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Since Abeloth had been defeated, Jaina had been just slightly busy. Luke still wasn't recovered from whatever happened to him beyond shadows, so she'd been spending a lot of time at the medical center. Then there was helping to take out the rest of the Sith that had been on Coruscant. And getting used to her new duties as a Master. And dealing with the fallout of the Sith knowing who Allana was, which meant that she'd be going home to her actual mother soon. And packing up her quarters at the Temple to move into her own place with her former Head of State fiance. And finally, finally getting to plan her kriffing wedding.

And so when she actually had some time to herself, she sent along a message to people: It's finally happening. The wedding's Saturday, June 20, out here. Fancy invitations with details to follow, this is just the probably tacky save the date. :)

Then she went back to packing things up, and wondering how weird it'd be if she showed up to the new place with a box full of boxes of dirt.

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Though Jaina wouldn't admit it aloud (probably), she kind of liked being called into Council meetings. Before she'd have been brought in to be given an assignment, usually, or to get yelled at, but it seemed like since she'd come back here they'd taken to actually utilizing the Sword of the Jedi more. She had no idea whether it had anything to do with the fact that her parents got invited to these a lot, too, but she wasn't sure that mattered. She just liked having more of a hand in doing things.

She didn't like having the table in her quarters covered with datapads and flimsis as she tried to do research, though, and she was regretting now that she hadn't just taken over a section of the library. At least then she'd have some sort of distraction for when her eyes just refused to look at anything anymore.

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Jaina's portal was delayed. She had no idea how a portal could be delayed, but here she was. After a while of waiting at the causeway, she'd come to the beach, figuring that if she was going to be stuck waiting, she should at least get a change of scenery.

Watching the waves made her think too much, though. About her grandfather and Tiny Mom, about how certain things just kept popping up through the years, even about how much her thinking had changed since she was sixteen. That was when she'd check her datapad to read up on what was going on on Corellia, because potential conflict was a happier subject.

Or she'd check on her portal's ETA and curse at the very idea of gnomes when she saw it was delayed again. How?


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Jaina had never been so happy to get called home. There was really nowhere she wanted to be less than Fandom right now, even if home wasn't exactly happy. At least at home she was nearby if if they got word on any of her missing family members. Because every single one of them was just that. Luke, Mara and Jacen had been off the radar for weeks, and Han and Leia had dropped out of contact- again- sometime over the weekend. As worrisome as it was, it was becoming normal for the Skywalker-Solos.

Her need for escape didn't even come from the weirdness of the weekend. Sure, she'd kissed people she shouldn't have and slept with someone she really shouldn't have, but that's what happened here. It was all so absurd she couldn't really take it seriously, no matter what insanity had taken place.

No, the killer was thinking being just friends with John was going well, only to end up hearing "I still love you so I can't talk to you anymore." She wasn't depressed. No, she'd even woken up pissed off, and in a way it felt good just to be able to be mad about it without worrying about ruining something, since it was too late for that. Logically, she understood his point. But mostly, if any one person could ever make her feel worse than she did now, she never, ever wanted to know about it. Even worse than getting broken up with as friends was the fact that Jaina knew that even if he were to change his mind, she'd hit her limit. She just didn't have the emotional stamina to keep up with what the last six weeks had brought her anymore.

So the door was open while she packed for home, and if she was packing more than usual, there was a part of her that was seriously hoping that she could turn it into an extended break.

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While this weekend had had its good points, it had also had its bad, and by Monday Jaina had figured that she'd put off resolving one of those issues long enough. Namely, setting things straight with her mother.

cut for call )

Roughly half an hour later, Jaina had placed a call to Jacen begging forgiveness, and a call to John, and was really wondering who she had to yell at.

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After saying goodbye to Luke, Jaina wasn't really in the mood to be social. For oh, about a year now she'd been thinking that she was on her own here without anyone watching after her or telling her what to do, but the reality was that she just didn't have anyone from her reality for that. Knowing that she really was going to be on her own was a little odd now. And maybe a tiny bit depressing. Shhh.

So she'd closed herself off in her alcove for now, paging through a datapad even though mainly she was focusing on internally touching base with Jacen. It was nice to know that even a galaxy away, she could still do that.

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Before heading to class, Jaina had a voicemail from John announcing he was going out of town. It was only annoying for a little while, and then she realized she'd just have to settle for bitching at him some when he got back and went on with her day. Which kind of disappointingly wouldn't be filled with exploring or flying or setting horses free. ...She should really mention that last thing to Karal.

She spent part of her afternoon in the junkyard, finally finding a broken toaster that looked suitable to bring back and fix. She didn't feel like the garage today. Instead she sat on the floor of her room with parts scatterred around her as she took the thing apart so she could put it back together, definitely not thinking about things other than missing her boyfriend for a couple days.

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Jaina had had a pretty busy day, playing Space Vampires and trying to break into Anakin's shuttle and all, but she was bored. She was bored and Jacen wasn't here, so she was going to have to make her own fun. Which meant she had to go exploring.

It was probably best not to ask how she found the entrance into the sewers, except that she had a lot of practice wandering into the lower levels of Coruscant, and this was pretty much the reason she came down here at all. She didn't like it, though. It was boring and it made her want to take a bath and there was something wrong with anything that made her want to do that.

She sighed and thought about giving up and seeing if the ruins of that one building would be any fun, but kept going for a while anyway, just in case. And she lucked out when she saw the little gremlin, who saw her at the same time, and they both stopped in their tracks. She knew it was a bad idea to go near it, but it looked more scared than harmful, or at least she thought so in all her infinite six-year-old wisdom, so it was probably okay. And Jacen didn't have one yet and they didn't even have gremlins back home.

"Wait right there!" she ordered, and took off running to get back to the surface.

She returned some time later with a box for the gremlin to go in, but it didn't listen to her and wandered off, and no matter how far she kept walking, she couldn't find it again. Finally she gave up and turned around, muttering things about stupid gremlins.
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Jaina had not had a great couple days. Between getting kidnapped, electrocuted at random but persistent intervals for two days, turning on a fellow classmate and then having to drag her uncle to the clinic, she figured she was about done for the week. She stopped off at her room long enough to clean up, threw her still-damp hair back and headed upstairs to knock on John's door. Just because.

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The last couple of days had left Jaina with a lot to think about, which of course meant she didn't want to. Instead, she'd spent her time after leaving her grandfather's office in the flight simulator, going over a couple of the newer sim programs she'd gotten a hold of and focusing on that for a while.

And then when she'd been in there long enough, she'd gotten it into her head to call Colonel Darklighter when she got back to her room. It wasn't that she was trying to run away or anything like that, but it was in the back of her head that she'd been cleared for reentrance into the Rogues for a month now, and it had been longer than that back home. She had things that were causing her issues, and this was one she could do something about just by sort of poking her CO, and that would make her feel better in general.

Except that she ended up having to leave a message, and there went that. Jaina kind of figured she might want to just write this week off.

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After yesterday's trip into the common room, Jaina decided maybe she'd stick to her own room today, at least until she knew this current bout of Fandom weirdness was over. She could only deal with so much patheticness in one weekend and she was pretty sure she'd filled her quota of being yelled at, cried at and accused of liking other boys better.

So until then she was going to keep working on her homework. With the door closed.

[It's still knockable, though.]
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When Jaina got back to her room, she found a few packages outside her door. She hadn't expected anything, considering she still had zero idea what the holiday was even about, but she appreciated it. And upon going inside and opening them, she realized that this was another one of those things she could never tell her aunt about Luke.

The common room and the former six or seven feet of hair that she'd spent a really large portion of her Christmas Eve chopping into a reasonable length above her shoulders had kept her busy for a while, but she wasn't doing well giving herself any time to think. There were things she was very specifically trying to avoid thinking about, thanks. Alone time wasn't conducive to avoidance.

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For all of Jaina's worrying that she didn't have a job anymore, new orders came in anyway when she wasn't expecting them. Well, that answered that question. The Vong had started closing in on the Corellian Run, which meant they were starting to invade the Core Worlds, and so the Rogues were being deployed to try and fight them off before they got any closer than they already were. They were simple orders, and shouldn't take that long.

It wasn't even a big deal to go back out. She wanted to get back in a ship, sure, but maybe she'd already stopped thinking of fighting as something to look forward to. It was a job. She'd go there, rack up some more kills, come back to school. At least she had a better idea now of how time there equated to Fandom time.

After leaving a few voicemails, she started packing a bag, not exactly sure when they'd call her again to come meet the transport.

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With the time change she didn't quite understand, Jaina had seen an opportunity to get some more sleep and have a nice easy day. This didn't work out as planned, though, as her body and brain had both decided they'd already had the required amount of sleep, thanks, and she'd gotten up to go and practice some drills because it was much less boring than laying there.

When she got back and cleaned up, she was almost tempted to head down to the garage for a while. Maybe it was the recent transmissions home or certain conversations she'd been having lately, but she was getting a bit restless knowing there was nothing she could do from here. It was a new feeling, one she didn't like, and while she knew she should probably learn to deal with it, she didn't see that happening. Still, staying in for five more minutes was showing an effort, right?

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Between the end of Parents Weekend (including the meeting she was glad went as well as it did), Fandom finding even more ways to scar her, and other things, Jaina was having a pretty interesting week so far.

Some parts of it (okay, the Parents Weekend parts only), she knew she had to actually update people about, especially since it was official that she wouldn't be going home permanently for a while. Which was why she'd started recording a transmission to her mother before realizing talking about how great her weekend with her dad was might not be such a great idea, and had resumed sitting there and trying to figure out what to say.

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After meeting up with her father and aunt in town, experiencing brain breaky all the way around and seeing her uncle totally hit on Mara, Jaina brought them up to the dorms to show them around. She might have been a little excited about it. She'd been on her own for a few months now, but she couldn't exactly show her family where she was staying when she was on the Ralroost, due to the fact that military pilots didn't get to do that sort of thing. But she could show them this, and they could see that she was, in fact, doing okay, and they didn't need to worry about her here.

"And this is my room," she said, opening the door to let them in.

[For Han and Mara, but if you really wanna visit, the door's knockable.]
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Jaina had woken up early and been unable to get back to sleep, which had nothing to do with the realization that tomorrow her dad and aunt would be here. Nor did it have anything to do with that niggling little paranoia that certain meetings might cause the authorities to be called, or entre sections of the island to be blown up or something.

She'd spent a good part of her early hours handwavily at the salle for some drills before coming back to clean up and change, following it up with some good old-fashioned room cleaning. Because she didn't want to get that Look and be told to clean it, yes. Shhh.

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Jaina had gone for a run, figured out she didn't actually remember the course she'd done with John because she'd been distracted pretty much the whole time, and created her own. She'd been gone long enough that by the time she got back to the room, she was more than happy to shower and change, and sit down with a datapad for a while like she'd been lazy all day.

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It took her a week, but Jaina finally spent some time with her comlink updating Jacen on some of the things that had been going on. There were a few things she left out (you know, different versions of their uncle and his astromech and also the commanding officer of Rogue Squadron being here, meeting a most-likely-long-dead-by-now Jedi from the past, their grandfather being alive and atoning for stuff and also seeming to like her flying, Siegfried and Roy, and the fact that she'd already had a date), focusing instead on the people she was meeting and her workshops and her big sister and roommate and her cabinmates and how had she met so many people already?

Jacen hadn't been able to talk much about what he was doing, which was disappointing, but she knew that would have to happen. It was also probably the main reason that as soon as they'd ended the call, she got out her multitool to start fixing the other two comlinks she had to give to people. Dammit, she wanted more information without having to wait for someone to send her something.

She was very focused, and could probably use a distraction.

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Jaina probably broke the record for most brain breakage in a single day. She met her teenage uncle, found out her grandfather is alive in a 25-year-old cloned body and teaching a workshop she's taking, and the current leader of Rogue Squadron is staying right across the cabin. Her other cabinmates seem nice enough, but still, ow her head. And she feels weirdly naked without her lightsaber.

She closed the curtain to her alcove, setting up to record a quick message back to Mara. She'd said she wanted to know how things went, but as soon as Jaina was ready to speak, all she could say was "..."

Starting again, she found it was easier to leave it simple. "I'm here, everything's fine. And there's a lot I can't tell you because I think we need to be in the same room where you can tell I'm not lying. All I'm saying is that if you got your information from one of Karrde's people, they need to get a Lecture for not doing enough research. Nothing I can't handle, though. Update me when you can."

With that, she ended the transmission, and set up to go to sleep.

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