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The last time Jag had texted for Jaina, she'd been in the hospital after the worst day of her life.

This time, the setting was similar, but the reasons were very different.

Once everything had settled down and Jag had finally kicked everybody out to let the family spend some time alone, Jaina asked him to get a picture of the twins and send out a message to those who'd want to know. She'd have done it herself, but she'd done enough today, thank you.

So along with a picture of two little, wrinkly baby boys, they'd get the message, Meet Dax and Daniel. They and Jaina are doing well.

"You couldn't have spiced that up a little?" Jaina asked when she saw what he'd sent.

"And how would you have wanted me to do that?" Jag asked.

"Tell them that if they say my babies look like Yoda I'll end them as soon as I can feel my legs again."

"Ah. You should lead with that next time."

[If you think you got it, you did! Open for calls and texts.]
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On one hand, Jaina hated diplomatic missions and didn't think she was any good at them. On the other hand, at least she was getting out to do things, and she was getting better at the diplomacy thing. And sure, she had to bring a bodyguard still, but he was in back during the flight, while Jaina got to hang out in the cockpit and he slightly bored.

Naturally this meant getting the phone out. She took a picture out the viewport of the hyperspace lines (which took more tries than she would ever admit to to get something not-blurry) and sent it off.

Because really, if nothing else it was pretty.

[open for calls and texts! As always if you think you got it, you did!]
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Jaina had an office now, which was probably a good thing when she was still cranky about yesterday and wasn't much fun to be around. Besides, being stuck out here in a mostly strange place where she cranky didn't know enough about how everything worked meant that she had a lot to research, especially if she was going to be in charge of it. It was interesting, too, even beyond seeing how they told history as opposed how she had always learned it.

She shouldn't have had the news on in the background, though, because as soon as she heard her name mentioned she got irritated all over again. She didn't like being cooped up till the bodyguard thing was settled, she still hated the bodyguard thing anyway, she wasn't happy that There's had to be a conversation about whether or not it was safer to announce the pregnancy sooner rather than later because she didn't want to have to make a public announcement.

So when everything these days felt out of control for her, Jaina decided to do the one thing she did have control over, by picking up her phone and sending a text.

1. I'm gonna be a mom
2. I'm an empress now
3. How are you?

Eh, they'd only really been waiting to tell their families first anyway.

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Since Abeloth had been defeated, Jaina had been just slightly busy. Luke still wasn't recovered from whatever happened to him beyond shadows, so she'd been spending a lot of time at the medical center. Then there was helping to take out the rest of the Sith that had been on Coruscant. And getting used to her new duties as a Master. And dealing with the fallout of the Sith knowing who Allana was, which meant that she'd be going home to her actual mother soon. And packing up her quarters at the Temple to move into her own place with her former Head of State fiance. And finally, finally getting to plan her kriffing wedding.

And so when she actually had some time to herself, she sent along a message to people: It's finally happening. The wedding's Saturday, June 20, out here. Fancy invitations with details to follow, this is just the probably tacky save the date. :)

Then she went back to packing things up, and wondering how weird it'd be if she showed up to the new place with a box full of boxes of dirt.

[I have no idea how to do GFFA invites, so this is it. Anyone who wants to show is invited, this message went out to anyone who wants to have gotten it. Open for replies!]
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The fact was, Jaina was disturbingly used to spending long stretches of time closed off somewhere with no food or showers while things tried to kill/hurt her. None of that was actually bothering her. She was bothered by things she'd seen in a couple rooms, but she was repressing that by being sort of vaguely worried about her grandfather without exactly knowing why.

But none of that was why there wasn't class today. It was just that once Jaina realized what day it was (why did it feel like Tuesday?), she'd already missed her shift at one job and it was too late to come up with something for today's class with how exhausted she was. Besides, she was sure a lot of people were still either hiding out or passed out. So she sent an email this morning telling her students that class was canceled, but that she'd be in her office if anyone needed her or wanted handwavy private flight shed time. What, shooting could be cathartic.

So she was in her office with coffee, going through messages from home. She could go weeks at a time without being able to contact her family, so they hadn't even noticed she was gone... at least not on their own. Jag had noticed, though, and he'd contacted her parents yesterday, and now she had worried messages from more than a few people. Hopefully 'There was a Fandom thing, I'll explain later' was an acceptable explanation for now...

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There were no gremlins today. Jaina had checked her office thoroughly as soon as she got in, and with the coast clear, she sat down to work at her desk.

The thing was, when you knew there was a possibility of gremlins due to experience, a check of the place didn't mean you weren't slightly paranoid that any little noise might not be the sign of something you had to kick a lot without it biting you. So, you know, it was going to be that kind of day.

[Open office hours!]
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Normally Jaina wasn't an antisocial person, but she'd taken to staying in her quarters a lot since she got out of the hospital. When she did, to grab dinner (one could not survive on a kiddie pool of fruit alone) or to sneak into a training room against orders not to, she tended to do it on off hours when she knew no one was really around. There were too many condolences from random people, too many stares or whispers from others, and you could just forget going outside the Temple for a while until the story died down some. She could deal with herself and her own conscience just fine, but the general public was another story. One step at a time here.

Besides, she could call people and people could call her and she didn't have any shortage of visitors, so no one could say she was really isolating herself. She had pictures of an alternate universe little brother as a kitten to prove it. And the fact that really having nothing to do was driving her crazy was probably a good thing. Meant that she was at least still herself, or something.

On the bright side, she was getting really good at Angry Birds Space.

and then there was a visitor )

and later, a call )

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Ever since Mara died, 100% of Jaina's focus had been on training, on getting better, on honing her skills, on thinking that all she had to do was take out the other person and it didn't matter what happened to her. Maybe it had been some protective thing, trying to avoid what she'd been like after Anakin died, who knew. And now that it was out there, she was really pretty upset about it: not because Jag was mean (he'd done the right thing) or because people knew (they'd find out she intended to face Jacen eventually) but because with it out there she had to deal with it and she simply didn't know how to face it.

She wasn't really inclined to go against Jag's orders, but with training off the table she just didn't know what to do with herself. Games couldn't hold her focus, and so she'd resorted to the same thing she did when she was a kid to cope: she'd found her astromech, located the area Jag had been using to work on his suit, and borrowed his tools to work on tinkering with her droid. It was a different way for her to focus, using different skills than just the physical, and after a while of it she'd actually begun to feel better.

Better enough to reach out to people for the first time since before Ossus and send a quick text reading Still alive, I promise.

She had no idea how much longer that might be true, but for the moment...

[Open for calls and texts and such! If you think you got the text, you did.]
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Jaina wasn't going to the funeral, which she had mixed feelings about. She wanted to be there, for Luke and Ben and her parents, but the same little part of her that had tried to skip out on her own brother's funeral just wanted to get away. That wasn't why she was missing it, though. After killing Lumiya and learning afterwards that there was no way that she could have killed Mara, Luke gave the task force new orders to find Alema, because she had to have done it.

Alema had to be found, yes. She was a threat, a Dark Jedi, and crazy as all get out. But the trail didn't make sense, and while Jaina couldn't voice or even admit to herself what she feared... she knew deep down that Alema was no real match for Mara.

Between that and the thought that she had to buckle down and be (even more) serious about what they were headed into, she'd had a little Talk with Jag and Zekk when she told them what happened. She would like to say that she handled it like a mature adult, but in reality she'd snapped something like "I'm not sleeping with anyone and that's final." Then they'd sat down and decided as a slightly uncomfortable team what their game plan was, which meant leaving immediately.

She had a few hours on Coruscant now. She'd made time to find Ben already, before calling the one in Fandom. It wasn't long enough, but she'd really felt the need to reassure him that it'd be all right, and that he'd be all right, because she knew he would, and he knew she knew. And then she had just enough time to regroup and pack up for another trip that would take an undetermined amount of time and head on out.

She was starting to feel like a pro at that.

[Open, as this is the last chance to talk to her for a bit. Not that she knows this yet.]
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Zekk's surgery was taking a while. While Jacen had gone to the Anakin and Luke and Mara had taken Ben back to Coruscant immediately, Jaina was staying on Hapes till Zekk was released to go back to Coruscant as well. She told herself staying in the waiting area just meant she could be alone, away from everyone. She was beyond mad at Jacen, she was mad at Ben and scared for him and wondering if kidnapping him for deprogramming wasn't an option, mad at Mara for not putting a stop to things before, mad at Tenel Ka for standing up for Jacen, trying to figure out what might not get Mara killed, worried about Zekk...

And selfishly, that old fear was creeping back. That fear that said that even if she was left standing at the end of all of this, there wouldn't have anyone or anything else left.

Not that she was going to voice that concern to anyone, and so she was turning to distraction by checking her messages to see what she'd missed since boarding Rover. Days old message from Fandom's Ben saying May the fourth be with her (which, fine, got a smile out of her), a couple messages from her Tahiri wondering why Jaina kept calling her so much...

Returning that message took all of thirty seconds without an answer, and then Jaina was left with nothing but her thoughts again, and deciding she had to come up with a hobby for times like this.

[I am off to the Avengers for a bit, but totally open for calls, texts, emails, etc.]
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Jaina's portal was delayed. She had no idea how a portal could be delayed, but here she was. After a while of waiting at the causeway, she'd come to the beach, figuring that if she was going to be stuck waiting, she should at least get a change of scenery.

Watching the waves made her think too much, though. About her grandfather and Tiny Mom, about how certain things just kept popping up through the years, even about how much her thinking had changed since she was sixteen. That was when she'd check her datapad to read up on what was going on on Corellia, because potential conflict was a happier subject.

Or she'd check on her portal's ETA and curse at the very idea of gnomes when she saw it was delayed again. How?


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It had taken more convincing than Jaina would have liked, but when she got some time, she was able to take Ben on a little trip, like she'd told that other Ben she would. It was mainly for her to check in with him and make sure things were going all right and there weren't any red flags, but there'd been a very large red flag right from the start: she had no idea why she had to convince Jacen to let Ben go instead of his parents.

The trip itself had been... fine? Jaina got the distinct impression that Ben would rather not go at all, but he'd been okay. And if she was being honest with herself, she and Ben didn't seem to connect the same way that they used to. She hadn't worked out training him, but she'd always looked out for him and he'd always been really glad to see her, and now he just... wasn't. He just thought he had more important things to do, because he was twelve and that's how twelve-year-olds (especially ones paired to train with self-important jerks) started to think. Then Jaina had gotten him to help her out in tinkering with the ship they'd been traveling on and things had been just fine, because he was twelve and some things don't change.

She'd gone back to her quarters to check her messages, unpacking while she listened. And when she got to the one from her grandfather, she immediately began piling the things she'd just taken out of her bag back in.

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It had been surprisingly easy for Jaina to be relieved from her assignment. She got the feeling the Council had realized that she was going to do whatever she wanted to do anyway so it was easier to just go along with it, but in reality she'd sounded worried enough when she called Luke that he'd agreed maybe she should go. And fine, maybe she felt guilty about leaving again to go running off to Fandom, but she kept reassuring herself that it wasn't like she didn't work her ass off at home, and in cases where you had a bad feeling about something, it was best to go with it.

So it was back to Coruscant for a whole couple hours and then off to the Portalocity terminal, where even though she'd booked her portal via her phone, they claimed they'd lost her reservation when she got there.

this got sorta long )

[Establishy, and I think I am going to all-out make her life hell this weekend.]
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While last week's Portalocity email had maybe made Jaina a little paranoid, she'd talked to enough people since then to be reassured that at least she could talk to people. And then came today's email, with words like "have become almost impossible to contact" and there went all that reassurance. Nice going, Portalocity.

Luckily she was playing bodyguard for a diplomat right now, which wasn't exactly high-maintenance work most of the time, so she had more time to hang out by herself and make calls to people to make sure she could still get in touch with them.

That whole pushing people away thing was obviously going great.

[If you think you got a call, you did. Pick up!]
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Her time in Fandom had pretty much done exactly what Jaina had needed it to do: she'd had time to heal up, and while she still felt off, getting back some degree of normalcy had helped a lot. Maybe this was what happened when you coped like a normal person? When she arrived at the Temple, she went straight to the Masters, ready to explain what she'd been doing in Panem and why, and take whatever lumps she had to. She knew she could do so calmly, without coming off like she'd been traumatized or completely angry.

Of course, that was shot to hell the second Corran mentioned that she'd been gone for almost a month, when she should have only been gone two weeks. It made things a little more difficult, trying to talk about how running off was the right thing to do when you were trying so hard not to think about what it had meant the last time time had sped up for her.

Jaina didn't get an answer today, but she knew there'd be some sort of punishment, even if it was getting stuck in the kitchen for the next month. At the moment, that was a secondary concern. When she was free to leave she'd immediately gone to her quarters and got her phone, sending a quick text to multiple contacts reading: Time kriffing sped up again. How are you? and then waited for the messages to bounce back at her. If they did, she'd know she'd been cut off from Fandom again for who knew how long.

Everything went through just fine.

With a sigh of relief, Jaina decided she'd stick to her room for a while, unpacking, doing some quick math to figure this out, and waiting to see if anyone responded. She'd be cursing to herself in the meanwhile.

[Open for calls, texts or emails! If you want to have gotten the message and know about the time speed, you totally got it.]
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When Jaina first arrived four/eleven years ago, she hadn't thought she'd be here this long. At times she'd practically been running for the nearest portal that would take her anywhere but here. So the fact that she was even a little bit upset about leaving Fandom now was kind of a shock to her. She never once thought she'd be leaving here feeling even the slightest bit centered, or thinking that maybe dating shouldn't be off-limits forever (she knew she still wouldn't have time for it but that was not the point), or feeling like she could handle the next few years even knowing what might happen.

She wasn't actually leaving until first thing Friday morning, but she didn't want to be upset when she left. She just wanted to get up and go before she had a chance to think about it. So she sent out an email to let people know today was the last day she'd be around and give them her contact info in case she didn't get to see them, and set about to doing all the last-minute tasks she had to get out of the way. Things like making sure her X-wing and Sneaker were both in working order, cleaning, packing up another box to send off for home because she had too much stuff to take along to fit in said X-wing, wondering how the kriff that had even happened, things like that. In related news, moving was annoying.

A lot of things had changed during Jaina's collective time in Fandom, but one thing definitely didn't: keeping distracted so she didn't have to think was always going to be her default coping mechanism.

[Jaina's last post in Fandom. If you think you got/want to have gotten an email, you did. Totally open with SP during work. *CLINGS*]
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A lot of people probably wouldn't believe it, but Valentine's Day had actually been Jaina's favorite holiday before. You got flowers and an excuse to spend time with the person you loved, and then there was dancing and you went home together. What was there not to like about it? After the last year and a half or so of her life, though, she would much rather just pretend the holiday existed, even if she was being slightly better at the not closing herself off thing. She'd survived a week of ridiculousness, now all she had to do was make it through chaperoning the dance and teaching on the day itself and she'd be fine.

And as it turned out, she wasn't in as bad a mood as she thought she'd be when she got to her office today. Visitors wouldn't even get crabbed at as she tried to get class done a little early so she could still fit her normal training in. Blame the flowers she'd gotten at her place.
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Jaina meant to come in yesterday, but she hadn't managed to get around to it during the day. So today she headed in early to work on class, and when that was done faster than she had hoped, she found herself trying to stretch out time so she wouldn't be bored again. At the very least she could head off for training, but she just wanted to do something.

So she picked up her phone, intending to call John. She ended up having to leave a voicemail, figuring if he was interested he'd call her back, or text her something she could barely read thanks to his need to not spell out words.

And then remembering exactly what she'd said in the message, she realized she might need to add an addendum, so she left another quick voicemail. There. That should clear things up.

The bad thing was, even after the calls started coming in, there were just enough familiar faces to keep Jaina from figuring out what was going on and to return the calls. Mostly she was wondering what might have been said about her that so many people were talking to her about sex shops and dates.
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Jaina could not be more relieved to wake up this morning feeling more normal than she had in a week. It was just a normal day, complete with training and not wanting to jump on anyone before heading into the office. It was a good thing, too; checking her messages meant she got the one from Luke asking her to come back for a mission. She couldn't imagine having to work like that, around Zekk, of all people. She was kind of excited to go back. It had been a long time, and if she was being asked onto assignments again, maybe it meant everyone was at least slightly less wary of/pissed at her.

This all meant that office hours today was spent not only working on class, but making a couple calls and trying to figure out if there was anything she needed to take care of before leaving tomorrow.
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Jaina still couldn't leave her room, and the rage had subsided, a little. It was mostly taken over by boredom now, and boy was she pissed at herself that she'd cleaned everything out and moved stuff to the garage before now. She'd tried to find alternate ways out, but to no avail. The only thing she could figure at this point would be to try and make her own opening, but she doubted that would work, especially with the tools she had available, and damaging a dorm room like that was a little beyond what she could afford to fix herself, and no one her age should have to ask their parents for money because they trashed their room to escape grounding.

So she'd done what exercise she could. She'd tried meditating at least four times only to give up because she couldn't focus (due to the rage). She'd made calls, including one to Zekk that she thought might pan out for her. She'd taken another shower, just to give herself something to do. And when she finally gave in to hunger, she had a pizza delivered to her room. She'd tipped well to keep him from asking why she didn't just come down to the lobby.

Currently, though, she was sitting on her bed, downloading more apps for her phone because something had to keep her entertained. Occasionally she'd glance out into the hall at her shoe that was still there that she still couldn't get and curse out Fandom some more.

[Same verse same as the first: you can come in and out, Jaina can't. Door and post open if you don't mind SP till after work.
I think it will be a short grounding. I've cooled down. I'm cursing Christie Golden's name a lot and worried about more important spoilers. Sigh.]
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Jaina wasn't going anywhere yet, but with no set date on when she was, she was doing some spring cleaning and clearing stuff out so when she did go, it'd be easier. Fandom was the first place in a long time that she'd stayed long enough to accumulate stuff, and once she started going through her closet she found that there was a lot of said stuff.

So the box that she'd packed up after Myrkr, back when she didn't think she was going to live to see last December, was being sorted through. Things she knew she'd never use again tossed away, things she wanted to keep were put back in the box. There were clothes and dresses to be donated, and that box of things she'd packed up after she'd broken up with John last year... that was all being kept. There was also a certain hat she'd found that Luke had given her forever ago...

....that ended up on her head a second after she put it down. And wouldn't come off. After a while of trying, Jaina had to resign herself to the annoying fact that it just wasn't going to come off till it was ready, and Fandom was a mean, weird town.

Basically, the room was a mess, and when Jaina looked around at the piles of things, she had to be a little irritated at herself that the attempt to clean stuff out was going to have to get cleaned up in itself. While wearing an airplane hat. Couldn't forget that part.

[I've had a weird day. Therefore Jaina is wearing a stupid hat. Door and post, of course, are open.]
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For as much fun as she'd had in the Bahamas, Jaina was glad to be back to real life. Jumping back into routine wasn't even hard: class, training, catching up on work, and when that was all done, she had a little side project to work on.

Currently she was sitting on the floor of her room, trying to dummy up an extra comlink to match the settings she had on her own. So far it wasn't working too well. Give her machines and she would make it work, but this was a little outside her area of expertise. "Where's Lowie when you need him?" she muttered, determined to make this work regardless. Or maybe she'd beg Ben to do it.

[Omg on second day of headache make it stop. Door and post open.]
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There was a system to how Jaina got back from trips home. First thing she did after getting in the door was to drop her bag and find the little clock on her desk that told her what day it was. For two weeks at home, she'd only missed two days here, which wouldn't be a bad thing if she wasn't counting down to graduation. Normally then she'd start unpacking, but today she was bucking tradition and checking her phone again. Still no message from John. She expected to be hearing from him any day now, but talking to Ronon had told her that maybe it'd take a little bit longer than the ETA she'd been given to begin with.

Leaving her bag where it was for now, Jaina instead went to lay down for a minute. She was healing up after her concussion and felt fine, but unpacking, meh.

[Omg my computer works and I can plaaaaay! Come visit! Door and post open.]
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For the most part, Jaina was doing okay these days. She knew she wouldn't last and that was fine, but she was trying to enjoy the time while she had it. She was working, she was getting out more, she thought getting to know her mom this young was kind of astral, she wasn't stressing about every little thing, and she liked it. Taking her last semester to figure herself out and what she wanted to do was so far working really well for her. And if she so happened to be looking forward to graduation, when she could move on to the next step of her life, when she knew she'd be having to make some decisions in her relationship, when she could return to her normal family with about 75% less of the eyeroll-inducing complications, she didn't think she could really be blamed for that.

All right, maybe she was looking forward to it a lot, because at the moment she was playing with the countdown feature on her iPhone. 106 days till graduation, if anyone was keeping track.

Also, someone might want to stop her. The last time she started playing with her phone she ended up downloading the app that made her phone sound like a weapon from Space Battles.

[Open door, open post. I am procrastinating packing, so therefore I put up what will be a linkdrop.]
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Jaina's trip home had actually done her some good. At the very least, she was realizing she had things like work to distract her from her non-relationship and her non-relationship to distract her from work. Somewhat worryingly, she was beginning to think maybe she shouldn't be trying at this friend thing, because it was giving her plenty of reasons to be confused. Maybe that was why she'd only told three people so far; she wasn't sure enough of where things stood in her own head.

Right now she was going with the work distraction. She couldn't help it, there was something centering about working towards something big like this. Her desk was covered in pieces of flimsi as she went over data she'd brought back from home, checking it against reports she'd received this morning, and feeling better than she had in a while. There was something deeply wrong with this.

[Door open, post open, for the love of god someone save her from herself.]
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Jaina was liking June less and less the longer it went on, because that meant it was ending soon. And whenever there was something she didn't want to deal with, she simply didn't, and buried herself in work instead.

There was less work at the moment than there was going through messages, though. It might ctually be time for a visit soon. By the time she got to the one from her parents, she realized she was missing certain people too much not to.

[*CLINGS TO GAME* I am back! Door is cracked open, post is open, and SP warning as I finish up work.]
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Jaina had decided that even on a break week, there simply wasn't enough time. She'd gotten up early today, started going through her messages and reports that had been sent overnight, and really wasn't happy with how long she'd been doing this when she finally looked at her chronometer. She sighed and put the datapad down for now, mainly because she was going to get eyestrain soon if she kept looking at it.

Ordinarily she would have just gone home till classes started up again, taken care of things, checked up on her squadron, maybe run a campaign or two while she was actually in the vicinity of the war. But if this was John's last week here, she really didn't want to do that now. Though she still wasn't sure how to tell him she was planning to go next week instead, as "I'm going back to where everything bad happens as soon as you leave" probably wouldn't go over well.

She waved her hand, opening the door, maybe for once actually hoping for some sort of distraction.

[Open door, open post.]
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After spending a pretty impressive time at the dance, all things considering, John and Jaina made it back to his room for the rest of the night. They'd probably ended up slow dancing to Britney Spears anyway, at which point it was definitely time to leave and do other things.

And then tomorrow they'd... do something, maybe. (Though having left her comlink in her room, that mde doing something besides working all day much easier.) They didn't seem to be great at planning ahead for things like holidays anyway. Even though overall, Jaina had to admit she liked this one.

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