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A lot of people probably wouldn't believe it, but Valentine's Day had actually been Jaina's favorite holiday before. You got flowers and an excuse to spend time with the person you loved, and then there was dancing and you went home together. What was there not to like about it? After the last year and a half or so of her life, though, she would much rather just pretend the holiday existed, even if she was being slightly better at the not closing herself off thing. She'd survived a week of ridiculousness, now all she had to do was make it through chaperoning the dance and teaching on the day itself and she'd be fine.

And as it turned out, she wasn't in as bad a mood as she thought she'd be when she got to her office today. Visitors wouldn't even get crabbed at as she tried to get class done a little early so she could still fit her normal training in. Blame the flowers she'd gotten at her place.
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Jaina meant to come in yesterday, but she hadn't managed to get around to it during the day. So today she headed in early to work on class, and when that was done faster than she had hoped, she found herself trying to stretch out time so she wouldn't be bored again. At the very least she could head off for training, but she just wanted to do something.

So she picked up her phone, intending to call John. She ended up having to leave a voicemail, figuring if he was interested he'd call her back, or text her something she could barely read thanks to his need to not spell out words.

And then remembering exactly what she'd said in the message, she realized she might need to add an addendum, so she left another quick voicemail. There. That should clear things up.

The bad thing was, even after the calls started coming in, there were just enough familiar faces to keep Jaina from figuring out what was going on and to return the calls. Mostly she was wondering what might have been said about her that so many people were talking to her about sex shops and dates.
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The anxiety that had started coming back upon Jaina's return to Fandom only got worse the closer it got to Tuesday. She knew she had to talk to her grandfather, she had no idea how it would go, and worse, she didn't know her own reaction to it. She didn't like sorting through things like this, so she'd been trying to avoid thinking about it. That was great for her mental state for the last week, but it wasn't so helpful now that the holiday was over.

And Jaina being Jaina, she of course tried to further avoid it via distraction. She'd started up training again yesterday (though that was in part because she was bored out of her ever loving mind), happy to find that while she wasn't 100%, she didn't feel bad save for a few muscle aches after a couple weeks off. Distraction also meant that the class she was working on today was maybe a little more complicated than usual, so... sorry, kids.

To think, her mother had thought she was the least complicated of the kids.

[I feel like posting tonight. Door and post open.]
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Jaina still wasn't feeling up to a lot when she finally got back to Fandom. She'd told everyone back home that she was feeling fine, which really meant that she could get around without constantly wincing, but things like just getting out of her StealthX hurt. Luckily she didn't have far to go from the junkyard to her apartment. Her boots were toed off at the door and her bag was tossed unceremoniously onto the counter, somewhere high that wouldn't require her to bend when she decided she was up for unpacking, and then retreated to the sofa. She'd spent far too much time in bed lately, and she was dismayed to find that the only position she could really be comfortable in now was one where she was nearly laying down. Whatever, at least here there was TV and something that would distract her away from the thoughts she didn't want in her head.

It wasn't easy, finding out that a family member you'd come to know and like in three years could be a child-killing wife-strangler, and she'd been stunned enough that she'd made a point of seeking Luke out despite any weirdness between them just to give him a hug. He'd warned her against coming back right after finding out something like this, but she'd been stubborn and insisted knowing this didn't change anything, and then on the flight back here she realized it did. She just kept thinking about it, wondering what exactly had happened to lead up to those events, feeling badly for Luke and Leia, wishing she'd been around more and been less of a defiant bitch so that she could be there for them when they found out... Worse, she knew she'd have to sit and wait on all these thoughts until she had a chance to talk to her grandfather, and she really wasn't looking forward to that.

Remembering that she'd told John she'd let him know when she got back, she decided to keep it simple with a text, and pulled the remote to her hand to find something to put on for background noise. She figured that wouldn't last long before she decided to get to her bed and just try a healing trance so she could shut off her brain.

[Open if you would like it to be.]
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Jaina could not be more relieved to wake up this morning feeling more normal than she had in a week. It was just a normal day, complete with training and not wanting to jump on anyone before heading into the office. It was a good thing, too; checking her messages meant she got the one from Luke asking her to come back for a mission. She couldn't imagine having to work like that, around Zekk, of all people. She was kind of excited to go back. It had been a long time, and if she was being asked onto assignments again, maybe it meant everyone was at least slightly less wary of/pissed at her.

This all meant that office hours today was spent not only working on class, but making a couple calls and trying to figure out if there was anything she needed to take care of before leaving tomorrow.
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Okay. So. Obviously this week was one of those weeks. The last time this had happened, Jaina was completely fine with it, due to having a boyfriend she could lock herself in a room with for a few days. When you were single and didn't have that option and this all hadn't ended after a few days, it wasn't as fun. It was frustrating. And you might think training might take some of the edge off, but no. It didn't.

She put up with that for two whole days before basically deciding screw it, if she was going to have this little friendly arrangement, this was a very good time to take advantage of it. Which was how she ended up heading over to MHA and knocking on the door of a certain basement apartment and thinking he better be home. And that no one else should be there.

[For he who rents said apartment.]
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Jaina had had a full day. Class, training to make up for what she'd missed, shopping for tonight because she was woefully underprepared... And there'd been a call home. Spending two days looking like Jacen had been a wakeup call in a few ways. First and foremost, looking like someone she was mad at every time she caught her reflection had really made her start to feel guilty. She had a perfectly good reason to be mad at Jacen for the stunt he'd pulled, but she had to get over it sometime. It didn't mean she had to trust him. Besides, if she did take that incident as a sign that he was leaning the way she feared he wouldn't, then maybe he didn't need her isolating herself from him.

So she'd swallowed her considerable pride and called. It wasn't too awkward, and when she said she had to end the transmission to start cooking, his reaction had actually been something like the old Jacen's would have been. Maybe there was a way to work at this.

But for now, she had that dinner to finish. Don't think that Jaina was trying to impress John, except for how she maybe was a little, but he'd offered the challenge and so she was rising to it. Of course it wouldn't be that simple, though. As soon as she tried straining the vegetables (by putting a plate up against the edge of the pot so that the water could drain out, because someone didn't own a colander), the steam was just enough to set off the smoke alarm.

"Oh come on," Jaina yelled at it. "I didn't even do anything!"

[For the possible food poisoning victim!]
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Jaina hated everything today.

One day as a guy, fine. Whatever, she'd deal, she'd done it before. Waking up as a guy for two days in a row meant she just wanted to hit things. She'd tried, too, but the fact was, training was just different with a body she wasn't used to. She could work certain muscles or do whatever drills she wanted, but it wasn't going to do any good; sure, it was interesting to see what you could do when you were taller and your strength came from somewhere different, but Jaina trained to work towards something. Working out because it was interesting was pointless. Also, looking like Jacen was really weird for reasons she probably didn't need to go into and some she hadn't expected.

She hadn't really planned to go to her office today, but now without training to do, and completely irritated, she figured she might as well plan out something simple for class tomorrow. If this continued, that was just going to cause problems she did not want to deal with.
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Jaina would have never figured that her first real office would be the one she had as a teacher at Fandom High. Nothing about it made any sense to her. Yet here she was.

She figured no one would be coming in on a holiday, so she wasn't too hard on herself for coming in later than planned when her training ran long. (Trust her, there were reasons for training to run long this morning.) Leaving the door open, she sat behind the desk, trying to get everything set up the way she wanted it.

You don't want to know how long it took her to get her chair to the right height. It was a little embarrassing.
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Jaina had finally caved and joined the rank of normal people. There'd been a cheap television acquired, nothing fancy, since she figured she'd really only be using it to have noise. But she had a TV. She also had cable. It wasn't legal, but that wasn't the point.

And once she'd figured class out for tomorrow, and then sent off a text, she curled up on her sofa with the remote, deciding it could be worth making sure everything worked right. And it was just her luck that the first thing she came upon was one of those annoying commercials about the girls sitting around a TV discussing birth control. Why couldn't those have gone away in the last month/five years?

Jaina looked around, saying dryly to no one, "If only I had girlfriends to discuss this with."

The sad thing was, it was kind of all downhill from there. Once she found out her options were pretty much Jersey Shore or something about Real Housewives, she'd probably give up.

[What, I said I was gonna do this for forever. Post is open, and no, you don't have to talk about birth control.]
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Jaina had had a good night that turned into a weird night that turned into a really rough morning involving a monster hangover.

Come afternoon, sleep, water, food and a few Jedi techniques had left her feeling fine except for some residual fuzzy-headedness and a slight headache, but it wasn't anything she couldn't deal with. Oh, and there was some embarrassment. She might not remember everything, exactly, but she remembered the important stuff and that was what mattered.

She was trying to ignore it in order to pack for her trip home, sticking to the essentials she'd need for a week Fandom time, and making calls to a few people to let them know she was going and that she'd be around till tonight. And she might have checked to make sure her comlink was packed about a dozen times already. Call her paranoid about leaving Anakin's messages behind.

[This is Jaina's last post in Fandom for a little while, not that she knows it yet. So, post is completely open, and if you want to be the recipient of one of Jaina's calls to come see her off, then she totally called you.
P.S. I can't help it, I just love giving her hangovers.]
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Last night Jaina had met with her dead little brother. It had kind of thrown off her week.

The weird thing was, Jaina mostly felt better for it. If you'd asked her three days ago how she would react to Anakin Solo wandering around and letting her hug him because she could actually touch him, she probably would have yelled and stomped off because that was a cruel question. But at the same time... she got to see Anakin again. It wouldn't ever fix things or make it all better, but at least there was some sort of closure. There was also a lot of guilt that the rest of her family back home didn't get that, questions of whether she should tell them about this, an urge to check on Tahiri, and then a listen to radio told her that her dead grandmother should be walking around here, too.

So a day later Jaina was going to the one person who just tended to add some sense of normalcy to even this sort of thing, and knocked on the door to #-1, hoping he was okay with this.

[For he who lives there.]
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It was Jaina's birthday, but she wasn't drawing that much attention to it. Last year had been her last "big" birthday for a while, and she'd spent that one newly single and depressed, headed to the bar alone. This year she was spending it more or less newly single and confused, and she was just skipping the hangover this time. Besides, years of living here while having two birthdays a year meant she kept reminding herself that she was turning twenty-two, not twenty-three, and if she couldn't remember her own age, what was the point?

Instead, to celebrate, Jaina was trying not to burn down her apartment. It had been touch and go there for a second. She'd thought it would be easy enough to just throw something in the oven and take it out after a certain amount of time, but then she'd stopped to answer a call from home, and then there had been a smoke detector going off, followed by a smoke detector being pulled from the wall by Force to make it shut the kriff up, and ruined food, followed by a decision to maybe call for Chinese.

[Door open for air circulation! Post is open too, but for different reasons, and SP till I get off work.]
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Jaina had had better newbie picnics. Since then she'd just had to bury herself in work and focus on that, because the alternative was something along the lines of potential depression. Some things she'd said she wanted to take back and wasn't sure she could, but she was still mostly confused as to where this had come from and how things ended up the way they had and how she'd obviously missed something or other.

At the moment she was curled up on the small sofa in her apartment, reading through a report she was making no progress on. After realizing that this was just not happening until she did something else first, she grabbed her phone to make a call, and then tried to resume her work.

Tried being the operative word.

[Door closed, post open. And so y'all know, it's fine to mod that Jaina told/Emailed/called with her address. Don't want anyone wondering where she is now omg.]
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Jaina had slept great when she'd been back home, and the first night back in her own room had practically been a relief. So it was disappointing to actually manage to sleep in later than she had been, only to wake up from more bad dreams. She wasn't pleased to have to come to grips with the fact that the cabins were just a trigger for them, and not the cause, but so sue her for being hopeful that it'd all get better immediately.

She was in an okay mood because she was busy repressing. She hadn't even gone straight for training for once, though she was dressed for it as she sat at her desk, going over some of the pieces of flimsi and other info she'd brought back from home. Real repression today meant making her brain work on anything else.

[Meanwhile I can't believe I'm wide awake this early again. Post is open if you're good with SP, door is closed but knockable.]
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It was the end of graduation weekend, and it still felt weird to Jaina that she hadn't left with her dad. She was getting more okay with it, though, when she looked back at the last three years and thought about what she would have missed out on if she hadn't been here in the town that kept insisting on breaking her brain. If whatever didn't kill you made you stronger, Jaina was pretty sure all this time in this town meant she might as well be made of durasteel at this point. And it helped to know that if she changed her mind, she could leave at any time. Don't think that hadn't been a huge thing to realize after some of the weirdness of the weekend. Like the actual graduation. Sigh.

Another huge help was the guy she was snuggled up next to in the bed, who she hadn't always expected to be here and didn't really want to let go of. In fact... "I have a new plan," she decided. "We just don't leave this room again."

[For that guy she's talking to!]
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Jaina knew full well what weekend it was. After the past two years, she expected it, even kind of looked forward to it. She was hoping John would be okay with it, though, because she understood kids you had in high school coming back all "Daddy!" a decade later might be a tiny bit weird.

It didn't stop her from dragging him out to get breakfast that morning, as was tradition. And as she led towards JGOB, she couldn't help looking around every so often in case of wee children throwing themselves in their direction.

[For that guy and those kids.]
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After a few days of attacking friends and killing monsters, it was all over, and Jaina was back in her room post-handwaved clinic visit. Don't think she was happy. Fighting a giant lizard had earned her a separated shoulder, complete with sling, and a lot of bruising and even more soreness. Don't think changing out of wet clothes hadn't been a challenge, either. She didn't think she'd ever cursed as much as she had while trying that, and that was saying something.

There was a quick trip to the common room, and now she was sitting on the bed in sleep pants and a tank top, icing her shoulder and frowning at the bruises like that would make them go away.

[Mostly going to be a linkdrop, but door and post are open.]
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Since John got into town, it'd be lying to say Jaina had been a little worried about him. Really, it'd be lying to say she wasn't worried before that. But even if he seemed fine, she thought she knew him well enough to not buy into it. So she was taking advantage of the weather and surprising him. After all, the bike down here was still his, still nicely maintained which happened when you left it in the care of a mechanic, and it'd be a shame not to use it.

He'd probably have some idea of where they were going if he remembered the way down here, but it wasn't till they got inside that she asked teasingly, "Think you still remember how to ride one of these, or should I put the clinic on alert?"

[For the bike owner!]
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Jaina had mostly been asleep when she got the voicemail, which meant she was asleep through the actual message but heard the beeping that said she had a new message, please check it.

And once she heard it, forget calling, she was packing up some basics because she knew once she left she wouldn't be seeing much of her room for as long as he was in town, and headed down to the hotel. After checking which room he was in, she headed upstairs, knocking on the door. And if he didn't answer, she could pick the lock.

[For he who is in the room!]
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Jaina was spending a good part of her morning on the mainland today, trying to get done all the errands done that she needed to in one day because she'd been putting them off long enough to make a trip to the mainland worth it. It just happened that she ended up accosted by two little girls in uniform at a table she hadn't spotted on her way in as she was leaving the store, and was asked, "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?"

Um. "I'm probably not the person you want to be selling those to," Jaina said slowly, eyeing the boxes warily. Especially the green ones.

"It's for a really good cause," one of the girls said, looking so earnest that Jaina almost felt bad. True, these kids were probably not hurting for sales, but it was hard to say no.

Except... there was no possible way she could eat them. Once your boyfriend had been a whore of a Thin Mint- twice- you tended to be biased against eating them. "How about I give you the money and you keep the cookies?" she offered.

"We can't. We have to match our inventory," the second girl said with a sage nod.

She frowned, then dug into her purse. Yes, she carried one out in the real world. Shut up. "Fine. I'll take a box," she agreed, though she immediately began wondering what happened in the cookie boxes when they weren't opened.

"Just one?" the first girl asked. "You could buy one from each of us..."

The frown deepened. "Look into politics, kid," she said, and handed over enough for a second box of something she wouldn't be able to eat without feeling really wrong. At the very least it should make for an interesting E-mail.

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The comlink project was turning out to be harder than Jaina had intended, but she was determined to get it done. Even if it meant getting Lowie on the comm to instruct her on how to do it. That was not going well. There was no mistaking the frustration in Jaina's voice, and while a bystander might not understand the growls and such coming from the other end of the line, there was frustration happening there, too.

"I have an idea," Jaina said finally, rubbing a temple. "Think you can get one set up from there and send it to me?"

Lowie grumbled his agreement at that, to which she replied good-naturedly, "Good Wookiee."

And yet as soon as the call was over Jaina was trying again, because again, determined.

[Door and post open post-call.]
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John was headed back to Colorado tonight, and Jaina was on her way home tomorrow. It'd be nice to just keep him here as long as possible, but duty called. After the dinner last night, today was mostly having some time in.

In front of the TV. Watching curling on the Olympics. The fact that they were actually doing this made Jaina wonder when they became That Couple. Eh. It was nice to act like a normal couple who'd been together for years for the tiny bit that it'd last. The sport itself made a lot more sense given their history, even if she was on her third, "No, really, this is in the Olympics?"

[For the boy, and pretend I can write a post.]
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Valentine's Day this year was sort of being done on the fly, which was more than fine by Jaina. She'd been expecting to just ignore the holiday altogether. She and John had had the dance last night, and today involved movie night. Because someone had to finally find out what "twitterpated" meant, and apparently a viewing of the meta for Bambi was the only way that was going to happen.

So after getting everything set up and getting the movie started and getting comfortable, Jaina noticed, "This is a cartoon."

Someone also had apparently not come to realize that animation was not always an insult to anyone over the age of five, but then again, she'd met Jar Jar Binks.

[For he whose room it is.]
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If it wasn't for the fact that Jaina was still keeping an eye on Adrian for Rose and Dimitri, she probably would have just headed out of town this weekend. She was twitchy and worried and the fact that Valentine's Day was tomorrow meant she wasn't doing as well at repressing her fears about why she hadn't heard from John in thirty-three days. It just made his absence harder to ignore. Worse, she kept formulating theories on what could have happened, like maybe he'd been hurt, or maybe things went really badly, or maybe he was so happy with his new team family he didn't want to come back. That last thought only lasted about a second, but the part of her that had gotten completely jealous of the way Ronon talked about it definitely went there. You'd think that being able to attack things with logic, or having experienced this kind of worry before, and recently, with her parents might have made things better, but here she was.

Once she was sure she was done with vampire duty till tonight, she went to take just a tiny bit more time training than she usually did, and came back to her room for a long shower feeling marginally better. And then she found a seat on her bed, checking tonight's TV listings on her phone to decide if she wanted to venture into a common room for entertainment rather than going to the dance, or sit in her room and pretend she wasn't worrying/sulking rather than going to the dance.

[For one, but the door's open if you really want to show up before.]
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Jaina found that the morning of the day that she had to leave, or John had to leave, was never really easy for her. She didn't complain, reminding herself that it'd be practically no time at all for her and that no seriously she'd kick his ass if he came back married again, and since he seemed all right about it, that made it more okay. At any rate, she was pretty set on enjoying the time until he had to go.

So she was in a pretty okay mood by the time room service came by, and after she closed the door she brought the tray over to the bed. "You may not have to eat for the rest of the day after this," she warned.

[For that guy.]
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Sometimes all you really needed was a day to react to something completely irrationally. (Though to be completely fair, say Chuck Bass had a date with your sixteen-year-old mother. Are you going to take that well? Exactly.) After going out last night and threatening/actually kind of talking to Chuck, Jaina wasn't good with this, but she might actually be able to handle it like an adult.

...After the raging hangover ended. It had to say something that she'd woken up with far more of these in the last few months than she had in two and a half years of being here, but at least she didn't have class today and didn't need to start training or working until she was good and ready. Wait, was that her comlink going off? Of course it was.

Groaning and pulling herself out of bed despite the fact that her entire body starting with her head seemed to be protesting any sort of movement, she found her comlink and prepared herself to have to feign sober and healthy to manage talking about work. She thought this might be what it felt like to actually act twenty-one, and decided maybe she'd just start acting like she was twenty-two.

[Establishy, though if you want to add to her headache post-call, I can deal with SP if you can.]
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For years John had talked about sending the office a gift basket for giving him a single room. Jaina wondered if it was possible to revoke one that had never been sent for the fact that she was now living next door to her alternate universe sixteen-year-old mother. But it was okay so far. It was weird, but not as bad as she thought it might be.

Tonight she was taking it kind of easy, sending off a reply E-mail to that guy in Antarctica, when she felt a disturbance in the Force.

"Why do I suddenly want to kill things?" she wondered aloud.

[Establishy. THEY MADE ME.]
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Jaina was really regretting getting John that Snuggie for his twenty-sixth birthday, for the simple fact that he never seemed to want to take it off. She'd raised an eyebrow when he said that he wanted it, and moreso when she actually had to go buy one and it was suddenly reality, but she'd figured it was something that he'd think was cool for a day and that'd be it.


And after a while of watching him walk around in it today, she finally just had to say it. "Why do I think I'm being replaced by a sheet of fabric with holes?"

[For the Snuggie wearer. For shame.]
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Christmas 2008 had been spent aboard Ralroost, waiting as John healed up from being impaled during a mission. Since then there'd been a couple more Christmases, to the point that Jaina had absolutely no problem taking some time to go home. The new Jedi Academy was barely at the beginning stages of being built, she had potential mission stuff to talk over with Luke, and she hadn't gotten to spend hardly any time at all with tiny Ben before coming back to Fandom last time. Holidays were supposed to be about family, and she was all about that this year.

And getting to bring John with her was an unexpected bonus. Her family had to be wtfing at her when she left a room, but that was fine. She knew it was confusing. There was happiness going on here, that's what counted.

After spending some time with everyone, Jaina led John back to the room (Han, being the type of dad he was, had insisted on them having two separate rooms, and Jaina had said fine and then completely disregarded this), asking, "Is it weird to be back here?"

[NFB for distance, SP is a yay, and for that guy she showed up with.]

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