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Bastion- Wednesday

The last time Jag had texted for Jaina, she'd been in the hospital after the worst day of her life.

This time, the setting was similar, but the reasons were very different.

Once everything had settled down and Jag had finally kicked everybody out to let the family spend some time alone, Jaina asked him to get a picture of the twins and send out a message to those who'd want to know. She'd have done it herself, but she'd done enough today, thank you.

So along with a picture of two little, wrinkly baby boys, they'd get the message, Meet Dax and Daniel. They and Jaina are doing well.

"You couldn't have spiced that up a little?" Jaina asked when she saw what he'd sent.

"And how would you have wanted me to do that?" Jag asked.

"Tell them that if they say my babies look like Yoda I'll end them as soon as I can feel my legs again."

"Ah. You should lead with that next time."

[If you think you got it, you did! Open for calls and texts.]
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They are adorable, Anakin sent back immediately. Rory wants to know if they need matching outfits. (They're getting matching outfits from Rory, FYI.)
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Put permanent marker on Dax's big toe. By the time it washes off, you'll figure it out.

There was a pause.

Rory thought it was easier to steal my comm, apparently.
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I can send you terrible Earth coffee, but that won't help, Anakin wrote.
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You're not, but it's good to be optimistic.

Thanks, Anakin.

Make Jag do more than his share, too. Diapers don't just change themselves and babies seem to wait to get a new one on just to mess it up again.
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[personal profile] sith_happened 2017-07-13 01:57 am (UTC)(link)'re the first Imperials to actually have children, huh.

The thought of the Emperor having sex was terrifying.
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Very! Anakin agreed. ...probably not badly.
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As the self-appointed king of screwing kids up, you'll be fine.

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Hi, Dax and Daniel! You only look a little like Yoda

Someone was gonna do it.
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You have to catch me first! How are you feeling?
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Not sorry to have no experience with that part of parenthood, he admitted. Kidding aside, cute kids. How'd you come up with the names?
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Just for that I'm going to come up with super-irritating childhood nicknames for them to keep their egos in check.

Such a giver, that Ben.
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I promise not to call them Yoda? Ben wheedled.
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Are they awake at all? I remember Val being basically a lump that ate and pooped for two months.

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