed to be around people almost constantly when she first got here, that was even progress. It was looking like tonight was going to be another night in, too, mostly because training ran late (again) and by the time she showered and changed, she didn't feel much like going out again.

So she'd ordered out and set to straightening up her apartment, including safely storing Rose's bag in the closet, keeping election coverage on for background noise. It was slightly interesting to see how other places did this sort of thing, sure, but mainly it was that or the stupid show where kids sang and guess which won out.

There were definitely days Jaina's life here bored the hell out of her. This was one of them.

[I got out of work slightly early. I celebrate by posting, and therefore this is open.]
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Jaina had had a full day. Class, training to make up for what she'd missed, shopping for tonight because she was woefully underprepared... And there'd been a call home. Spending two days looking like Jacen had been a wakeup call in a few ways. First and foremost, looking like someone she was mad at every time she caught her reflection had really made her start to feel guilty. She had a perfectly good reason to be mad at Jacen for the stunt he'd pulled, but she had to get over it sometime. It didn't mean she had to trust him. Besides, if she did take that incident as a sign that he was leaning the way she feared he wouldn't, then maybe he didn't need her isolating herself from him.

So she'd swallowed her considerable pride and called. It wasn't too awkward, and when she said she had to end the transmission to start cooking, his reaction had actually been something like the old Jacen's would have been. Maybe there was a way to work at this.

But for now, she had that dinner to finish. Don't think that Jaina was trying to impress John, except for how she maybe was a little, but he'd offered the challenge and so she was rising to it. Of course it wouldn't be that simple, though. As soon as she tried straining the vegetables (by putting a plate up against the edge of the pot so that the water could drain out, because someone didn't own a colander), the steam was just enough to set off the smoke alarm.

"Oh come on," Jaina yelled at it. "I didn't even do anything!"

[For the possible food poisoning victim!]
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Jaina hadn't even considered setting Zekk up in a hotel while he was in Fandom. They hadn't been able to see each other in months after a very long time of spending most of their time together, and they were happy to take advantage of it. And if sometimes they completed each other's sentences or didn't use actual words, well, neither of them really noticed already.

After deciding they were done for the night, they headed back to the apartment, where Jaina opened the door and let him in, saying, "Home sweet place I pay rent."

[While Zekk coming over is fine for broadcast, let's leave the convo NFB so the squirrels don't have to figure out what's actually being said. *leaves rum*]
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Suffice to say, Jaina's day was sucking so far. Before heading out for training, there had been an onion. And it hadn't yelled at her, exactly, but it had just started... criticizing. Reminding her that she probably was better needed at home, and she was avoiding things, that she was just trying to not deal with the Jacen situation. Despite knowing this was Fandom weirdness and she shouldn't engage, Jaina had yelled back at it for a while before it pushed one button too many. Which really just gave it reason to pick on her dark side tendencies as she chopped that sucker apart and threw out the pieces.

There'd been another when she got back from training. Having already cried once today thanks to that first onion needing to be dealt with (and she'd insist that any tears were from that, not from the issues, thank you), she really didn't need to be told that her relationship with Zekk was weird, and that she probably only wanted to keep it the way it was because she knew he was one person who wouldn't be falling out of love with her, and come to think of it, wasn't it weird that the only person she felt she could relate to anymore here was her ex?

At that point Jaina decided to cheat. She picked up the still-talking onion, walked it across the apartment, stepped out onto the balcony, and threw the kriffing thing as far as she could.

She felt better.

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It was amazing that it had taken this long for the boredom to hit this bad. Five weeks, and the most that had happened was reanimating fish, and Jaina was starting to get twitchy. She hadn't been out of action this long since she got stuck at home, and throw in some homesickness and she'd had better days.

She'd let her workout run long (which was saying something) and had even hit the flight shed, and now she was figuring it might be a night to stay in. She'd see how long that lasted. She'd even broken out the bottle of wine she'd gotten from Rose ages ago in the hopes that like a third of a glass would make her at least a little less antsy, and curled up in front of the TV trying to find something that didn't involve Tyra Banks.

She had the feeling she wasn't great at trying to be a normal person, somehow.

[Ooooopen. Keep me from falling asleep by 6 pm.]
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Jaina's workout ran late today. She'd just had extra energy to burn off, so she took some extra time to do some additional training. When she got back to her apartment, pulling the tie from her hair to let her ponytail down, she found one of those hand things on the kitchen counter, arranging the flowers she'd received yesterday.

"Hey! Would you leave those alone?" she snapped, wondering just how that thing got in here and whether she should be worried. The sad thing was, as long as it didn't attack or sing at her, she didn't even care if it was here.

Abashed, the hand held its... well, itself palm out, as if saying Okay, and Jaina shook her head, heading for the shower. She wasn't going to tell the hand that it actually did some good work there.

Which was all well and good since the second the bathroom door closed, the hand went right back to work anyway.

[Totes open.]
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Jaina had finally caved and joined the rank of normal people. There'd been a cheap television acquired, nothing fancy, since she figured she'd really only be using it to have noise. But she had a TV. She also had cable. It wasn't legal, but that wasn't the point.

And once she'd figured class out for tomorrow, and then sent off a text, she curled up on her sofa with the remote, deciding it could be worth making sure everything worked right. And it was just her luck that the first thing she came upon was one of those annoying commercials about the girls sitting around a TV discussing birth control. Why couldn't those have gone away in the last month/five years?

Jaina looked around, saying dryly to no one, "If only I had girlfriends to discuss this with."

The sad thing was, it was kind of all downhill from there. Once she found out her options were pretty much Jersey Shore or something about Real Housewives, she'd probably give up.

[What, I said I was gonna do this for forever. Post is open, and no, you don't have to talk about birth control.]
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While most people might freak out at seeing their apartment invaded by six-legged visitors, Jaina wasn't. She'd spent time with some much bigger bugs, she could rub antennae with the best of them and fine, she didn't have antennae but that wasn't the point, and in a way, having them around was a little comforting. Which was a good thing, since knowing they couldn't stay, there were too many of them to release safely outside and squashing them just wouldn't happen.

And then while she was getting ready to head out for training, it started.

Near, far, whereeeeever you aaaare...

Truth be told, Jaina felt a little betrayed.

[Establishy! Like this wasn't part of the reason I brought her back when I did, are you kidding me?]
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Jaina had had a good night that turned into a weird night that turned into a really rough morning involving a monster hangover.

Come afternoon, sleep, water, food and a few Jedi techniques had left her feeling fine except for some residual fuzzy-headedness and a slight headache, but it wasn't anything she couldn't deal with. Oh, and there was some embarrassment. She might not remember everything, exactly, but she remembered the important stuff and that was what mattered.

She was trying to ignore it in order to pack for her trip home, sticking to the essentials she'd need for a week Fandom time, and making calls to a few people to let them know she was going and that she'd be around till tonight. And she might have checked to make sure her comlink was packed about a dozen times already. Call her paranoid about leaving Anakin's messages behind.

[This is Jaina's last post in Fandom for a little while, not that she knows it yet. So, post is completely open, and if you want to be the recipient of one of Jaina's calls to come see her off, then she totally called you.
P.S. I can't help it, I just love giving her hangovers.]
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It had been, overall, an emotionally exhausting end to the week. Unexpectedly, though, after talking to some people and getting some overall normalcy going while she visited with her little brother... It made things more okay. If she'd talked at all casually about Anakin's death, she had to be making progress, she figured.

There were still a lot of people she wanted to see, though, and she had to keep reminding herself that she couldn't just stroll onto campus and see them uninvited anymore. At the same time, she was trying to give space and not be crowding anyone just because she was doing okay, which meant she was doing her best to shut down the urge to go out and hunt her friends and family down. At the moment, she was accomplishing this by sitting quietly in her chair, fiddling idly with her comlink, and debating whether she should give her parents warning for what she was bringing home to them this weekend.

[Expecting one, but she won't turn down visitors.]
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It was hard for Jaina to shut her brain off enough to get to sleep these days, which she found annoying. Often enough she wondered just how bad she'd be cheating if she just knocked herself out with a trance, and while she was never going to actually do it, it did seem really tempting some nights.

Times like this, it was a really good thing she didn't. )
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At work, Jaina officially broke things off with John, and even if she thought it was the right thing to do, it hadn't stopped her from having a seriously good cry about it last night. And a little this morning. She was doing pretty okay, though. Maybe she'd known this was coming since the picnic, and it was civil enough that she thought something could be salvaged out of it. Even if it meant she could never listen to the radio again.

Besides the eyes that were still a little puffy, Jaina appeared to be handling it well. She'd gone about her day as normal, doing some training, working, (running a Google search for Bea Arthur, thanks Deadpool), running errands, and finally calling Rose to say that there needed to be ice cream and she should come over.

And then she took a seat on the sofa, really wishing she had a TV or something just so it wouldn't seem so quiet.

[For she who gets to share in ice cream.]
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It was Jaina's birthday, but she wasn't drawing that much attention to it. Last year had been her last "big" birthday for a while, and she'd spent that one newly single and depressed, headed to the bar alone. This year she was spending it more or less newly single and confused, and she was just skipping the hangover this time. Besides, years of living here while having two birthdays a year meant she kept reminding herself that she was turning twenty-two, not twenty-three, and if she couldn't remember her own age, what was the point?

Instead, to celebrate, Jaina was trying not to burn down her apartment. It had been touch and go there for a second. She'd thought it would be easy enough to just throw something in the oven and take it out after a certain amount of time, but then she'd stopped to answer a call from home, and then there had been a smoke detector going off, followed by a smoke detector being pulled from the wall by Force to make it shut the kriff up, and ruined food, followed by a decision to maybe call for Chinese.

[Door open for air circulation! Post is open too, but for different reasons, and SP till I get off work.]
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Jaina had had better newbie picnics. Since then she'd just had to bury herself in work and focus on that, because the alternative was something along the lines of potential depression. Some things she'd said she wanted to take back and wasn't sure she could, but she was still mostly confused as to where this had come from and how things ended up the way they had and how she'd obviously missed something or other.

At the moment she was curled up on the small sofa in her apartment, reading through a report she was making no progress on. After realizing that this was just not happening until she did something else first, she grabbed her phone to make a call, and then tried to resume her work.

Tried being the operative word.

[Door closed, post open. And so y'all know, it's fine to mod that Jaina told/Emailed/called with her address. Don't want anyone wondering where she is now omg.]
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Technically, Jaina had really not lived with her parents since she was fourteen. She'd been on her own financially since she was sixteen. And yet she'd spent all that time since living in dorms or at the Academy or aboard ships or in refugee camps. The closest she'd come to real apartment living was whenever she'd visit John and stay with him long term, and even then, it wasn't hers. Yet another reason she thought this move was probably a good idea: if she ended up going home alone whenever she was done in Fandom, she'd just end up living wherever the Jedi were based then, with all the basic necessities taken care of for her again. This was a little bit of independence she might never get otherwise.

Of course, it led to some interesting times, like having to spend her morning at the Isle of IKEA trying to figure out exactly what she needed, and then having to get it all over here and into the apartment. Telekinesis helped, seriously, as did the fact that she still felt she didn't need a lot of stuff. Anything she was buying, she found necessary. At the moment, she was trying to get things set up before she moved the last of her stuff over from the dorms, probably making a little bit of noise as she tried to get the kitchen organized, and trying not to think too hard about how strange this really felt.

[Around enough to ping! Door's propped open, post is open without the propping.]

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