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The twins were a month old, so things were starting to reach something like normalcy, and that meant work. They'd started easy, heading to Hapes because Jag and Tenel aka had a lot to settle through long meetings of tense not-quite-arguing while Jaina rolled her eyes, and it had the bonus of letting Allana meet her cousins. And then the invitation had been extended to Anakin to meet all his great-grandchildren from this particular universe.

After Anakin arrived, Jaina showed him where his room was and then brought him over to her quarters just in time to watch the boys so Jag could go to a meeting.

"Thanks for the timing," Jaina said just after Jag left. "I was supposed to be in that."

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The last time Jag had texted for Jaina, she'd been in the hospital after the worst day of her life.

This time, the setting was similar, but the reasons were very different.

Once everything had settled down and Jag had finally kicked everybody out to let the family spend some time alone, Jaina asked him to get a picture of the twins and send out a message to those who'd want to know. She'd have done it herself, but she'd done enough today, thank you.

So along with a picture of two little, wrinkly baby boys, they'd get the message, Meet Dax and Daniel. They and Jaina are doing well.

"You couldn't have spiced that up a little?" Jaina asked when she saw what he'd sent.

"And how would you have wanted me to do that?" Jag asked.

"Tell them that if they say my babies look like Yoda I'll end them as soon as I can feel my legs again."

"Ah. You should lead with that next time."

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On one hand, Jaina hated diplomatic missions and didn't think she was any good at them. On the other hand, at least she was getting out to do things, and she was getting better at the diplomacy thing. And sure, she had to bring a bodyguard still, but he was in back during the flight, while Jaina got to hang out in the cockpit and he slightly bored.

Naturally this meant getting the phone out. She took a picture out the viewport of the hyperspace lines (which took more tries than she would ever admit to to get something not-blurry) and sent it off.

Because really, if nothing else it was pretty.

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Jaina had had a while now to actually start picking up on this whole empress thing, so she was glad to have a break for something more normal. Also, she was maybe a little self-conscious (this was rare) because no one from Fandom had actually seen her since everything had happened, and she remembered how different Tenel Ka had seemed after being put in a similar position. As far as Jaina was aware the only thing different about her was that she actually looked pregnant these days, but still. She wondered.

And anyway, she still went out to meet Tahiri when she heard she was here, since she figured no one should have to show up and get greeted by a team of Imperials.

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Jaina had an office now, which was probably a good thing when she was still cranky about yesterday and wasn't much fun to be around. Besides, being stuck out here in a mostly strange place where she cranky didn't know enough about how everything worked meant that she had a lot to research, especially if she was going to be in charge of it. It was interesting, too, even beyond seeing how they told history as opposed how she had always learned it.

She shouldn't have had the news on in the background, though, because as soon as she heard her name mentioned she got irritated all over again. She didn't like being cooped up till the bodyguard thing was settled, she still hated the bodyguard thing anyway, she wasn't happy that There's had to be a conversation about whether or not it was safer to announce the pregnancy sooner rather than later because she didn't want to have to make a public announcement.

So when everything these days felt out of control for her, Jaina decided to do the one thing she did have control over, by picking up her phone and sending a text.

1. I'm gonna be a mom
2. I'm an empress now
3. How are you?

Eh, they'd only really been waiting to tell their families first anyway.

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There still hadn't been any word from the Chiloon Rift, and it was driving Jaina insane. Bad enough that her parents were there, but Ben and Tahiri had been dispatched to check up on them, and then Luke had gone. So most of her family was out there, and she had no idea what was happening. She thought she'd been pretty good about handling it. And then today, she'd gone down for some training, which she thought would make her feel better, but the more she thought about it, the more frustrated she got.

It meant that when she got back to the apartment, the first words out of her mouth were, "I think we should go to the Rift."

Jag looked up from where he'd been working on a schematic of some sort. "After your parents?"

"After everyone," she nodded.

His expression didn't change. "No one who's one there has been heard from since, possibly dealing with an Abeloth.... something or other, and you want to go there."

She nodded again. "Yep."

"Frankly, I'm surprised it took you this long," Jag admitted. "You pack while I finish this."

She'd so married well.

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Jaina had been home for not even a full two weeks and she was already being sent off on a mission. She'd come home to grab some things, and now poor Jag was stuck listening to her bitch.

Though really, he'd known what he was getting into here when he married her. )
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I got bored, so here's the ones you'll actually see out.

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Ever since communications back to her universe had opened up again, Jaina had been making daily attempts to book a portal back. It had always resulted in an error message, and then she'd put her phone down and try again the next day, just in case.

Today when she did it, her request went through.

Right now Jaina was in the best mood ever, even after calling Portalocity to make sure they had her request in the system and threaten them with descriptive violence if her portal was canceled or even delayed, but she'd been pretty cheerful when making said threat. In retrospect, that was probably scarier.

And then she sent out a quick text to anyone who might care: Portalocity came through! Finally getting home tonight!, just in case anyone wanted to call or visit while she packed up.

Best day.

[Open for visits, texts, etc! Jaina's last post on island this summer.]
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Jag had called while Jaina was in her office, and they'd talked for a good half hour before she realized that the call hadn't cut off for the first time since she'd been here. So they stayed on to take advantage of things working for once.

She even flat out told him that they were staying on as long as the connections held out, so in the rare case that she got visitors, they'd be dealing with an eavesdropper.

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Jaina was having a horrible month- horrible summer, reall- and she needed some normalcy.

So there was a Jaina pony in her office, sitting at the desk. She was half-tempted to text Eric and apologize for probably making fun of him when he was a pony and she wasnt, but she wasn't about to give out ammunition.

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It was Jaina's birthday, she was still stuck here, she definitely was not turning on the TV today, and she hadn't been able to get a clear signal from home yet. She'd had better days.

She was fully planning to spend as much as much of her day as possible at the gym, because she just needed to punch a lot of things. Also she genuinely liked punching things and thought of it as a legitimate hobby.

And her phone and con link were out, safely tucked against the wall, just in case.

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Jaina had had a great day back home, being able to see her parents and talk to Allana uninterrupted and actually spend time with Jag with what they'd decided was their anniversary observed. She'd had a feeling that there was some kind of catch to being able to get home like that, but she'd figured maybe it was a holiday or couple days thing.

Instead she'd fallen asleep in her own bed and the next thing she knew she was back in the classroom she'd disappeared from.

"I hate this place," she sighed, and really, really meant it right now.

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One second Jaina was in class, and the next, she wasn't.

In fact, she was in her apartment. Back home.

She took a moment to look around and ensure that nothing was weird, that this was real and not some weird trick, and while she had no idea how this was happening, she wasn't about to knock it. Now to call Jag and tell him to get the hell home.

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There were two gremlins closed off in Jaina's bathroom. She wasn't scared of them, but she was extremely wary of what they did to Skywalkers. As evidenced by her time as Celine Dion. And the Care Bear. And a mime. And a Pussycat Doll. And a drunken socialite. And Oprah.

Look, the point was that she wasn't messing around with any gremlins. She barely knew anyone around here these days and it'd be far more embarrassing to act like an idiot with them possibly thinking she was already like that. So she'd managed to herd them in there, slammed the door, and put a chair up against it because she didn't actually know if they were capable of opening them.

But that course of action also posed a problem after a while, and at some point she was going to have to figure out what to do if they didn't just escape through a vent.

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Jaina had always been an explorer, so she'd gotten around handwavily a lot this summer. This place was no exception, and she'd spent part of her day checking the place out before finally settling at a tavern for some people-watching.

And she kept finding reasons to introduce herself to people because some of the names here were the weirdest.

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