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Upon waking up, Jaina could tell something was different. Even rolling over in bed just didn't feel right somehow, and after this many years dealing with Fandom, she didn't think there was anything to freak out about. She just sighed, got up, went into the bathroom to look in the mirror-

And stopped.

It wasn't every day the first thing you really saw in the morning was the face of the twin brother you'd killed staring back at you in the mirror, and it was really something Jaina never, ever wanted to see again. Especially when the last time she'd seen this face had been when he was dead and she was cradling his head in her lap while her parents and Jag treated her injuries and she tried to say her goodbyes thinking she was going to die right after him. And she was realizing just how much she hadn't dealt with that because she was freaking the kriff out right now.

When she'd learned shatterpoint, no one had probably thought she'd end up using it on a mirror because she couldn't deal with what she saw in it, and yet. She'd deal with picking up the pieces later, but for the time being she went back to her bedroom to pick up her phone and send a text (because apparently this job got slightly more consideration than the Jedi did), and resigned herself to thinking if she had a breakdown over this one, she deserved it.

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It was a little strange being back home with some distance from everything that had happened. Jaina had come for her new X-wing, to visit with her family, and while she still wasn't exactly comfortable with her situation, it was nice to get back to some normal things there without all the pressure to see how she was doing and make sure she was okay.

Also among the normal things was dragging Eric along with her, because he was just fun in another galaxy. Still more normal was bringing him to a seedy little cantina where people probably wouldn't care to recognize her, because courting bar fights was sort of a thing with them. Or at least, it was a thing with Eric and Jaina was usually along for the ride.

"Just whatever happens, let's not make the news," she said, stepping inside the place.

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Due to getting twitchy in the levitating cabinet, Jaina had complained herself into a normal infirmary bed pretty quickly, though she was going to be here for a while longer for treatment until they released her. And once he found out she'd been moved, Jag earned himself massive points when he brought her phone unasked- fully charged, by the way. They may not have had a chance to talk about things yet, but the man was a keeper. He knew she needed both the distraction, and to tell people in Fandom what had happened.

"And you want me to do this why?" he asked, phone in hand.

Because she couldn't say it. She couldn't handle calling people individually and telling them what happened and reassuring them that she was all right over and over again yet. But she could have Jag send a text, which might seem really crass, but frankly everyone should be glad she wasn't curled up hysterically crying under her bed now that she had one. "Because I think seeing you texting might be hilarious?" she tried.

Jag frowned at her, but said, "Very well. I can be your entertainment for thirty seconds. What do you want to say?"

Jaina thought about it. It took longer than she would have thought to come up with something that didn't feel horrible. "It's all over, and I'm going to be okay, and I'll get into more detail when I can." That seemed vague but reassuring, right?

Once he'd finished tapping the message out, she decided she should probably suck it up and at least look, saying, "Let me see." Followed by, "I use contractions." And then followed by, "Honey, how are your texts stuffy?" which was followed by him frowning at her more.

Once he'd edited to her liking (which involved removing all offending apostrophes, too) and hit send, he asked, "And what if someone calls back?"

"Then you might get shooed out of the room."

"Heads of State don't get shooed."

"You say that now."

[If you want to have gotten the message, you totally did. Open for return texts and calls, with a possible SP warning while at work.]
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Between the fight with Mara and worrying about Mara, Jaina hadn't been in the mood to deal with bickering today. She'd come back to the task force office in the Temple determined to get work done. Even the boys had decided to mostly stay clear of her, and Jag, knowing how Jaina worked, made sure to give her all the information he had before checking out for the night, thus ensuring she'd be busy as long as she wanted to be.

She was sitting in front of a display, waiting for the data she'd input to come up with something she could use, and mentally cursing it every time she felt it needed to go faster. Looked like she'd used up her patience with this earlier.

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Alema had given them the slip again, though at least there'd been a fight to show for it, so that was something for Eric to be happy about, at least. Personally Jaina was officially tired of Dark Jedi trying to kill her parents and such, but there was only so much she could do about that. The meetings afterwards to go over Alema's whereabouts on the ship and figure out exactly where things went wrong had lasted much longer than Jaina's patience, and she'd eventually excused herself claiming she needed a sanisteam and sleep.

In reality, she marched herself on over to Eric's quarters to see if he wanted to do something, anything else, because he wasn't annoying her. Really, it was that or close herself off in her own quarters to see if she could deal with that stupid Cut the Rope game that always ended in her yelling things about letting Om Nom starve. Something told her that wouldn't frustrate her less, so she was knocking on Eric's door.

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Jaina got in later than expected, and by now she was thinking that even without the end of the multiverse, Portalocity just liked jacking her around. She appreciated it a lot less when she was in a not-great mood to begin with. At least yelling had made her feel a tiny bit better?

She checked in, unpacked since she'd be here a few days, then sent out a quick text to people to let them know she was in town and where she was, since she was big on shielding at the moment. And then she took a seat in the middle of her bed, hoping that maybe she could actually manage some meditation.

So far? Not going so well.

[It is kinda late so here, have a roompost. If you think you got the message, you did. Post open, door is knockable.]
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Jaina's portal was delayed. She had no idea how a portal could be delayed, but here she was. After a while of waiting at the causeway, she'd come to the beach, figuring that if she was going to be stuck waiting, she should at least get a change of scenery.

Watching the waves made her think too much, though. About her grandfather and Tiny Mom, about how certain things just kept popping up through the years, even about how much her thinking had changed since she was sixteen. That was when she'd check her datapad to read up on what was going on on Corellia, because potential conflict was a happier subject.

Or she'd check on her portal's ETA and curse at the very idea of gnomes when she saw it was delayed again. How?


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It seemed like Jaina had gotten her wish when she'd said she wanted things to slow down a little, because they really had. It was especially good when she had someone visiting, because she didn't really want to have to tell Eric "Have to go hunt down bad guys, no idea when I'll be back, don't eat anybody please."

Tonight she'd found a little outdoor restaurant that she hadn't even been to before, thinking that skipping dinner and just finding an excuse to sit out with a drink and watch the different species pass by was a good way to go.

"Someday you're going to get tired of spotting different aliens," she said. Even if she doubted that was true.

[For that guy.]
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Ordinarily, Jaina didn't bother celebrating her birthday. Hadn't in years. But when it turned out that everything on Mon Calamari had gotten settled and done with the day before it, Zekk had talked her into staying to have one day off. Always feeling guilty for taking time to visit Fandom, she'd argued at first, but when it came down to it, she was okay remembering this one. Because while it was impressive enough that she'd made it to thirty... if her math was right, this was her last year before things went to hell. Might as well enjoy it for a day.

It turned out to be a good thing, because it'd been a long time since Jaina had been anywhere in her galaxy just to visit. By the end of the day, when she'd returned to her room in the apartment she and Zekk had been given to use here, she was even in one of those rare good moods. Mostly because she wasn't letting herself think about that whole 'last possible good year' thing and was just going to busy herself with packing to leave tomorrow.

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Amazingly, today hadn't gone badly as Jaina had feared. And she hadn't sung once, which, under the circumstances, was probably a really good thing. That didn't however mean that she was wanting to be spending a lot of time letting herself think too hard for too long. Besides, doing nothing when she came all this way was boring.

So if she ended up finding Eric, that really shouldn't be a surprise by now. And if one thing led to another, that should probably be even less of a surprise. And if it resulted in any sort of destruction of property... okay, well, that was new.

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Let it be said this was all Eric's idea. But she was genuinely curious as to whether there were maybe things that would work or not. She was sure staring at it wouldn't do much, but it still almost felt like doing something.

As they stepped outside and Jaina looked up at where she knew the stars were supposed to be, she said, "I don't know why I thought it'd be less creepy when I knew it was daytime."
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Between the messages she'd gotten and what she'd seen on the board, Jaina would call herself anything but happy, but she didn't feel as if her brain was just stopped today. With yesterday's Portalocity email, she had to refocus, and there were some things she needed to do.

The first thing she did was call her Luke, to make sure he knew exactly what was going on. She didn't tell him about any of the disappeared that he might know. That wasn't going to do anyone any good. The second thing she did was record a message for Jacen.

which would be here )

She ended the transmission and sent it, telling herself that as soon as this was over and everything was fixed she'd be able to threaten someone but good in order to get back home. It made her feel mildly better.

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While last week's Portalocity email had maybe made Jaina a little paranoid, she'd talked to enough people since then to be reassured that at least she could talk to people. And then came today's email, with words like "have become almost impossible to contact" and there went all that reassurance. Nice going, Portalocity.

Luckily she was playing bodyguard for a diplomat right now, which wasn't exactly high-maintenance work most of the time, so she had more time to hang out by herself and make calls to people to make sure she could still get in touch with them.

That whole pushing people away thing was obviously going great.

[If you think you got a call, you did. Pick up!]
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A lack of incidents requiring Jaina to explain why anyone was walking around sporting holes in their neck meant that by now, letting Eric see the Jedi Temple didn't seem like a bad idea. She thought he might as well see where she lived... or where her dirt stayed, at any rate. She'd never shown the place to anyone before, either, which she hadn't realized till now.

Luckily running into Jacen had happened towards the end of the tour. There were more awkward situations out there, yes, and Jaina promised herself that from now on, she'd try to keep better track of where he was to avoid things like this. Introducing Eric as "my terrifying friend" probably hadn't helped, either. And when she was able to extract them from that little meeting, she thought it might be better to get out of the Temple and find somewhere else to go for a while.

"Sorry for cutting the tour short," she said as they stepped outside.

[For said terrifying friend.]
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For all of Jaina's current issues, she'd really been looking forward to having Eric visit. It was good to see him, and how often did you get to show off a whole new galaxy to a guy who'd been around a thousand years? Besides, after getting to see when he was from, it felt like him getting to see her in her natural habitat put them on even footing. And as it turned out, Coruscant was surprisingly friendly to the daylight-challenged: it was very easy to find a hotel with fake windows so the sun wouldn't be a problem even if you could see it around all the tall buildings and everything didn't just shut down at night.

Plus there was no shortage of red flying cars.

There was the fact that Eric didn't know how to operate one yet, though, and that was going to be remedied. Jaina was able to borrow a speeder for the lesson (and that actually meant borrow, not "borrow" or "commandeer" or "it's not really stealing if you put it back where you got it" as she sometimes had to do), and as she brought him to where it was parked, she asked, "So is it about what you thought it'd be?"

[For he who is working without a learner's permit.]
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When she had some time, Jaina took a medkit into the fresher to tend to today's cuts and bruises, leaving the door open so she could hear her comlink if it went off. There wasn't anything too bad, nothing that wouldn't heal in a few days, but the scrapes still needed to be treated.

When the dire-cat had attacked, it was Jaina who was able to calm it down and call it off. Which surprised her. She'd done something like that once before, when she'd first gotten to Fandom and the dinosaurs attacked, but she'd chalked that up to them just being really stupid animals. It wasn't even that it had been hard, it just meant calming herself enough to do it, which she usually wasn't very good at. Controlling them had always been Jacen's thing, with his connection to animals, and Jaina had been fine to let that be his thing. She was starting to wonder why she limited herself like that.

She wasn't the type to go looking to collect new powers or anything. The only time she'd ever really done that had been when she'd been falling to the dark side and apprenticed herself to Kyp, and it'd take a damn good reason for her to use those now. But she and Jacen were twins. If he was getting downright scary with what he could do, she had the potential at least to learn that much. If she was worrying about how things were going to go and train as hard as she did just in case, there was no reason to not see what else she could do with her powers, too. So, she knew she could do this, and now she'd find a way to practice it and get better, and that'd be one more thing she knew how to do.

And maybe next time they ran into any planet's native predators she'd be able to do something about it before she ended up needing to disinfect the scrapes down her arm. Jedi or not, that stuff stung.

[*plays with stuff, whee!* Open for calls or emails or whatever.]
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Her time in Fandom had pretty much done exactly what Jaina had needed it to do: she'd had time to heal up, and while she still felt off, getting back some degree of normalcy had helped a lot. Maybe this was what happened when you coped like a normal person? When she arrived at the Temple, she went straight to the Masters, ready to explain what she'd been doing in Panem and why, and take whatever lumps she had to. She knew she could do so calmly, without coming off like she'd been traumatized or completely angry.

Of course, that was shot to hell the second Corran mentioned that she'd been gone for almost a month, when she should have only been gone two weeks. It made things a little more difficult, trying to talk about how running off was the right thing to do when you were trying so hard not to think about what it had meant the last time time had sped up for her.

Jaina didn't get an answer today, but she knew there'd be some sort of punishment, even if it was getting stuck in the kitchen for the next month. At the moment, that was a secondary concern. When she was free to leave she'd immediately gone to her quarters and got her phone, sending a quick text to multiple contacts reading: Time kriffing sped up again. How are you? and then waited for the messages to bounce back at her. If they did, she'd know she'd been cut off from Fandom again for who knew how long.

Everything went through just fine.

With a sigh of relief, Jaina decided she'd stick to her room for a while, unpacking, doing some quick math to figure this out, and waiting to see if anyone responded. She'd be cursing to herself in the meanwhile.

[Open for calls, texts or emails! If you want to have gotten the message and know about the time speed, you totally got it.]
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Just as she'd thought, a day after Jaina and Zekk had both gotten to Coruscant, they'd been sent out on their first mission back together. Considering she'd blown up at him for running a day late through no fault of his own when she'd been here waiting to do something, that kind of quick turnaround was not the worst idea. Resuming life as usual had chilled Jaina out a bit, too, at least in that regard. It was good to put her brain to work and get back into the action and know for sure that she was in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

Not that she didn't end up missing people when things got quiet. Like now.

Currently she was aboard a passenger transport headed to Mordagon, on the tail of one of the members of a particularly hard-to-find crime ring that was springing up more and more often. Rather than come in being all obvious in X-wings, they'd stowed them on the civilian ship and decided to play this as low-key as possible. She and Zekk had separate rooms, since while they hadn't been Joiners in nearly a year, their bond to each other was still just strong enough to make sharing a room uncomfortable. It was something they might have to get used to, but not yet. Besides, Jaina hadn't apologized for that blowup on Coruscant yet.

That was also the reason she wasn't going to bother him now they they had some downtime till they arrived at their destination: she was just being stubborn. So when she'd gone through all the information she had, and plotted out a plan as well as she could, she got out her phone and checked the time in Fandom. After a moment of wondering if it was maybe too early to be doing this yet, she dialed a number anyway and waited to see if she got voicemail or not.

[Apparently when I'm crabby and headachey, this is the right character to post. If you think you got a call, you did.]
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Jaina liked when the island traveled. She liked getting out and seeing the new places and the people and how they did things. She traveled all the time back home, but she never got to really see much, and frankly when you were usually chasing after criminals, you weren't in the best areas anyway. So not only did she get to check out someplace new, she got to do so with an actual Viking. One who spoke English, even.

As they headed towards the tavern to meet some of the locals- and possible viewing of barfights- she said, "This is going to be so different with someone who can actually understand the language."

[For that Viking vampire.]
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So far Jaina was definitely not regretting getting away from Fandom for a bit. For one, there were no raining Peeps or chocolate eggs to be found, and she could shower properly. Plus, she was coming out of it a little richer than when she'd arrived with the bonus of not having attracted any attention for it so far, and the company didn't exactly suck. Figuratively speaking.

As they headed away from the casino and started walking past the shops, she noted, "You know, it's harder to brag when I can't offer to treat you to dinner."

[For that guy who is there, and NFB for distance and all.]
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Jaina had been bet that she couldn't last a day with that Friday song as her ringtone. She hadn't known at the time how bad the song really was, but the way she'd figured, most of the people who called her did so on her comlink, not her phone. It should have been an easy win.

Except that there was a fax machine that had been calling her phone. Every five minutes. For the last hour. This was annoying enough, but with the shiny new nasal autotuned ringtone, it was causing some rage.
She could turn it off, but there was always the chance that an actual call might come through that she'd have to take. So she'd tried to turn the ringer down as low as possible in the hopes that she'd still hear it go off and could check the number, but it wouldn't be as bad.

This did not work.

The phone rang again, and not moving from her spot in her chair, Jaina closed her eyes and ran through a Jedi calming technique before she decided she could cheat and throw the phone in the fridge or something equally drastic. Would that still count as winning?

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