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The decision to move out of the dorms hadn't been a hard one at all. In fact, there were a surprising lot of reasons to get her own place rather than stay here. Jaina knew she'd probably have a lot of explaining to do when people were probably expecting her to leave altogether instead, but she still wasn't going to be here forever, and it wasn't like she was neglecting duties back home in order to do this, so she was confident enough in her decision. That was the important thing.

At the moment, Jaina was going through her room, packing up the very last of the things left there. There wasn't a ton, since a lot of what she'd felt like keeping had been sent off weeks ago, but she was also answering and returning messages in between doing things. Besides, for as much as packing wasn't a big deal, taking the pictures down from the wall felt a little weird, having gotten used to them being there. She was happy to be taking her time.

[Actually have some time to play today! Door and post open, with some SP later.]
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Jaina had slept great when she'd been back home, and the first night back in her own room had practically been a relief. So it was disappointing to actually manage to sleep in later than she had been, only to wake up from more bad dreams. She wasn't pleased to have to come to grips with the fact that the cabins were just a trigger for them, and not the cause, but so sue her for being hopeful that it'd all get better immediately.

She was in an okay mood because she was busy repressing. She hadn't even gone straight for training for once, though she was dressed for it as she sat at her desk, going over some of the pieces of flimsi and other info she'd brought back from home. Real repression today meant making her brain work on anything else.

[Meanwhile I can't believe I'm wide awake this early again. Post is open if you're good with SP, door is closed but knockable.]
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Jaina had not given up on actually getting out of this room. She'd been in captivity plenty of times, you didn't just suck it up and wait when that happened unless you had to. So just before noon she decided to start trying again, starting with walking to the open door and putting her hand into the doorway.

It went through.

And suddenly today in Jaina's book was like a thousand times better, because if she'd missed work, if she missed the one kriffing thing she had to do all week, she really would have cried, and maybe killed something. Staying right where she was with her hand still sticking into the hall, she reached her other hand to call for the things she knew she'd need- phone and comlink, basically- and then stepped the rest of the way into the hall.

She barely had time to be relieved. She was already hurrying down the hall in case the room decided to change its mind, and we'll see when she actually went back to it.

[Establishy. Did I just find more info that means she should be grounded another day? Yes. Am I gonna be nice anyway? Yes.]
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Yep. Still here.

There had been more tries to get out, but Jaina was still stuck in the room. So there'd been attempts at napping. Just to see what it was like. For the record, while she'd developed the pilot's habit of being able to sleep whenever there was a chance, she was a little out of that habit right now. There'd been toenail painting. Yes, she owned actual polish. There'd been more calls and reorganizing of the closet she'd just gutted and there had nearly been tears of frustration.

At the moment, though, there was Jaina laying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling with the door open and trying to come up with anything she wasn't bored to death of doing. Tired of the silence, she'd also turned on some music. Loudly. Because at least people coming to yell at her about the noise would be something to do. Or, considering the only real music she had was on the iPod John had given her and preloaded with stuff, they might be poking their head in to wonder what the Johnny Cash kick was all about.

[Yep, still open, still SP for work, no, she can't leave yet. She needs to stop being fun for me to torture.]
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Jaina still couldn't leave her room, and the rage had subsided, a little. It was mostly taken over by boredom now, and boy was she pissed at herself that she'd cleaned everything out and moved stuff to the garage before now. She'd tried to find alternate ways out, but to no avail. The only thing she could figure at this point would be to try and make her own opening, but she doubted that would work, especially with the tools she had available, and damaging a dorm room like that was a little beyond what she could afford to fix herself, and no one her age should have to ask their parents for money because they trashed their room to escape grounding.

So she'd done what exercise she could. She'd tried meditating at least four times only to give up because she couldn't focus (due to the rage). She'd made calls, including one to Zekk that she thought might pan out for her. She'd taken another shower, just to give herself something to do. And when she finally gave in to hunger, she had a pizza delivered to her room. She'd tipped well to keep him from asking why she didn't just come down to the lobby.

Currently, though, she was sitting on her bed, downloading more apps for her phone because something had to keep her entertained. Occasionally she'd glance out into the hall at her shoe that was still there that she still couldn't get and curse out Fandom some more.

[Same verse same as the first: you can come in and out, Jaina can't. Door and post open if you don't mind SP till after work.
I think it will be a short grounding. I've cooled down. I'm cursing Christie Golden's name a lot and worried about more important spoilers. Sigh.]
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Jaina hated not being a student. Hated it. She had no classes, nothing to really do until work on Saturday, and she was going stir crazy. There had already been several calls home demanding to put on some assignment somewhere, but that hadn't gone anywhere yet. Which was frustrating, to say the least.

Finally annoyed enough to go down to the gym for a second training session today, she dressed in loose workout clothes and pulled her hair back and started to the door-

And couldn't get any further.

The door was open, she could see into the hall, it was just that trying to pass through the doorway had about as much effect as walking through the wall itself. After a few tries to get through, Jaina finally sighed and stepped back, wondering what to do now. Seriously, could you call the janitor for this kind of problem?

[Know what, I'm pissed. Therefore Jaina is grounded until I decide she's not. People can come in and leave at will, people can send calls and texts, but Jaina is stuck in her room. There. And post is open, yes.]
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Jaina wasn't going anywhere yet, but with no set date on when she was, she was doing some spring cleaning and clearing stuff out so when she did go, it'd be easier. Fandom was the first place in a long time that she'd stayed long enough to accumulate stuff, and once she started going through her closet she found that there was a lot of said stuff.

So the box that she'd packed up after Myrkr, back when she didn't think she was going to live to see last December, was being sorted through. Things she knew she'd never use again tossed away, things she wanted to keep were put back in the box. There were clothes and dresses to be donated, and that box of things she'd packed up after she'd broken up with John last year... that was all being kept. There was also a certain hat she'd found that Luke had given her forever ago...

....that ended up on her head a second after she put it down. And wouldn't come off. After a while of trying, Jaina had to resign herself to the annoying fact that it just wasn't going to come off till it was ready, and Fandom was a mean, weird town.

Basically, the room was a mess, and when Jaina looked around at the piles of things, she had to be a little irritated at herself that the attempt to clean stuff out was going to have to get cleaned up in itself. While wearing an airplane hat. Couldn't forget that part.

[I've had a weird day. Therefore Jaina is wearing a stupid hat. Door and post, of course, are open.]
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Today Jaina had taken the last final exam she'd ever take in her life. She would have thought she'd be happier about it than she was.

She'd started counting down to graduation when the numbers were still in the triple digits, thinking that the day she graduated, she'd say her goodbyes and immediately leave with her parents. A more hopeful part of her thought maybe John would go with her. And yet with seven days to go, she was staying, for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time. It wasn't that she was regretting the decision she'd made; she wanted to give some things a try here. She stood far less a chance of managing it if she just fell right back into work back home, and it felt like a gamble sometimes, hoping things would just go the way she wanted them to. Add to that the fact that she wasn't even sure anyone was coming for her for graduation, and it was looking like what she'd thought would be the most relief-filled day of her life was going to just be another day.

Fine. Everyone needed a melancholy day once in a whie, and today was Jaina's. She left the door open, but was seated on her bed reading reports from home, and trying not to feel too homesick.

[Mostly establishy, but the door's open if you don't mind some SP.]
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Jaina hadn't actually had a bad weekend. Prom had been more fun than she'd thought it would be, and she loved every opportunity to see her kids. There were some kind of heavy issues to go with that, though; she'd come to accept that she'd passed up her chance at the life that she got a chance to look into every year, and in fact this might have been the last time she'd ever see them. And then when you added in the fact that John had been called in to work halfway through and she was really beginning to resent his job in a way that made her want to apologize for all the time he'd put up with hers, and the fact that Anakin had had a kid here...

When it was all said and done, there were too many serious thoughts going around in her head for her to handle. None of them were bad, really. Just sad, and she didn't do well with sad.

It hadn't been anything specific that really set her off. It was just that one second she was reading her datapad, and the next she had thoughts in her head again, and just like that she decided that she'd wanted to go home for a visit anyway, and now she just wanted to go right now. There was a quick call to let her parents know she was coming and to find out where they were exactly, and then a voicemail, and then she set to packing.

[Door half-open, post definitely is, with SP warning during the workday.]
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After finally getting the kids to sleep, it had been mostly a peaceful night in 313. At least that was the case once Jordin finally asked Jaina if she could sleep in her bed. Jaina had moved over and let her daughter crawl in with her, and after that, it'd been silent.

And apparently Jaina had been tired enough that she didn't wake up when someone did get up and start moving around, because when she woke this morning, she had Jaryd pressed against her other side. It was probably more due to him not wanting to make it look like Jordin was the favorite rather than out of any clinginess, but still, this was probably the cutest wakeup ever.

Not wanting to wake either of them when they were this quiet for once, Jaina decided she could try to get more sleep, or at least just not get up for a while. Though she wished she'd known they were going to do this, because at least then she would have pushed the beds back together for more room...

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Last night Jaina had separated the beds so that she had one, and the twins had the other, which had worked perfectly fine.

That was last night.

Tonight, they were all set to go to bed, but of course it wasn't going to be quite that easy, especially when Jordin was refusing to budge from her standing spot on the floor, folding her arms and declaring, "I'm too big to share a bed."

Apparently it was going to be that sort of night.

[For ze children.]
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John had been called back to work last night, which left Jaina with the kids on her own for the rest of the weekend, and she was glad that they didn't seem to be picking up on any of the little latent emo she had going on this weekend. She had a feeling if they did, they would have said something. Loudly. Using many words.

They were a little too quiet as she got them ready for the day, and she finally had to ask, "So, what's up with you two?"

[Mainly for the fake fam, but open!]
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After a few days of attacking friends and killing monsters, it was all over, and Jaina was back in her room post-handwaved clinic visit. Don't think she was happy. Fighting a giant lizard had earned her a separated shoulder, complete with sling, and a lot of bruising and even more soreness. Don't think changing out of wet clothes hadn't been a challenge, either. She didn't think she'd ever cursed as much as she had while trying that, and that was saying something.

There was a quick trip to the common room, and now she was sitting on the bed in sleep pants and a tank top, icing her shoulder and frowning at the bruises like that would make them go away.

[Mostly going to be a linkdrop, but door and post are open.]
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In the time that Jaina was showering, a pie had appeared on her desk. She noticed it right away when she came out of the bathroom, still pulling her hair back with a tie, and she had absolutely no idea how this had happened. She'd learned about locking doors after the gremlin thing, so she didn't see how it could have gotten there. She even unlocked the door to make sure, leaving it cracked open.

Approaching it cautiously, she watched to see if anything would happen, and then poked it with a finger.

That would be when the rat popped out of the pie, dressed in full-on swashbuckling gear, and she might have heard it say "Arrrrr!" before it scampered off the desk and ran through the opening in the door. Brandishing a weetiny sword.

Huh. Jaina looked to the pie, which she now had to clean off her desk, muttering, "I hope I wasn't expected to eat any of that."

[Door's cracked, post can be open, mainly it's just been a while since I've engaged in random Fandom insanity. :)]
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After that last visit with John, Jaina had stopped counting down to graduation. Today, once again normal, she was glad to say there were only 54 days till graduation, and then after that she would never have to deal with being someone she wasn't again. Because she hadn't really considered yet that that stuff tended to follow you. Oops.

And of course this weekend was the weekend she actually had messages from home, so tonight she was sitting at her desk, catching up on them and sending messages back and doing what research she could from here. While eating a burger from Mooby Land. Apparently she was not a huge fan of vegan food.

[Some SP while I work, but door and post are open!]
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Waking up in a strange bed was a little new for Beth. Usually you got everything done in the backseat and then you got dropped off back at home for the night, possibly without your bra. Not knowing how she got here and knowing she hadn't gotten drunk and done something stupid, since it was hard to find alcoholic vegan options at parties, you wouldn't even believe. So this morning was already starting off weird.

Getting up and exploring her surroundings some, it didn't seem like anyone would be coming back soon, so hopefully they didn't mind her at least making herself presentable before leaving. Though when she did a quick search of the bathroom and found that whoever lived here didn't even own hair products, she was wondering what was wrong with them.

That probably meant she shouldn't check the closet. But now she had to. She had to see what it looked like. And then once she opened the door and saw what it looked like in there, she started going through it, muttering, "Boring, boring, boring, has potential, boring..."

[And Jaina is Beth from John Tucker Must Die. Can totally be open.]
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The comlink project was turning out to be harder than Jaina had intended, but she was determined to get it done. Even if it meant getting Lowie on the comm to instruct her on how to do it. That was not going well. There was no mistaking the frustration in Jaina's voice, and while a bystander might not understand the growls and such coming from the other end of the line, there was frustration happening there, too.

"I have an idea," Jaina said finally, rubbing a temple. "Think you can get one set up from there and send it to me?"

Lowie grumbled his agreement at that, to which she replied good-naturedly, "Good Wookiee."

And yet as soon as the call was over Jaina was trying again, because again, determined.

[Door and post open post-call.]
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For as much fun as she'd had in the Bahamas, Jaina was glad to be back to real life. Jumping back into routine wasn't even hard: class, training, catching up on work, and when that was all done, she had a little side project to work on.

Currently she was sitting on the floor of her room, trying to dummy up an extra comlink to match the settings she had on her own. So far it wasn't working too well. Give her machines and she would make it work, but this was a little outside her area of expertise. "Where's Lowie when you need him?" she muttered, determined to make this work regardless. Or maybe she'd beg Ben to do it.

[Omg on second day of headache make it stop. Door and post open.]
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After enjoying her time with John on-island (even if she was seriously questioning some things at the moment), Jaina had taken off Wednesday night to testify in her first trial. The nervousness and no small amount of excitement had been replaced by something akin to frothing rage pretty damn quickly, though. Straight off the case was not only dismissed because Rendar made his clients sign waivers absolving him from all responsibility for his products' actions, but he was threatening to file charges against her for destroying the same droids that had given her a concussion when she and Kyp went to arrest him. The legal system at work, apparently. Jaina escaped any charges by not pushing for Rendar's prosecution anymore, and had to leave with a new list of What Not To Do Next Time, Even If You Are A Jedi.

Getting back later on Friday than she'd expected, she started to unpack, then realized she might as well pack for spring break at the same time. Yes, she was going. It was the last spring break she was ever going to have, and she had to at least try to make up for last year's bitchiness, even if she wasn't really in the mood at the moment.

At least the bonus of visiting a sort-of boyfriend whose time and seasons changed so quickly meant she wouldn't have to do any shopping.

[Yeah, there was supposed to be a non-Fandom post for this, but headache and failure got the best of me. Door and post open!]
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If it wasn't for the fact that Jaina was still keeping an eye on Adrian for Rose and Dimitri, she probably would have just headed out of town this weekend. She was twitchy and worried and the fact that Valentine's Day was tomorrow meant she wasn't doing as well at repressing her fears about why she hadn't heard from John in thirty-three days. It just made his absence harder to ignore. Worse, she kept formulating theories on what could have happened, like maybe he'd been hurt, or maybe things went really badly, or maybe he was so happy with his new team family he didn't want to come back. That last thought only lasted about a second, but the part of her that had gotten completely jealous of the way Ronon talked about it definitely went there. You'd think that being able to attack things with logic, or having experienced this kind of worry before, and recently, with her parents might have made things better, but here she was.

Once she was sure she was done with vampire duty till tonight, she went to take just a tiny bit more time training than she usually did, and came back to her room for a long shower feeling marginally better. And then she found a seat on her bed, checking tonight's TV listings on her phone to decide if she wanted to venture into a common room for entertainment rather than going to the dance, or sit in her room and pretend she wasn't worrying/sulking rather than going to the dance.

[For one, but the door's open if you really want to show up before.]
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There was a system to how Jaina got back from trips home. First thing she did after getting in the door was to drop her bag and find the little clock on her desk that told her what day it was. For two weeks at home, she'd only missed two days here, which wouldn't be a bad thing if she wasn't counting down to graduation. Normally then she'd start unpacking, but today she was bucking tradition and checking her phone again. Still no message from John. She expected to be hearing from him any day now, but talking to Ronon had told her that maybe it'd take a little bit longer than the ETA she'd been given to begin with.

Leaving her bag where it was for now, Jaina instead went to lay down for a minute. She was healing up after her concussion and felt fine, but unpacking, meh.

[Omg my computer works and I can plaaaaay! Come visit! Door and post open.]
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Jaina's father would be ashamed of her. She'd made the mistake of leaving her door unlocked when she went to take a shower, and so when she came out of her bathroom (thankfully dressed) afterwards, she found one of the ugly pointy-eared creatures tearing up her room. Or, trying to, anyway. There wasn't much in her room to tear up.

Han would point out that if she locked her door, things like this wouldn't happen. So Jaina decided she was never telling him about this.

Stretching out just enough to see how everyone else was doing, she quickly assessed this was not just limited to 313, and muttered, "Guess I know what I'm fighting today," before going to take care of her current destructive little problem.

[NFI cuz I'm mostly afk today, but she had to be at least attempting to Sword it up today.]
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For the most part, Jaina was doing okay these days. She knew she wouldn't last and that was fine, but she was trying to enjoy the time while she had it. She was working, she was getting out more, she thought getting to know her mom this young was kind of astral, she wasn't stressing about every little thing, and she liked it. Taking her last semester to figure herself out and what she wanted to do was so far working really well for her. And if she so happened to be looking forward to graduation, when she could move on to the next step of her life, when she knew she'd be having to make some decisions in her relationship, when she could return to her normal family with about 75% less of the eyeroll-inducing complications, she didn't think she could really be blamed for that.

All right, maybe she was looking forward to it a lot, because at the moment she was playing with the countdown feature on her iPhone. 106 days till graduation, if anyone was keeping track.

Also, someone might want to stop her. The last time she started playing with her phone she ended up downloading the app that made her phone sound like a weapon from Space Battles.

[Open door, open post. I am procrastinating packing, so therefore I put up what will be a linkdrop.]
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Sometimes all you really needed was a day to react to something completely irrationally. (Though to be completely fair, say Chuck Bass had a date with your sixteen-year-old mother. Are you going to take that well? Exactly.) After going out last night and threatening/actually kind of talking to Chuck, Jaina wasn't good with this, but she might actually be able to handle it like an adult.

...After the raging hangover ended. It had to say something that she'd woken up with far more of these in the last few months than she had in two and a half years of being here, but at least she didn't have class today and didn't need to start training or working until she was good and ready. Wait, was that her comlink going off? Of course it was.

Groaning and pulling herself out of bed despite the fact that her entire body starting with her head seemed to be protesting any sort of movement, she found her comlink and prepared herself to have to feign sober and healthy to manage talking about work. She thought this might be what it felt like to actually act twenty-one, and decided maybe she'd just start acting like she was twenty-two.

[Establishy, though if you want to add to her headache post-call, I can deal with SP if you can.]
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For years John had talked about sending the office a gift basket for giving him a single room. Jaina wondered if it was possible to revoke one that had never been sent for the fact that she was now living next door to her alternate universe sixteen-year-old mother. But it was okay so far. It was weird, but not as bad as she thought it might be.

Tonight she was taking it kind of easy, sending off a reply E-mail to that guy in Antarctica, when she felt a disturbance in the Force.

"Why do I suddenly want to kill things?" she wondered aloud.

[Establishy. THEY MADE ME.]
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Jaina was putting new pictures on her wall, mostly from her last trip home. It was partly a distraction tactic, since not having work to do constantly tended to drive her slightly crazy at times and the alternative was another few hours of training, and partly because she was sick of her walls looking so bare. She was here for one last semester, she might as well look like she lived here, right?

Okay, it was also because she was stalling in calling home, figuring that she had to tell her mother that there was a tiny version of her here. That was going to be a strange call, and probably a perfect cap to a really strange week, and she was allowed to avoid it if she wanted to.

It was also (the reasons just kept coming) a good way to keep her mind of John, right up until she came across a couple more recent pictures. Rather than debating whether or not it'd be right to put them up at this point, she just went ahead and did it. She wanted them there, so they were going there.

...Jaina was really going to have to get out of this room at some point. This was not allowed to be her day.

[Will be a linkdrop, yes. Door and post open!]
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Returning to Fandom was more than a little strange this time. Jaina had been bouncing back to and from war for as long as she'd been here, and knowing whatever she would bounce back to was going to be different next time... it threw her off a little. Given how long she'd been gone, she wasn't even sure if her room would still be available, or if she'd have to talk to anyone about signing up for classes. It'd been about two full months back home, which usually amounted to a month here, and given the bits of wonky time that she'd been dealing with at home for a while now, she'd probably just missed the newbie picnic. Imagine all the new relatives she could have by now.

There was almost a routine to returning from trips: put her bag down, see what day it was, check for new messages, unpack. Her desk clock was more easily accessible at the moment than her phone (thus saving her from having to deal with a certain voicemail for at least a little while), so she crossed the room to check the date and time... and promptly had an internal freakout.

She'd been gone less than a week. Two months in less than a week. Jaina didn't think she could take any more weird timelines. Her relationship had already imploded because of it, she couldn't lose her family to that, too. Immediately she reached for her comlink, somewhat amazed to reach her mother on the first try.

cut to save you a little space on your flist )

[Yeah, so whenever she's in Fandom now, her time's going to move at the same pace. Girl needed a break somehow omg. Door and post open after the call.]
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Jaina had never been so happy to get called home. There was really nowhere she wanted to be less than Fandom right now, even if home wasn't exactly happy. At least at home she was nearby if if they got word on any of her missing family members. Because every single one of them was just that. Luke, Mara and Jacen had been off the radar for weeks, and Han and Leia had dropped out of contact- again- sometime over the weekend. As worrisome as it was, it was becoming normal for the Skywalker-Solos.

Her need for escape didn't even come from the weirdness of the weekend. Sure, she'd kissed people she shouldn't have and slept with someone she really shouldn't have, but that's what happened here. It was all so absurd she couldn't really take it seriously, no matter what insanity had taken place.

No, the killer was thinking being just friends with John was going well, only to end up hearing "I still love you so I can't talk to you anymore." She wasn't depressed. No, she'd even woken up pissed off, and in a way it felt good just to be able to be mad about it without worrying about ruining something, since it was too late for that. Logically, she understood his point. But mostly, if any one person could ever make her feel worse than she did now, she never, ever wanted to know about it. Even worse than getting broken up with as friends was the fact that Jaina knew that even if he were to change his mind, she'd hit her limit. She just didn't have the emotional stamina to keep up with what the last six weeks had brought her anymore.

So the door was open while she packed for home, and if she was packing more than usual, there was a part of her that was seriously hoping that she could turn it into an extended break.

[Will be a linkdrop, and door and post are open.]
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Jaina would never have believed she could even think it, but she was sort of glad to be able to get to Fandom after spending Thanksgiving with the family, because now she could get back to her routine. Especially now that her routine was beginning to become less about distraction and more about training again as she adjusted to certain new realities.

Too bad her routine got shot to hell today by a rare bout of oversleep coupled with work calls she had to take care of, so she didn't get to go for her workout till after class. Afterwards, she came back to her room, opened the water bottle on her desk, and went to drink from it-

"Ugh," she said, pulling it away from her mouth after tasting what was actually inside. It wasn't that it was bad, it was just that she needed actual water after that much time in the gym, not egg nog. Deciding that maybe she'd just head for the shower instead, it was a really good thing she ran the water before stepping in.

Fine. She'd just change clothes and stay sweaty today. Thanks, Fandom!

[Door and post open. I'm home today feeling icky. Entertain me plz. *makes Precious Moments eyes*]
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Jaina's trip home had actually done her some good. At the very least, she was realizing she had things like work to distract her from her non-relationship and her non-relationship to distract her from work. Somewhat worryingly, she was beginning to think maybe she shouldn't be trying at this friend thing, because it was giving her plenty of reasons to be confused. Maybe that was why she'd only told three people so far; she wasn't sure enough of where things stood in her own head.

Right now she was going with the work distraction. She couldn't help it, there was something centering about working towards something big like this. Her desk was covered in pieces of flimsi as she went over data she'd brought back from home, checking it against reports she'd received this morning, and feeling better than she had in a while. There was something deeply wrong with this.

[Door open, post open, for the love of god someone save her from herself.]

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