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Jaina had opinions on Valentine's Day: it was awesome when you were with someone, depressing when you were single, and she didn't want to know what it was when you had a boyfriend but you were both in different galaxies. Did it matter that they didn't celebrate it back home? No. No it did not.

So while working on this week's class she called Jag to make sure he'd actually be around if she came to visit next week, and that went straight to his office, where she finally out-stubborned Ashik into telling her Jag was in his simulator and would be sure to call her when he got out.

Jaina ended the call, and the first words out of her mouth were, "...Of course he bought a simulator."

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Jaina was currently in the middle of a battle of wills with someone who wasn't even paying attention to her.

When she'd last been on Bastion, Jag had still been getting settled in the job and amassing personnel that he trusted. She'd known he'd gotten an assistant, a blue-skinned Chiss male who went by Ashik, and she'd had messages passed through him when Jag was unable to talk himself. This was her first time meeting him, though.

Jaina had come out here to spend a few days with her family and a few with Jag, which had turned into her accompanying him on a semi-official Jedi basis to Hapes tomorrow while he dealt with some problems. So they'd agreed to make tonight date night, but he'd had to push that back due to work. Jaina didn't mind- and by the way, if anyone needed proof of how much she'd changed through the years, she was now dating a man with the same job her mother had had, albeit for a different government, and she didn't throw fits over it anymore- and after it'd gotten pushed back a second time, she came to the office to surprise him. And Ashik had insisted that Jag was not to be disturbed.

Jaina wasn't very good at being told she couldn't do something. She was a Solo; if someone told you no, you just found a different way to to get things done. So she'd tried talking her way in to the office. She'd tried arguing. She'd tried just walking in there and bribery and all-out threats, and Ashik had just calmly told her that he could let Head of State Fel know that she was waiting for him.

This was why Jaina had been sitting in the waiting room outside Jag's office for the last hour and a half now, unsure of whether this lesson she was receiving was Ashik's or Jag's doing. She wasn't even playing with her phone to pass the time, she was just sitting and waiting and glaring, and Ashik never gave any indication that he even realized she was in the room unless she got up, and then she swore he was preparing himself to call security again.

She'd wait him out. She'd win this one.

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